Women Eau De Parfum Spray, 3.4 Ounce, multi-color – PACK OF 10 Beauty & Personal Care

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“Women Eau de Parfum Spray, 3.4 Ounce, multi-color – PACK OF 10” is a pack of ten bottles that each contain 3.4 ounce of Women Eau de Parfum Spray fragrance. This spray contains a blend of floral fragrances, with top notes including an exotic jasmine and oriental tuberose flowers and bottom notes of musk and oak moss.


This product can be sprayed on the body or hair to give it a subtle fragrance when desired. It can also be used as room spray or in a bathroom or bedroom to add a relaxing scent to the area.

Shelf Life
Shelf life is the length of time that a product can be stored without spoiling. For this particular product, the shelf life is unlimited (the manufacturer has stated that it does not expire). This means that as long as you keep it stored under proper conditions (cool, out of reach of children), it will stay usable for an unlimited amount of time.

Cost and Value
I appreciate the fact that this product is extremely affordable, especially since ten bottles are included in the price. This allows you to try out any number of scents you may want in your collection, without spending a fortune to do so.

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1 x 1 x 1 inches; 3.4 Ounces

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Ariana Grande

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#2 in Women's Eau de Parfum

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21,735 ratings

10 reviews for Women Eau De Parfum Spray, 3.4 Ounce, multi-color – PACK OF 10 Beauty & Personal Care

  1. Amazon Customer

    Cute little bottle rests in a “cloud”. Light but noticeable scent. My new favorite perfume! (And I don’t usually wear perfume!)

  2. Amazon Customer

    My granddaughter wears this and I loved it so much that I ordered it for myself. Her mother did as well. People stop me to find out what it is because they love it. Light but long lasting. I will be ordering again. Great value!

  3. Andy

    For months I’ve been looking for this perfume!! When I go to clubs or raves I’ve smelt this perfume on girls and it smelled so good. Go to any club in San Diego and you will know what I’m talking about. It’s a sweet, cotton Candy, sugar-y, floral type scent. Something that you can smell even in a crowd of sweaty dancers.I was thinking it was a really expensive perfume, smelling all types thinking it would be the one but I was out of luck.I saw a review that this perfume was really good and on a whim, I bought it. When it came in the mail I sprayed it and it was like all my prayers have been answered. I had found it!! The perfume I smell on every girl!!The longevity of this perfume is *chefs kiss*. A little goes a long way. It’s not too strong nor too weak. It doesn’t give off that kiddish smell, not like pink sugar but more of a rose undertone. I think it’s a great perfume for a woman in college or mid twenties. It’s definitely a flirty and sweet vibe.Someone else did a really great review on the quality of the perfume and my thoughts align exactly!!!

  4. Jessica Jamila

    UPDATE: I just bought R.E.M. If you are trying to decide between Cloud and R.E.M., get Cloud. They are both absolutely outstanding, but Cloud has better projection. Apart from that, they’re equals in my book. Also, a lot of people think that R.E.M. smells like Cloud but it absolutely does not. Not even close. Cloud is sweeter while R.E.M. is more clean and delicate. They are both must haves. I do not get masculine vibes from either perfume. I wouldn’t call them “girly” but they are DEFINITELY feminine. I own Cloud, R.E.M., Ari, and Sweet Like Candy (I have Moonlight on the way), and Cloud and R.E.M. are my favorites. They’re perfection.In this review I’m going to talk about:-Who I see this would be good for-What season/occasion would this be good for-Scent-Projection-Sillage (often gets confused with projection, but they are different)-Longevity-How I feel when I wear it-Do I like itOkay here we go. For starters, who would Cloud be good for?I personally see this as a fragrance that will be well suited for anyone 20 and above. If you are a teenager, sure you can get away with wearing this, but I think you’ll be looked at like you’re trying too hard to seem grown. You’ll smell good, yes, but this fragrance is very much so out of your league. This is a grown woman fragrance. This is a “I bought this with my own hard earned money because I’m a boss” fragrance.This is a fragrance for people with class, elegance, independence, and a “je ne sais quoi” type of mysterious quality.Cloud is at its best when it is worn in Fall and Winter, however, this is also something that can be worn at any time during the year. This is not a fragrance that you have to put away. This is something that you’ll want easy access to at all times throughout the year. You can wear this on casual days, formal days, to work, to bed, to get groceries, to go on a date, to go to an interview, etc. This can easily become someone’s “signature scent” as it is clean, classy, warm, and welcoming. It is well rounded and extremely versatile. You will never be seen as inappropriate for wearing this fragrance, no matter what you’re doing.The SCENT!!!!!Upon first spritz, it’s like you immediately leave your body and enter heaven. Every time I spray it, I smile. All I want to do is sniff myself. It is magical, it is alluring, it is ethereal, and it is mysterious to the point where I really cannot tell you what it smells like in its opening. It simply smells amazing. This scent lasts for about an hour, and then you are met with a sensual, warm vanilla gourmand with marshmallows, but it is not overwhelming, headache inducing, or annoying. It is light, whipped, and airy. When I smell this on myself, it makes me feel like I smell kind, gentle, tolerant, empathetic, forgiving, welcoming, and also so incredibly sexy, confident, and slightly dangerous in a good way. This scent will attract many compliments, many double takes, many stares, and people will come up to you because you have a beautiful aura that is comforting and safe to them. Wear this when you want positive attention and loving hugs.Projection: (Projection is how far the scent reaches beyond your body)In the first hour, the projection is moderate. A very good moderate. People will notice your scent if they are 6ft away or less. It will be unmistakable that it is you who smells good.After the first hour, once the fragrance starts to become the whipped gourmand scent, this perfume becomes very close to the skin. This is a GOOD thing (with this type of scent) because it will make people want to lean in to you. They will be intrigued and curious. The scent will be more intimate and personal, like a cute secret that only you and your partner know about. When sprayed on clothing, in my opinion, the projection does not change. If it does, it’s only a little bit.Sillage: (Sillage is how well and how long the scent stays in an area after you have left the area)In the first hour, the sillage is stunning. After an hour of spraying and leaving the room that you sprayed it in, when you walk back in, you will smell it and it will be divine. After the first hour, the sillage is poor. Extremely weak. There is little to absolutely no lingering scent in the air. But this makes sense because by now, the fragrance has become a skin scent. If you spray the perfume on clothing, the sillage is much better.Longevity: (Longevity is how long the fragrance lasts on the skin or clothing)On skin, the longevity is outstanding!!!!! I get a full 12 hours with this perfume. Throughout the day, you might feel like the scent is gone completely, and then you will randomly get these bursts of fragrance that pleasantly surprise you, and almost tickle you. It immediately perks up my mood when that happens. Towards the later hours of wear, you do have to really put your nose to your skin to smell it, but it is undeniably there.On clothing, the longevity is a BEAST!! I sprayed one spritz onto my hoodie, and then two days later I put that hoodie on without washing it first because I had barely worn it that first day, and the scent was still there!! Not only was it there, but it was obvious!!! It wasn’t shy or light. I didn’t have to search for the scent. It’s like the scent hit me in the face. I was so excited.How I feel when I wear it:Important, special, refined, clean, classy, feminine, elegant, beautiful, sexy, kind, warm, inviting, mysterious, alluring, independent, confident, happy.If it wasn’t obvious by the 5 stars and the review, I absolutely adore this fragrance!!! I own Cloud, Ari, and Sweet Like Candy. Among those three, Cloud is very clearly superior, and this review is coming from someone who loves sweet and gourmand perfumes. Cloud is the one. This is a SAFE BLIND BUY. Add it to your cart now. Thank me later.

  5. Rio Borondy

    Ok.. I am shook. I know everyone loves this scent but I was on the fence when I purchased it. Celebrity perfumes are never worth the hype. I recently got into perfume and WOW.. this is a great addition to my collection! It comes with a super cute non slip rubber cloud holder so it looks super cute on my vanity. The scent is really like nothing I’ve tried. Super sweet, but sexy at the same time. Plus, it hangs around for a long time! I’ll definitely be trying her other scents.

  6. Rahniya Murphy

    I got this bottle last month and im already out i have to buy a bigger bottle but it smells so good ( its like a sweet smell)

  7. Cinthia Rios

    I literally smell it on other girls and my cousin showed me this I fell in love omg the best scent and lasts long too. I don’t like sweet perfumes but this is my favorite scent now !!!

  8. John and Naomi

    At first, I was upset and ready to write a bad review. I thought the product was fake initially because right as I sprayed it, the smell was strong of alcohol. 2 minutes later, still a smell of alcohol, but as it dries down I can really start to smell all of the notes popping out in the perfume. The longevity is better than it could have been, and the perfume makes the skin a little tacky feeling at first, but I think that’s a tactic used in maintaining longevity or scent. Overall, for the price and the payoff…I will be continually purchasing this fragrance until I change it up again in the future!

  9. Entropy Fighter

    Even though mini size, lasts a long while. Pretty bottle.

  10. victor peña

    A mi hija le encanta esa fragancia

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