Personalised Stainless Steel Photo And Text Engraved Chain Necklace Dog Tag Customised

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Personalised Stainless Steel Photo And Text Engraved Chain Necklace Dog Tag Customised

Personalised Stainless Steel Photo And Text Engraved Chain Necklace Dog Tag Customised
Personalised Stainless Steel Photo And Text Engraved Chain Necklace Dog Tag Customised

About this Item

  • Personalised Engraved Highly Polished Black Square Necklace Dog Tag Gift
  • Laser Engraved With Your favourite Photo and Text
  • Ideal Gift for All Occasions (Birthday, Wedding, Valentines, Wedding etc)
  • Various Fonts Available & Displayed on One of the Photograph
  • Please Use the Customisation to Personalise your Gift
  • Personalised Gift for: Men, Parents, Grandparents, Friends, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, Boyfriends.

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June 2, 2021

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10 reviews for Personalised Stainless Steel Photo And Text Engraved Chain Necklace Dog Tag Customised

  1. Cass Dogert

    I absolutely love this dog tag. I have four animals and ordered just one to see how I liked it, and literally cannot wait to order the rest. The quality and workmanship is better than I’ve seen before. Thank you so much! Highly recommend. Great job and kudos to the artist.Ps. The small rings included with your order are very easy to attach to the dog tag, contrary to multiple comments that I read prior to ordering. A pair of needle nose pliers should be used to help you manage the small ring, and can be used to assist in closing the gap after you’ve fed the ring through the hole in the dog tag.

  2. Cheesemuncher

    I previously bought a leather collar with an engraved plate attached to it from an artisan website and it was a terrible buy. The engraving was very shallow and over a short period you couldn’t read anything on the plate. I was afraid this would happen again with this tag but I love it! The engraving is deep and surprising legible on a very small tag ( I purchase the extra small one 0.75″). I love how you can customize tag color, the font, and add a symbol. It’s so cute that my cat has a skull symbol. They even included a bell and I desperately needed one so I can find my cat.

  3. Tamara

    Love that this tag is thicker than most, and comes in a small option. It’s about the size of a penny (but thicker), which is really nice because it doesn’t flop around on my dog’s harness. It comes with various sizes of jump rings and a small split ring as well, so you can use the best option for whatever you are trying to attach it to. My dog’s name is 7 letters and fits nicely on the tag. I like that you can customize font, but I do wish there was a basic sans serif font option.

  4. kara

    ** I did block out my phone number on the front for privacy / safety purposes of posting, but no defect, it’s perfect ** We needed smaller tags for Miss Honey and Luna, plus ones that would be durable and waterproof, since Miss Honey is an indoor outdoor kitty. These fit PERFECTLY! We chose the side “small” and it’s just the right size while being able to still see the tag clearly. It comes with extra rings to attach, for back up or to add charms or bells. The cute little note in the package was an added bonus. Shared the link on social media, as well, to help out the business and share with people I I know will be interested in purchasing! Will def purchase again.

  5. Jimena

    When I first got the tag for my cat I was impressed by the quality. However, little less than a month later the tag fell off her collar and was gone. I reached out to the seller with little hope for a new one since so much time had gone by. To my delight they were so understanding that they not only gave me a new one, but threw in a little extra! I’m so happy with the experience of it all. I have 3 more pets and I’m definitely going to return for more tags!

  6. V A

    This seller is so kind, I had chose a name for my new kitten after finding out he was really a boy ?. I ended up not liking it and changed it soon after. I messaged them asking if it was ok to do a quick name change and to my surprise they wrote back quickly saying it was perfectly fine. It’s so tiny and cute perfectly light weight for a kitten. I’m so in love with it. Came with the right name and they take the time to package the pieces individually. Keep up the awesome work. I will definitely come back in the future for another piece.

  7. madeline c jarvi

    This is super cute I’m very happy with it. I thought it was engraved but I think they are stickers? But I don’t foresee it coming off. I got the size small in shiny silver. I know it’ll get scratched up and we will see over time the legibility. I could have gotten away with extra small since he is only 3 months old but I’ll let him grow into it. Well worth the price.

  8. Kita

    I wasn’t expecting much from these because of the price but they are actually very nice tags. They are small enough that my tiny cat doesn’t have an issue with it. Despite the size, they are legible. Both of my cats are microchipped but I do feel better knowing that my babies have ID. The picture is of my smallest cat so you can judge scale. The tags are thicker than I expected but they aren’t terribly heavy (again the tiny cat has no problem with her’s) I have a very small DSH and a very large Maine Coon mix and these are perfect for both of them.

  9. Alliison

    FIRST OF ALL anna i believe is the name of this shop’s owner – so sweet!!! i got some pretty tags (xs, toothpick in pic for reference lol) for some foster dogs and made a stupid and got a name wrong and i messaged her asking if it had shipped or not and if not if she could change it, and she just sent a whole nother one expedited with no questions asked!! literally got the fixed one a day after the main package.also each package has little rings to attach to whatever you want! the tags themselves are sOOO PRETTY AND SHINY AND EXPENSIVE LOOKING EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED plus i asked for a ton of text (some w naughty words lol) on them and was worried it would be hard to read on an xs tag thats like the size of a penny but its perfectly clear and readable! i wanted the smallest cuz they are metal so theyre kinda heavy and my 10 pounders would be dragged down by anything else haha but i think xs is the perfect size for up to 15 lbs!! you jus twouldnt be able to see the name at a glance but the bling bling is so cute! but anyway amazing amazing cant go wrong buying these tags!!!

  10. Rebecca

    Cost less than the tag machine at Walmart and much nicer. I made a typo when I put in the customization they were quick to respond to make it right. Since it was my error I paid and reordered with the correct info and they made and shipped my replacement right away. Very pleasant and helpful. Would definitely recommend

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