Vandoren CR101 Bb Clarinet Traditional Reeds Strength 1; Box of 10 Musical Instruments

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Traditional reeds are known for their excellent response in all registers, allowing a pianissimo attack in even highest notes. Extremely flexible, allowing the legato or staccato execution of large intervals while maintaining a richness of tone that gives body and clarity to the sound, which is a hallmark of Vandoren reeds. Traditional reeds are available for all clarinets and saxophones in various strengths. Every reed sealed in ‘Flow Pack’ to ensure freshness.

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Vandoren CR101 Bb Clarinet Traditional Reeds Strength
The strength of a clarinet reed is usually determined by its diameter, with the more “stiff” sounding reeds being thinner.

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0.8 ounces

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4.5 x 1.5 x 2.5 inches



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4.8 out of 5 stars

11,434 ratings
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4.8 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank

#18 in Musical Instruments (See Top 100 in Musical Instruments) #2 in Clarinet Reeds

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

July 16, 2004

Color Name

Strength 1


Strength 1

10 reviews for Vandoren CR101 Bb Clarinet Traditional Reeds Strength 1; Box of 10 Musical Instruments

  1. Sandy

    Great value foe 10 reeds

  2. MJD

    Provides good tone quality.

  3. Jasmine Kihara

    I liked how to reeds are the same great quality that they always are. Very useful and a box of ten reeds can last a long time, too.

  4. Ramiro Guedea

    Good product

  5. Jack H

    My daughter uses these reeds now that she’s been playing regularly for a couple years. They are much too hard for beginners…I’d say they’re similar to a 3.5 from most other manufacturers.These were recommended by her band director and produce the best sound across the full range of the clarinet that I’ve heard from any reed.Well worth the money for experienced players.

  6. Amazon Customer

    As any clarinet player would agree, the most important aspect of producing a quality sound is the combination of a player’s mouthpiece, embouchure, and reed. The central anchor to any combination is the reed, without a quality reed the other two factors are heavily affected and your sound suffers. This leads to the search for the best reed possible, a task made difficult by the numerous options between brands, strengths, and styles. The enormous variety of options can leave beginners unsure of where to begin. Vandoren reeds end that search by providing a reed that gives you a superior tone, and ability to control your volume, without taking away your control and detracting from your range.Vandoren is a large company with plenty of experience in this field, so you can trust that the product you receive will be of a quality make and produce a quality sound. I have ordered reeds from them for several years now, and I have never experienced a problem with the packaging. Each box always arrives sealed, along with the individual reeds inside being sealed as well. While every reed manufacturer seals their reeds in a unique way, I believe Vandoren has the best technique. The package is easy to open and remove the reed from, yet still durable enough that you can store the reeds in the plastic covers they come in if you do not use a reed case.Not only is the packaging Vandoren uses great, but the reeds themselves are manufactured well. All of Vandoren’s reeds are made from quality cane, with precise and flawless cuts. I have not seen a Vandoren reed come out of the package chipped, nor have I seen them cracked. All of Vandoren’s reeds are cut using a “French file cut” as opposed to a regular cut that their competitors use. While this cut may cause the price to rise a few dollars, it allows the reed to produce a faster response time a darker, fuller tone. Each reed that comes out of the box has a clean “U” shaped cut that you can clearly see. When held up to the light any reed, no matter the brand, should possess certain qualities. When held up to light you should clearly see a “V” shape going from the tip of the reed to the edge of the cut. Most Vandoren reeds have this “V” centered, exactly where it should be. Every Vandoren reed is also guaranteed to be cut so that the grain of the cane is even, resulting in a steady tone. Unlike other brands all Vandoren reeds possess the golden yellow color which serves as testament to a reeds age. These minor differences in cuts and quality of cane might not make a large impact on newer players sound, but it creates a noticeable difference and eases playing when a more experienced player who knows how to take advantage of these traits plays on them.Many people may notice the difference in Vandoren reed strengths and other brands. While this does not affect new players who are not yet used to a particular strength, it might come as a surprise to more experienced players who assume the strength is the same as other brands. A good rule of thumb is that Vandoren strengths are usually ½ to a full rating higher than other brands. One problem that novice players should be made aware of is how to return the reed to the plastic cover that it arrives in. Less experienced players should be careful when sliding the tip of the reed into the plastic cover so that the reed does not get chipped or damaged.Vandoren reeds clearly provide a superior tone and quality of sound when compared to some other brands. They will not let you down in the search for the best reeds, and can make your tone sound vastly improved. The features I have touched on all lead to the Vandoren reeds being a solid choice for both beginner players and experts, making them the perfect option for you.

  7. Tony Vaughan

    Was excellent perfect

  8. Angela Amey

    These are worth the price very durable and last longer.

  9. gina! :)

    I really love this reed. Out of all the reeds I have used this is the best! 10/10 🙂

  10. Jean Paul Combeau

    Despues de haber tratado 3 marcas diferentes y 3 espesores de caña me quedo con estas Vandoren 2.5 por su comodidad al interpretar los diferentes registros del clarinete y calidad del sonido.

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