Microsoft 365 Family | Premium Office Apps | Up to 6 people | 3 Months Free, Plus 12-Month Subscription | PC/Mac Download (Renews to 12-Month Subscription) | Activation Required Software

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12-month auto-renewing subscription, plus get 3 extra months free for a total of 15-months with your device purchase Share with your family, up to 6 people Premium Office apps, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook 1 TB OneDrive cloud storage per person to back up files and photos For use on multiple PCs/Macs, tablets, and phones (including Windows, iOS, and Android) Works on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android (iOS and Android require separate app installation) Advance security for email and files
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Microsoft 365 Family | Premium Office Apps | Up to 6 people | 3 Months Free, Plus 12-Month Subscription | PC/Mac Download (Renews to 12-Month Subscription) | Activation Required Software

Microsoft 365 Family

Introducing Microsoft 365 with Premium Office apps, 1TB cloud storage and more
Microsoft 365 Family | Premium Office Apps | Up to 6 people | 3 Months Free, Plus 12-Month Subscription | PC/Mac Download (Renews to 12-Month Subscription) | Activation Required Software

Microsoft 365 Family

What’s new in Microsoft 365





Bring out your best writer wherever you write

Bring out your best writer everywhere you write with Microsoft Editor, [1] your intelligent writing assistant. Editor provides advanced help with grammar and spelling in more than 80 languages.

[1] Available as an extension for Microsoft Edge or Chrome browsers and requires a Microsoft Account

Connect. Organize. Get things done.

Save time and focus on what matters with Outlook—your life organizer. The simple, intelligent design helps you stay connected, read through your emails faster, and get you back to living life outside your inbox.

Kickstart your creativity

Achieve more and enhance your creativity with access to a growing catalog of premium templates for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Choose from a rich assortment of high-impact photos, icons, fonts, 3D models, and more, to help bring your work to life.

Unleash your imagination

Create high-quality, personalized content to fit your unique style. With your Microsoft 365 subscription, you can choose from an ever-growing collection of professional-grade stock photography, vector illustrations, looping videos, fonts, and icons, helping you keep your projects fresh and engaging.

Protect what’s important




One secured place for your photos and files

With your Microsoft 365 subscription, you get 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage. That’s 300,000 photos, plus all your documents, [2] that you can access, edit, and share across all your devices—all while knowing your files are always backed up and protected.

[2] Assumes photos are 4MB JPGs and documents are 0.8MB Office files

Backing up your PC files just got easier

With OneDrive PC folder backup, you can automatically back up your Desktop, Documents, and Pictures folders on your Windows PC to OneDrive so that they’re always protected, up-to-date, and available across all your devices.

Protection gets Personal

Personal Vault is a protected folder within OneDrive that can only be accessed with a second step of identity verification. It gives you an added layer of protection for your most important files like your passport, driver’s license, or insurance information.


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February 21, 2020

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10 reviews for Microsoft 365 Family | Premium Office Apps | Up to 6 people | 3 Months Free, Plus 12-Month Subscription | PC/Mac Download (Renews to 12-Month Subscription) | Activation Required Software

  1. Richard Elliott

    After doing a bit of checking around the internet multiverse for reasonable / reputable deals (this link was educational –, I found this deal which looked nice – 15 months for $90 for Microsoft 365 Family… not that Amazon made this easy to find on their site, it popped up in Amazon Assistant after finding the same deal on Costco’s site.Anyway, checked out the reviews as I normally do… 4.4 stars out of 5. There was a fair amount of 1 star ratings with things about no download key after purchase, no way to cancel, security questions on validating the user hard to activate, etc. It made me a bit wary, but I went ahead and bought it for use for me and my family. So far, the best I can figure is there’s a lot of confusion on getting this going… but I’m not sure why.After purchase, I was able to get to the subscription through the Memberships & Subscriptions link under my Amazon Account at the top right of the Amazon page. I also got the email a few minutes later it said it would send after purchase. The email was the simplest solution as you read the instructions in the email and click the Activate button. Afterwards you’re taken to a Microsoft page to link up your Microsoft account (or create one if you don’t have one) with the subscription. Once that was complete, it took me to Microsoft 365 site to manage the subscription. I downloaded it for myself on my laptop, then sent out share invites in email through their Share option right on the main page. At least for me, this was fairly straightforward and simple.I think the key to understand is Amazon sells you the license (just like any other seller) and then you manage the subscription on Microsoft 365 to setup the software for you and share to others in your family. It looks like Amazon does have a bit of automation for the auto-renewal, but you can turn that off in your Memberships & Subscriptions section for the purchase so you can look for better deals if you want… or keep it on and let it renew, it’s up to you. From a bit of reading, it looks like you can extend your Microsoft 365 subscription up to 5 years out… so you can look for deals and just add on whenever you like (e.g. you find a deal for $75 for 12 months and you have 6 months left on your current subscription, you end up with 18 months until your next renewal on activation).No flames to anyone who had problems, I’ve had my share with plenty of stuff in the past… but this was a good deal for me and was easy to setup. Hope it helps someone in the future. 🙂

  2. Sam_0403

    I like this product. I have not really explored all of the programs that are included, but I like it. Simple interface. Straightforward processes. Microsoft has been at this awhile.

  3. Mary Lu

    I purchased this product with my refurbished computer. There is no link to download on the email you recieve to download you product. You need to call Microsoft and get technical help. Once I made contact however they were very helpful in assisting me with downloading my product.

  4. Aundra Jackson

    I like that it’s compatible with my 2006 Word and Excellent files.

  5. Rock Hsu

    I usually subs 365 on Microsoft.But this year I got amazon value subscription to extend 15 months ! It save my money from Microsoft . $99 decreased to $69.99 !

  6. Bruce

    With my grandkids heading off to college I purchased this for them, since Office is what will be used for a majority of their work.I have licenses for 2 full products but those are no longer upgradeable and will not work on the new laptops. This was a cost effective way to upgrade and, when they no longer need Office, I can no longer renew the subscription.

  7. If I like it… I review it!

    I like this purchase because I can set it and forget it. No month to month subscription nagging me for payment. No running out of funds and trying to figure out what’s going to get canceled next. Just download and renew every 15 months. They send you a link in your PERSONAL PREFERRED AMAZON email. You follow link, submit your WINDOWS email. If they aren’t the same email or you mis-type something: that’s not Amazon’s fault! Stop saying it’s a bad product if you’re at fault! It’s a wonderful bargain. Stop bashing it because you can’t do simple push of a few buttons. Or better yet, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE YOU PURCHASE. Thank you.

  8. Larger World Group


  9. Inquiring minds…

    Nice package deal for a small office or family

  10. Matt

    I’m less than a week in but its been a pretty pain free experience. It is what it claimed to be. I bought it for word an excel along with a laptop and so far, so good.I buy a lot of things on amazon and I find myself having to read through dozens of reviews to sift through what is true and what is false due to unrealistic expectations and/or user error often – which is a shame. In this case I saw a lot of bad information related to accessing the product key and getting it to work. I didn’t shop everywhere for the best deal and was weary of some of the deals I saw out there for office subscriptions so I took purchased here. I have never purchased someone that didnt ship to my home from Amazon so this was new for me too. After spending a little time and energy trying to figure it out – I did!Hopefully this helps people that are having this issue:Your account > memberships and subscriptions > you’ll see your microsoft office subscription there and to the right click on manage subscription > from there you can edit your payment information and view you subscription and under “advanced controls” click on go to my digit software and video games settings > on this page you can see your terms, when it expires, cancel. click on manage licenses tab > on this page you can click “access product” and get started and also view your product key to get started through microsoft directly.Hope this helps save some heartache and frustration.

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