Beeasy Mens Digital Watch Waterproof with Alarm Stopwatch Countdown Timer Dual Time, 12/24 Hours Thin Digital Wrist Watches for Men Women, Red Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

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Beeasy Men’s Digital Watch Waterproof with Alarm Stopwatch Countdown Timer Dual Time, 12/24 Hours Thin Digital Wrist Watches for Men Women, Red Clothing.

Beeasy Womens Digital Watch Waterproof with Stopwatch Alarm Countdown Timer Dual Time, 12/24 Hours Thin Digital Wrist Watches for Women
Beeasy Womens Digital Watch Waterproof with Stopwatch Alarm Countdown Timer Dual Time, 12/24 Hours Thin Digital Wrist Watches for Women


  • Ultra-thin Digital Watch: Casual and simple dial design, and ultra-thin case thickness(only 6.6mm), easily wear it in daily life
  • Men’s Digital Watch: Dual time zone, 12/24 hours switch, time&date display, automatic calendar, meet your basic needs for watches
  • Watch with Timer: Stopwatch, alarm clock, countdown, split time, EL backlight, various functions but easy to operate
  • 5ATM Waterproof Watch: Support swimming and cold shower (AVOID hot water/diving)
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10 reviews for Beeasy Mens Digital Watch Waterproof with Alarm Stopwatch Countdown Timer Dual Time, 12/24 Hours Thin Digital Wrist Watches for Men Women, Red Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

  1. LMG

    Purchased this watch to wear when I do volunteer work with Habit for Humanity. It’s easy to read, is waterproof and came at a great price. The only problem is that the button to change the watch from a 12 hour readout to a 24 hour readout is too easily accidentally pushed.

  2. Walt from Mesa, AZ

    Large, easy to read display. Very thin, not thick and bulky. Easy to set-up. I barely glanced at the instructions. Less than 10 minutes at most, to completely set-up.Much better in so many ways than Casio, G-Shock, Ironman.I have small wrists. Still 4 notches left. Band is thin, not bulky. Attractive looks. Very clean design.I own 20 watches. Almost all are expensive analog. Movado, Tag Hauer, Rolex, more.But I want/need a practical digital watch for every day use.After 62 years of owning countless watches, this is hands down (no pun intended), my most favorite digital watch!!I always take off any watch for showers or swimming. So no risks taken here.Band is nicely thin, but sturdy. Always love 2 band loops.Overall, this watch does everything I want. Dual time zone is a plus. Very simple, clean, elegant design. Definitely looks more expensive than actual cost.I bought the blue one. Now thinking of buying 2 more. Black and red.The stopwatch and countdown timers are a little more involved, compared to some other watches. But basically it’s a matter of learning the proper sequence of buttons to push.Not rocket science…In Conclusion, I LOVE this watch!! Yes, going to buy 2 more.Highly Recommended!!P.S. I’m obviously a watch aficionado. Got my first watch at age 8!

  3. karl

    I needed a new watch for surfing and did not want to spend $100+ for name brand surf style watch with tide info ect (I already know that for each day anyway ). This was exactly what I needed…I wanted a large dial and large numeral display easy to read in the water or in the sun. Its also thin which is important since I wear it under wetsuit sleeve so you dont want it bulky. It has a chrono that is easy to use since I usually time my sesh in the water. It also has duel time which i like since I travel to Cabo for surf trips frequently so thats handy. I got the orange band and white watch…looks cool.

  4. n/a

    My watch came apart at the band while I was at school one day, and I was too busy to reach out to the seller, however when I reached out to the seller a few months later and described my situation, they immediately mailed over a new replacement (even if I had purchased the original watch that broke a few months ago)! I really appreciate the amazing customer service! Need the watch for school and work and definitely felt out of sync without it. Love the watch and I highly recommend this seller!

  5. KWEI

    Love the style of this watch but the material didn’t mix with the oils in my skin. The white model quickly discolored even when washed with warm water and soap after each use. Unfortunately, the other colors aren’t my style, but the watch itself is super sleek and easy to use. Wish it would have worked out! Customer service was also top notch – quick to respond and remedy any concerns. Thank you!!

  6. Kelso

    I work a factory job and the machines I run have a yardage counter and need to be cut over at the right yardage so I start my stop watch after every cut over and no matter where I’m at in the factory I know where the machine is running and makes it very helpful

  7. BC from Houston

    I think what is missing in most of the other reviews is just how nice looking this watch is. This is not a classics sports watch. It is a traditional watch body with straps attached with pins, just like most classic watches of a prior age. The interesting thing is that this watch gives you all the features of a sports watch. The body is really thin and I mean half the thickness of an Ironman type watch. If you put your arms in and out of jackets or pullovers this is a big deal. Will this lead to a lack durability long term? I don’t know. I’ve only had it for a week, but during that week, I have been running and swimming in Houston humidity and temp with no issues. I use the stopwatch function constantly and am pleased with it. It’s kind of like a dress watch with the functions of a sports watch as a hidden bonus.There is one drawback: The dual time function is dual time, not dual day and date. I would drop this back a half a point for this but it still rounds up to a five. For the product I have seen so far, the price paid and the quick delivery, that’s what it should be and I can recommend this product to anyone looking for this kind of hybrid. Impressive thus far.

  8. kyle

    This watch has been serving me wonderfully! Love the size of the time readout – makes it very easy to know exactly what time it is with a swift glance. I have always struggled with remembering what day of the week it was and the date in general, and having that information available to me at all times without looking at a calendar or the phone has helped so much! I work at a place where I’m required to check the time and date on stickers multiple times per hour to troubleshoot issues, and being able to know the exact time down to the second is critical. Never had a better watch than this one. Lightweight, big readouts, and simple. This watch will fog up if you are out in the sun and sweating for an extended period of time. Its water resistant – not water proof. You can get it wet if you are washing your hands, but I wouldn’t put it through anything more than that. I’ve been pretty harsh to this little guy, and managed to break the strap off accidently the one day. Customer service was very helpful and understanding, and quickly sent me a replacement when asked. Would recommend to most people – It does everything a watch should do and nothing more!

  9. Valarie

    Great price for a good watch. Waterproof for sure, I swam/showered in it no problem. I like the multiple features like the timer and stopwatch, it was easy to use, and the backlight has come in handy more than I expected. Comfortable and lightweight, it’s my go-to watch for work, but it looks nice enough to wear every day too. I had the white version before this, which got stained and kind of icky-looking after 5 months of dirty outdoor work, and I cracked the glass face somehow (don’t think this would have happened during my normal non-work habits). The cracked face allowed water inside white swimming and the watch was caput. Opted for black this time to avoid the discoloration that occurred with the white. I was happy to repurchase this item and definitely recommend!

  10. Laura Flight

    i love this watch so much! i bought it in 2020 and almost exactly two years later, it’s still my favorite! the light behind the screen just died last night, but everything else has still held up. my favorite feature is how it tells you what day it is at the top. i didn’t realize how much I would use that. you can switch to 24 hour mode with just one button, set an alarm, stopwatch, different time zone clock, and timer! it takes a while to change the times the alarm and timer are set for because you have to press a button over and over, but it’s worth it. personally I just set a stopwatch and check it occasionally instead of setting a custom timer.i’ve taken it on camping trips, and it wasn’t affected by the cold or the heat. i wash dishes without even worrying about it, although I haven’t tried swimming with it. the strap hasn’t broken at all.this is a good watch!

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