TOZO A1 Mini Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.3 in Ear Light-Weight Headphones Built-in Microphone, IPX5 Waterproof, Immersive Premium Sound Long Distance Connection Headset with Charging Case, Black Electronics

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[Ultra lightweight and compatible for small ear] The surface and Angle of A1 earbuds in-ear part have been polished and refined repeatedly to achieve a balance between beauty and comfort and make it comfortable to wear. Likewise, a single earbud weighs only 3.7g, making it as light as a feather and discreet in the ear. Ergonomic design provides a comfortable and secure fit that doesn’t protrude from your ears especially for Sports, Workout, Gym. [Stereo sound quality] TOZO A1 earbuds’6mm diameter speaker presents a powerful and wide sound range, which makes the treble full of dynamics, and the bass powerful.Adopt advanced Bluetooth chip makes the sound played by the earphones much more beautiful and pleasant, suitable for sports or home work [Smart touch control] A1 earbuds supports dual ear touch control, providing convenient operation on volume control, previous/next song, pause and answer calls along as well as voice assistant control. [Bluetooth 5.3 &Long distance connection] ] With Bluetooth 5.3 technology A1 has superior sound quality and strong signal, so that there is no disconnection in listening music or making phone calls within 12 meters. [Long battery life] With headphone 40mAh capacity and charging bin 400mAh capacity,The earbuds lasts 6 hours for normal use (60% volume), and the charging bin lasts 24 hours for 3 charges,which gives you excellent experience of long endurance.

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TOZO A1 Mini Wireless Earbuds are a perfect wireless earbud for your walks and workouts. They are equipped with Bluetooth 4.0. The earbuds come in black, pink, blue, green, white, and orange colors so you can choose the one that matches your outfit best! TOZO A1 Mini Wireless Earbuds are an inexpensive addition to your workout routine.

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Hassle-free listening

Hassle-free connection ultra mini & lightweight design for comfort and convenience ear-fit.



Ultra lightweight design

A single earbud weighs only 3.7g holding it in hand as if it were nothing.


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Feel Free to Wear

  1. The shape of A1 mini-sized perfectly fits the curve of small ear and comfort when in use.
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Sound Quality

  1. Featuring with sound quality and high effect. Diameter speaker performs a powerful wide sound
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24-Hour Playtime

  1. TOZO A1 last for 6 hours of listening per charge and a maximum of 24 hours on 3 additional charges.

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1 Ergonomic Design 2 Sound Quality 3 Long battery


The Advanced Bluetooth 5.3 Technology

Support HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP. Provides in-call stereo sound.

Greatly improve the transmission speed and providing you with a low-latency listening experience.


One Step Pairing

Pick up 2 headsets from the charging case and they will connect each other automatically. Then only one step easily enter mobile phone’s Bluetooth setting and choose “TOZO-A1” to pair the earbuds.


Easy to carry

With Small size, the A1 is more suitable for carrying.




1.Ensure the ear tip facing downwards.

2.Rotate the earbuds back to the auricle side to fits nugly.



Eartip facing up wards is the incorrect way to wear the earbuds.



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Package Dimensions

3.35 x 3.35 x 1.73 inches

Item Weight

0.141 ounces



Item model number



1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

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4.3 out of 5 stars

27,221 ratings
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4.3 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank

#6 in Earbud & In-Ear Headphones

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

September 10, 2021



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10 reviews for TOZO A1 Mini Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.3 in Ear Light-Weight Headphones Built-in Microphone, IPX5 Waterproof, Immersive Premium Sound Long Distance Connection Headset with Charging Case, Black Electronics

  1. Kalysta

    I’m a broke 20 something and I’ve been looking for wireless headphones because my job can get pretty repetitive after the first few hours, but I can’t exactly put something on with a cord pair to pass the time, so I bought these. I just got them today and have had them for little over an hour and, so far, they’re good. It came 90% charged but I’ve seen others say it was a full 100% so it might vary a bit, but it did come charged. Be warned, they are pretty small so big fingers will probably struggle a bit. The pair up was as easy as the instructions said and, once I found the right sized bud, they stayed in place(just don’t do really move super crazy or they’ll pop out). They don’t feel super cheap either, there’s a decent feel to the container and the plastic isn’t super thin. The sound is good as far as I can tell as a normal person listening to something and, if you have the volume up high enough, it does have decent noise cancelation. Without the high volume the background noise is mostly just muffled. The best I can describe it is like hearing things while underwater, faint but still noticable. Overall a good first purchase, especially with the coupon, Tozo delivered what it said it would. I’ll be back after I’ve had it for longer and see if anything substantial changes.

  2. Ryan

    Full disclosure: I got these for free as part of a promotion but tried to write my review from the perspective of someone paying $20 for them. This is my fourth set of TOZO earbuds and the sound quality has always been very good (I’m no audio expert but sounds great to me). I’ve had two sets of T6, one T10 and now the A1s. Broke one T6 (my fault) and lost one of the T10s. Other set of T6 still working fine.The T6 and T10 both protrude out of my ear about 3/8″ and I look a little funny with something hanging out of my ear, though not as dorky as the Airpod 1/2 a Q-tip people. T6 and T10s both have round cushions and 1-3 times per day, will fall out of your ear, often at an inconvenient time when I don’t have a free hand to catch them. The A1s seem to have fixed both of these problems and sit flat in my ear and have a cone- shaped cushion that grips your ear hole when pulled by head movements, chewing, etc and keeps them from falling out. Tip: try out all the tip sizes, even if you don’t think they will work and you will probably find one that you prefer better than the pre-installed oneBecause these fit snugger in your ear, unlike the T6 and T10, you need to put them in the Right or Left ear they were made for, not interchangeable. I only use one at a time while charging the other all day long so I can’t change ears without changing earbuds if one ear gets tired now. That’s an ok sacrifice when you consider you get a snugger fit that does’t let go.Warranty: TOZO seems to care greatly about their reputation. When I repeatedly dropped my first pair of T6s out of my ear onto the hard floor over and over and over until one stopped working, they simply sent me another pair for free when I asked if that was covered under warranty (knowing it probably wasn’t). Nice!Case: The A1 case is pretty compact but not as flat as the T6 case for going in your pocket if you have tight pants. Kinda like a large walnut size. As others have said, it is a little difficult to extract the earbuds from it but not too hard once you learn the right place to hook your fingernail under.One funny choice TOZO made from the T6 and T10s was changing the voice for the earbuds that tells you they are connected from a clear British female accent to a very thick Chinese female accent. Once again, not really a problem, just a funny design choice that makes me chuckle when I hear it.Tip for keeping them connected when switching out one for the other: As soon as you hear “Lo Battowee”, take second one out of the case, wait for a beep signaling they paired with eachother, then put the first one back in the case. Then no need to reconnect bluetooth.Keep the manual in case you need to reset them as startup pairing problems do happen occasionally with the T6 and T10s (maybe once every 2-4 weeks) though I haven’t had the A1s long enough to have this problem or say if it’s been resolved with the A1s. Simple reset gets them working fine again with older models.Battery life seems to be good as rated in description.Bottom line: Are these earbuds worth $20? Definitely. Who wants to pay $250 for some overpriced Apple Q-tips that have the exact same sound quality and do the same thing?

  3. iflogic

    UPDATE: I finally found the brand I had been looking for and bought a second set. The quality is great and the battery life is about eight hours. Even so, this isn’t about those ear buds, it’s about these TOZO buds. Not long after I left my original review the company reached out to me and presented an offer to make up for my opinion of their ear buds. (My previous review below included only three stars, I would like to note that I know how this update might look considering what follows, but I assure you I am not bought, I speak my real mind in truth. That’s just how I was raised. In any case, just read on and decide for yourselves.) They really like their product and wanted a second Chance to get a better opinion from me. Perhaps the pair of ear buds I originally got from them were just a bad set, I don’t know. Anyway, they offered to replace the set I bought for free, also they offered a different set for free if I didn’t want to try the first set again. I thanked them for the offer, but I found the original brand I’d been looking for (as noted below/above) and didn’t need any more ear buds. However, about a week later they again reached out with the same offer adding that they really just wanted to make things right because they work hard to make sure all their customers are satisfied with their products. In truth, it seems their customer care services are very motivated, they do go out of their way to satisfy their customers. By my wife’s suggestion I took them up on their offer for a different pair, the TOZO model T9. Instead of being small and hiding in the ear, these have a tail that resembles some Apple brand buds. Once I received them I charged them up and tried them out. They were much better than the first ones I bought, sound quality was very clear, I could even understand the voice in the buds telling me when they were connected. Most impressive though was the length of time the batteries appeared to last, I started using them about 12:30 p.m., and they finally ran out of juice at around 10:30 p.m. That was with non stop use! So I would like to add two things here. First, this company really prides itself on taking care of their customers. Second, I am especially glad my wife talked me into taking them up on their offer, because these second set of ear buds really met the great reviews that convinced me to try these in the first place.(Previous review:)I had bought a different pair for about the same price as these and was so impressed that I decided to buy a second pair. Since I couldn’t find the ones I was looking for I decided to try these based on so many positive reviews. After receiving these, charged them up, set them up, used them for roughly four hours and the right ear bud ran out of power fallowed shortly by the left one. The other brand I used might have spoiled me a bit since they easily last a full eight hours before needing recharged. These also do not have the sound quality as my other pair even though they both were under $20. Finally, the announcer on this pair that tells you when you’ve hooked up to a Bluetooth connection, or when the ear buds need recharged is really hard for me to understand. Sorry but the accent is simply too distorted to make out clearly. I’ll use these as an backup set for now, but I’m really going to look harder to find the brand I originally purchased since, for about the same price, they are far superior in every way.Your milage may be better than mine, but I won’t be buying these again.

  4. Watch Enthusiast

    I don’t write reviews—but I am writing one for these as they have been absolutely amazing.I normally wear a pair of Bose QC II 35 at work and I love them. Great sound quality and noise cancelation, but admittedly they are bulky and often I’ll have to stop using them mid-day while they recharge. While the Bose are charging, I needed something small, cheap, and effective to use.I surfed Amazon and the TOZO A1 mini wireless earbuds popped up. I almost dismissed them completely as my previous experiences with Apple earbuds were all negative. My ears just don’t hold Apple products well—corded or cordless, they literally will fall out while I am sitting still. With these being so small, I figured I would lose one in no time, but at $20, it was worth the gamble. Also, being so small, I was pleased that they would weigh less and take up much less real estate in my work bag. Plus the reviews were generally positive, so what did I have to lose?First, the negative:—The sound quality is not as good as Bose—The noise canceling is definitely not up to my Bose—No wireless chargingBut that’s it. Otherwise, I’m in shock at the quality given the price. The sound quality, while not Bose-level, is still really, really good! I find them to be very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, and importantly they DON’T FALL OUT OF MY EAR! (You listening, Apple?) They charge quickly, and the LED battery indicator is just what I need for a minimalist design.I’ll admit that the touch controls took a bit of getting used to, but now I have them mastered and they are easy to use. They pair well with my iPhone13 and haven’t given me any troubles. Range, battery life, sound quality…all great. If you had told me these were a $150-200 of earbuds, I would have believed you. But $20? Unreal.In fact, I recently ordered a second pair (in a different color) when they were on sale for $16. Due to their quality and size, I will now be using a set of A1 Minis to back up my normal pair of A1 Minis. I’ll still keep the Bose for long flights and situations where noise canceling is key, but otherwise they will be staying at home while I’m out with the A1 Minis.

  5. Lees61

    I ordered these earbuds because I had trouble hearing my TV with my portable AC running. And my husband in the other room would tell me it was too loud if I turned up the volume.But since my tv didn’t have Bluetooth capability, I also had to buy a Bluetooth transmitter AND a splitter for the optical cable that ran from tv to sound bar.So it took a little figuring to get everything to work.Once I successfully hooked everything up, I was a little disappointed in the sound quality of the earbuds.However, after putting the right size buds on them, and seating them in my ears properly, I was pleasantly surprised at how good the sound was!So my advice is to anyone who buys these earbuds is READ THE INSTRUCTIONS on how to fit them in your ears! Only then will you be able to benefit from the noise canceling feature and the great killer base!Only one caveat though; you’re going to need a magnifying glass to read them! Unless you have young eyes, which I don’t! It seems that every time I buy an electronic device these days, the printed instructions are smaller! Pretty soon we’re going to need a microscope to read them!!!Other than that I am very pleased with these earbuds. I hope they last longer than my last pair. They didn’t make it more than 9 months before one of them failed. ?

  6. IanDraws

    This is the most important review for the Tozo A1’s you’ll ever read:These are probably thee best earbuds I’ve ever heard at this price point!I have incredibly nice and expensive, name brand, over the ear headphones- and I use them all the time for a multitude of projects, both work and fun. However I’ve needed some cheap earbuds for doing ranch work, since my over the ear headphones are like wearing earmuffs, sweaty!I saw some reviews and decided to pick up these A1’s, and I have to say, I’m impressed. These are not the best thing you’ve ever heard before in your life. BUT- these are $20 earbuds that sound like $90+ earbuds. My wife has a pair of Samsung galaxy buds+ and I would say that these A1’s are 70% the sound quality. That’s a big deal considering these are only $20. Stop scrolling, you don’t need anymore reviews, buy them, depending on where you live they’re $20 after tax. Buy them, the sound is great, my brain is no longer over heating from the sweaty earmuffs, the call quality is good enough. And these feel like they have noise canceling. If you get the right tips on them and if they’re in your ear the right way, they sound fantastic. Let’s face it, nothing sounds better than looking at your kids 3 ft away as they’re trying to talk to you and you can’t hear them because your Tozo A1’s are in your ears just right and the sultry sounds of the band ‘Lettuce’ is blocking out their ‘DaAaAaD, I’m hungry. Or Daaad! There’s a fire!’ It doesn’t matter- you’re jamming out in peace. Not to mention this peace only set you back $20. Go get you some.

  7. Michael

    I love almost everything about them.Sound quality is superb: clear vocals, punchy lows/mids, and a crisp highs. The case is TINY and stays closed very securely as well as snugly holding the earbuds in place thanks to some small magnets. They also stay in place really well, which is the main reason I got them. I have a pair of Skullcandy Indys, but they don’t stay in place and slowly work their way loose and will fall out if I don’t adjust them every so often. The Tozos on the other hand I can pop in and not have to worry about them coming out even when doing something strenuous like mountain biking, or abrupt like crashing to the ground on said bike…?The only thing that’s somewhat annoying is that you can sometimes have a bit of interference with the bluetooth signal (could have been the area I was in), and there really isn’t very much noise cancelation on the microphone when used for calls. Background noise can be picked up more than your voice, so the person on the other end may hear more of what’s around you than of your actual voice in a moderately noisy setting.

  8. AliThom

    There are a number of reviews complaining about inability to turn off/on the headphones without putting them in the case. I think probably those reviewers did what I almost did – threw out the directions. There is a small pamphlet tucked into the packaging and it is really easy to overlook. But it has all the shortcuts to do stuff!1 tap on either headphone = pause/playdouble tap on left = go back a trackdouble tap on right = skip to next trackpress and hold left/right = volume up/downpress and hold when no music is playing = turns off (or on) that headphone (you need to do both sides)I got these so I could listen to music while mowing my lawn. I have a lawn mowing headset (that does not play audio) to muffle the sound of the mower, but I could still hear the mower pretty loudly and was hoping that I wouldn’t have any problems hearing the music over my riding mower. I don’t! The music comes in loud and clear, and the only problem is that my mowing lines aren’t as straight because sometimes I do a little seated dancing while I mow if a particularly good song comes on.

  9. Teresa J

    To be honest I keep losing pricey earbuds. This is why I decided to purchase some that are a little more budget friendly so I do not feel the need to flog myself if I misplace one never to be found again. At this price I did not have a lot of hope for battery life so I bought two sets. Surprisingly I have used the same pair for over 12 hours at a time, using one at a time with the charging pod fully charged. The range is also excellent, better than one of the $70 pods that I still have left. I only listen to pod cast, etc. not music, with my buds. I am aware there is a different set of criteria for this purpose, but for my needs they are more than adequate.The one issue I did have was that they are so smooth that combined with the magnet they were very difficult get a grip on. Even with the indentations, the charging pod was also a little challenging (for me) to get a grip and open. I solved this by ordering a set of “Dragon Grips” from Amazon. Placing small pieces strategically, as there are touch controls on the ear buds, I can now open the pod and the pick up the buds with no issues at all. Very impressed.

  10. L. Thompson

    I wasn’t expecting to love these earbuds so much, especially for the price (I got them on sale) but I really do. They’re very comfortable in my ears, and easy to pair with various devices and use. I do sometimes accidentally pause them when adjusting the strap of a face mask or tucking hair behind my ear, but I like being able to pause them so easily that I don’t mind the occasional mistake. The noise cancellation is VERY good – I often wind up just wearing one earbud because I usually need to be able to hear what’s going on around me. I like that the case holds a charge for a very long time, so I don’t need to charge the earbuds very often, and they pair to my phone or computer as soon as I take them out of the case. I think the sound quality is very good, but I’m not a huge audiophile so take that opinion with a grain of salt.

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