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We are all good people. For it is not enough, even in the best of times, just to behave well. In these times it is necessary that we bear a great burden and do what we can to counterbalance the wildly unequal distribution of life’s good things, while at the same time holding fast against threats against democracy and social justice that may arise in this era of anger and neoliberalism. Collectively, with conviction and courage, we are summoned forth into this world—we who may never know from where all goodness comes.

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From the host of the #1 true crime podcast Crime Junkie

You never know what goes on behind closed doors…

…especially in your own home.

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Bantam (August 16, 2022)

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320 pages

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10 reviews for All Good People Here A Novel: 9780593496473: Flowers, Ashley: Books

  1. Michelle Clark

    Being a Crime Junkie myself I expected the reviews I read about Ashley Flowers debut book to be positive- if not out of loyalty, then out of courtesy- but honestly I can say those reviews are truly honest and unbiased.Extremely well written, this tale truly does take several twists and turns, leaving the reader on the edge of their seat wanting more. Several times I forgot I was reading Ashley’s debut novel and found myself engrossed as though I was reading a Gillian Flynn or Jennifer Hillier story.Ashley utilizes her years as a Crime Junkie to create a woven tale that leaves the reader invested in each character. The format of each chapter is set to beautifully to keep the reader able to effortlessly know who the focus of the chapter is as well as the time-line that is being covered.Huge accolades to Ashley for her wonderful book, and with a great howl I can assuredly say- Chuck approves

  2. Michael G.

    I am always apprehensive about a mystery/thriller/suspense novel because more often than not I have found them to be so….bland, cheesy, solvable in the first two chapters, etc. NOT this book! I almost got disappointed because I started thinking “ugh I totally already know who did it!!”, but I was wrong. Then I was wrong again, then I was wrong again. This book takes you on a journey where you hate and cheer for the same people but in the most fantastic non-frustrating way. It’s beautifully written with a touching story on top of a great mystery of “who done it”. I have told everyone about this book – my grandmother has ordered it and can’t wait for it to get there! Can’t wait for the next book from Ashley Flowers – I know she has a lot going on but another book wouldn’t hurt 😉

  3. Alexandria

    I really liked this read! I am a huge fan of Ashley Flowers and an avid Crime Junkie listener. I was really excited to get a different perspective of Ashley as an author and she did not disappoint. The style of writing made picturing the events happening in real time very easy. I loved that each interaction with characters was so detailed I felt like I was there. There is a fine line between bogging down the story with too much detail & providing just the right amount and this book was just the right amount. If you’re a true crime fan, you’re not going to be able to put this down! Highly recommend.

  4. Chelsea Sanders

    4.5/5Wow. Just… wow. I knew going in I would love this book. After all, it was written by Ashley Flowers. What’s not to love?! A crime junkie writing a thriller? Yeah, this book was bound to be amazing! It took me awhile to get through it but that was more due to me than the book itself. Once it got going, I was hooked. The characters were wonderful. I got attached super fast! And I constantly felt like I knew what was going on then BOOM. Another thing happened that had my kind reeling. The end honestly made me gasp and I had to stop reading for a minute to regain my thoughts. This book definitely gave me a “book hangover”. I can not wait to have my physical copy when it releases so I can read it over and over! You will not be disappointed in this!

  5. Bobbi

    Okay, so I’ve been a Crime Junkie follower and subscriber for some time now, and the second Ashley announced the preorder for this book – I knew I had to have it. I received the book on the date of release 8/16/22, and today (8/21) I finished it. It was so hard to put down and regrettably is one of the first books I’ve started and finished in years. However, it made me rediscover my love of reading!Ok, now for the plot itself – it CONSTANTLY kept me guessing. Just when I had what I thought was a concrete theory, it was debunked. This happened so many times throughout the novel, up until the last page. I will be extremely disappointed if there’s not a follow up novel to this one because this story could keep going, even though I WAS left with quite a bit of closure. So many shocking moments were well incorporated, then delivered in such a well thought out way. I could tell so much thought, research and detail was used when drafting this masterpiece! Exceptional work by all involved and I cannot wait to read the next release as I can’t imagine she’d deprive of us this talent Ashley has now exposed!

  6. Jillian

    Yes, I bought this book because I’m a Crime Junkie fan, but after the first two chapters I kept reading because the story was so compelling! Ashley did a great job about making you think you had it figured out, then doing a 180 on you till the last chapter. We all know Ashley is great at telling us a true crime story and keeping us captivated till the very end, and this book now shows that she can also write a great story of her own.SPOILER ALTER!!!!!!! DO NOT READ AHEAD IF YOU HAVEN’T FINISHED THE BOOK!!!!!!!!!Read some reviews with people thinking the ending is kind of open ended for the reader. Based on the information we have, I think I sadly know the fate of Margot. That hurt the most for me and makes me want to yell at Ashley “WHY?!?”

  7. kearsten h

    I really loved this story. Definitely saw a lot of similarities in the JonBenet case. I thought Ashley did a great job with the story. I thought I had the killer figured out a couple times but then another twist made me think again. As with most of the other reviews, I really didn’t love the cliff hanger ending. I actually had to go back to make sure I didn’t miss a page because it had ended so abruptly. I know not all true crime stories have happy clean endings but this one just seemed rushed maybe? I feel slightly disappointed. I’ve read plenty of books that don’t end the way I thought they would but I just feel like such a great story could’ve needed better. Maybe there will be a sequel to make us all feel better about it! Despite the ending, I would still recommend the book to friends and will always support Ashley! Hope she writes more!

  8. Mary Gramlich

    Margot Davies personal life is dictating her entire life right now as she goes home to help her uncle with is early-stage dementia. Her journalism career is already under fire as her last few stories have been too centric on what she thinks vs. the facts. While Margot is convinced, she is going in the right direction her publisher disagrees and the fight for her professional life is on.When Margot finds her Uncle Luke in much worse shape than she imagined she starts to wonder if she can manage all this in her life. Coming home was enough of an upheaval as she never resolved her issues of her friend being killed when they were six. She has tried to move on but that is not what happened, nor does Margot think it can until she finds the killer. Everyone has their resolved conclusions about who did it but and refuse to see the connects to other murdered children including the one that just happened last night. All the similarities are there but with everyone dug into their decision of who is guilty getting them to move is impossible.Margot is trying to deal with her uncle, an unknown person leaving cryptic notes, and the woman stalking her and too illusive to confront. The deeper Margot digs the more suspects and suspicions she comes up with and everyone she looks at has all the makings of being the one that took specifically January away but also the other girls that no one is looking at. But Margot has finally found the link from her friend January’s murder to the latest one and with razor sharp intuition she forms a plan on how to get the evidence to close the case.Margot deals with her uncle, the multitude of potential people that could be involved, as well as forming a friendship and ally where she could never have expected who helps her bring every to fruition, or so she thought.Ashley Flowers has written a compelling and intriguing book that is as mesmerizing and entrancing as it takes you down so many paths of potential conclusion. While you may not like the ending it is the authors choice to deal with the story and characters as she so desires.

  9. Angela

    I’ve been a crime junkie fan for many years now so when I heard that Ashley was writing a book, I knew I had to read it asap! I was a little worried in reading some of the other reviews about the “bad” ending that I might be disappointed in the book. However, I know Ashley is an amazing story teller from her many podcast, So I stuck with my guns and purchased it. I read the book in less than a day, it is sprinkled with little bits of true crime stories throughout. Which I loved because I was having flashes of “oh I remember that story” moments and it had me thinking back to some of my favorite crime junkie episodes. I’m a master usually of figuring out the “who did it” but this one I really never seen coming! It has you guessing all the way to the very end. I honestly didn’t love the ending, but it wasn’t horrible like the other reviews had said. I felt a sadness throughout the book with the plot in general, I’m a mother of two girls (7&3) and currently 33 weeks pregnant with twin boys, so the whole story of course pulled on my heartstrings. The ending to me was both shocking and heartbreaking. I almost cried if I’m being honest reading those final pages. But I felt it was fitting to the story and was authentic to the crazy, shocking and emotional nature of real life murder cases and the people that commit these acts. I wish there was a little more closure to the ending of a certain someone but I think she left it open for all of us to devise our own theory’s about what happens to _____. I don’t believe she will write a sequel like some speculate, but I do think this was a huge slam dunk for her break out career as a author and shows that she can truly do anything. I look forward to more reads from Ashley in the future!

  10. Kali Russell

    I have to say, I was biased going into the book because I’m a crime junkie, but with that being said, this book was phenomenal. Easily the most enticing and outstanding book I have read in a long time. Compared to many NYT best sellers of this genre recently, this one was just as good or better. I say better because many books of this genre are predictable, and they give little details away too soon that allow the reader to figure out the plot. This book did not give away details that allowed me to figure it out at ALL. Every time I thought I had figured out what was about to happen, I was wrong. It kept me on my toes the entire time! So proud of Ashley Flowers for this debut novel, and I HOPE this is the first of many books. Very talented writer!

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