CREATIVE XP Night Vision Goggles – GlassCondor Pro – Digital Military Binoculars w/Infrared Lens, Tactical Gear for Hunting & Security, Black Sports & Outdoors

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SEE IN TOTAL DARKNESS – Unlike other night vision binoculars that can’t give you high-quality visibility without ambient light, our goggles feature an infrared illuminator for full pitch-black vision. VIEWING SCREEN – These binoculars for hunting and security feature a 4″ TFT screen with a 2x digital zoom, allowing you to view crystal-clear photos and videos in an instant. VERSATILE – Whether you’re spotting nighttime wildlife, hunting coyotes, or protecting your home, this night vision scope is the perfect addition to your tool belt. DURABLE – These night vision binoculars are built to withstand even the most intense activities. The rugged outer shell protects the inner goggles with ease. KIT INCLUDES – Our thermal goggles come with everything you need – a protective case, a phone/computer SD card reader, a neck strap, a 32 GB SD card, a USB cable, and an easy-to-read manual.

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XP Night Vision Goggles provide high-quality night vision that is perfect for use in the field. These goggles are made with a durable and comfortable fit, and are easy to use thanks to their intuitive design. With XP Night Vision Goggles, you will be able to see clearly at all times, no matter where you are in the world.

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true IR binoculars

CREATIVE XP Night Vision Goggles

IR night hunting gear

night vision monocular

digital night vision binoculars

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Thanks to our powerful 850 NM infrared illuminator, you can hunt, monitor wildlife or protect your farm during a pitch-dark night – NO external light needed!

Don’t only view all the night secrets on the 4” TFT Screen, but also quickly save the recordings as lifetime memories on the 32 GB memory card included!

We want you to take full advantage of our IR Binoculars and that’s why we are always here to help. If you ever need any assistance, let us know!

The rugged lightweight design makes the Infrared Digital Binoculars perfect in any environment and was developed to withstand military activities.

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10.9 x 7.9 x 3.7 inches

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4.3 out of 5 stars

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#446 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors) #1 in Night Vision Binoculars & Goggles

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August 1, 2019





10 reviews for CREATIVE XP Night Vision Goggles – GlassCondor Pro – Digital Military Binoculars w/Infrared Lens, Tactical Gear for Hunting & Security, Black Sports & Outdoors

  1. Tony g.

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     I had ordered the Nightfox 120R and when I went to remove the day lense I had to apply so much force that it broke. I sent them back and went with the GlassOwl from Creative XP. When I first opened it it felt like Xmas. Everything was was packaged in a beautiful molded case made to fit the goggles. The contents of the case was just as impressive. So I started using the goggles right away. The night vision was so clear and crisp, i could see at a hundred yards away as easily as i can see the house next door. I played with them for about 4 hours. The next night I played with them for about 2.5 hours and the battery life was still going strong. The video clip I uploaded was taken right from the goggles, AMAZING!!! When I first brought the goggles outside the lense fogged up for a few minutes from being inside with the air conditioning. Once outside in the humidity for a few minutes it clears up. I live in South Florida, not everyone will have that issue. These goggles are perfect for anyone who hunts , wants to watch wildlife from long distances or just have fun. If you are playing air soft or war games and need to stay Mobile, it’s probably not for you. “Perfect for spotting” I honestly can not say enough good things about the product. For the price and all the goodies they include,,, you will not beat the quality anywhere. And mind you I researched for a solid month before purchasing the nightfox 120R, I tried saving a few dollars and paid dearly for it. Now when the package first arrived before I even had the chance to open the box, creative XP had already sent me an email checking to make sure everything arrived ok. I responded to the email and actually got another reply email offering any assistance I may need. From past experiences with different products, customer service is a hit or miss. This company gets 5 stars all the way around from me. Beauty and quality in the same package!? Who does that????

  2. Jeff Kane

    I’m not sure if CreativeXP shares platforms with other Binos – but we got this and it’s better than I thought. For those wondering, this is NOT a tube based NVG – it’s essentially a CMOS sensor optimized for IR – and it’s fantastic at what it does.The image is sharp and well defined (out to about 20 yards – further testing required). Without an IR beam (either the one attached which is really good or an external light) the images are very dependent on ambient light – it’s not “see in the dark”. When the IR light is on – it’s essentially daylight (albeit not in color).Well made, great value for the money – just an all around great product so far. My only suggestion would be that there was a way to attach a hand strap to make holding these easier.Finally (for now) – the team at CreativeXP has been great. They make time to communicate, ensure we’re happy and offer to answer any questions that we can’t figure out on our own.Should YOU buy this? I don’t know – but if you want a well built, night capable spotting device and using an IR light won’t be an issue – I’d put this on my list. If you are looking at PVS-14 as a compare – this is $300, not $3000 and they are fundamentally different.Zero regrets – great tool for general observation and hopefully for hunting when we get back into the fields and forests.

  3. Joel shadday

    I love this item. It’s a total digital screen, the zoom could be better, but at night, it’s as clear as day. I like that you can use this during the day, just cover up the one lense. The coolest thing, you can take pics and live videos, and it comes with its own 32 gig card. I would buy again.

  4. Carl Gantz

    I was surprised at the picture quality . Definitely seems well built, comes with a neck strap, a nice carrying case, and cleaning cloth. I played back a few videos and the clarity is really good. If you hook up a external power source (like a powerbank, The IR has 5 settings. This is one of 3 others i have bought recently (returned all others) I have kept so far. I do like the fact they are based in the US and from what i been hearing they have great customer service.One thing I don’t like about them is the IR illuminator is REALLY visible. I read in the Q&A section that is was NOT visible. It does have 2 different types of illumination. One that DOES not require the IR illuminator and the other must use the ambient light source to illuminate the VERY bright screen. Which brings me to the 2nd issue I am not sure if I like or not and that’s the screen is very bright. YES I KNOW it has 3 brightness settings but it still will disturb your natural vision at night .. My other (much less $) NV monoculars are starlight powered and have the green back drop and DO NOT mess with your night vision. (But they do not record or do any of the other fancy things the GlassOwl can do) I have rigged up a soft black cloth to drop down over the viewer and put a small hole through the cloth (big enough for just one eye to look through) to view the screen.I do wish these two issues could be addressed because these NV binoculars are very nice. They definitely have their place among your equipment but for the price, i haven’t fully decided if i am going to keep them. Its a hard decisions because they are so darn nice and just really really well built. You can really feel it in your hands..I haven’t had the product that long. But i can say the company has had a reputation for good equipment

  5. Really Windy

    I am very impressed with the quality and the ability to see these details at night. I am a rancher in Wyoming, and tried these on a very dark overcast night with no stars or moon. I was surprised at how clear and bright everything was in the viewer. I bought these mainly for checking a cow or heifer calving at night, and for doing the night checks on those. I believe they will be a great help.It has the ability to take pictures and video on an SD card (included). I haven’t tried that out, nor do I actually have a use for that feature, so my review will be incomplete in terms of that. However, I would guess that the quality of that would be the same as what a person would be view “live”.It is in a very nice and snug fitting hard case for protection. Also, as the description above says, it is an American product, which is important to me as well.After studying various other Night Vision Binoculars, I decided on this one because it is good in 100% darkness. Although I don’t have experience with other similar binoculars, I thought this one seemed the best. There are a few that are cheaper, and definitely some that are much more expensive, but through my research on the products, this one seemed to be the best bang for the buck. I gave it five stars on every catagory. I have since, recommended it to friends, and will definitely continue to do so.I hope the review helps.

  6. An Average Hunter

    First off, I got it on a prime day deal and I payed $237 dollars for it compared to the $399 or whatever it is now. I was like ehh its 200 hundred dollars, if I don’t like it, ill ship it back… First night I got it, I went to my hunting club with trees everywhere. Pitch black darkness, and turn these bad boys on and saw a deer. I walked to my hunting club drive way that is a roughly about 200 yards long and I could see multiple deer clear at that distance. I don’t have the video uploaded so I won’t be posting at this time but I also caught a buck rubbing a tree. its rut season :). When you use the zoom features the pixels and image quality fade a bit and its not perfect… but let me specify, that didn’t make me feel any less happy about my purchase. These things are impressive. I love them. I highly recommend.To answer a couple questions you may have… The zoom is not variable, its not like a scope. It just zooms in on what you see on the screen if that makes sense. Definitely watch their youtube button/menu guide, because getting used to what each button does starts off a little difficult, but once you get the hang of it. (i did in one night) Again, you will absolutely love them. I leave them in my truck. They go everywhere I go.

  7. Benjamin Rinehart

    You can see in total darkness with these and what is especially nice is if you have them plugged into the USB port the IR Illuminator goes to 5x. On batter power the IR Illuminator goes up to 3x but that seems sufficient, just great that you get a little extra when plugged into the USB port. I was really please that these come with a 32 GB Micro SD and a card reader with multiple extensions to download pictures and videos to a phone or PC. You can tell the quality of craftsmanship and how durable the design of these are, really well made. This is one of those rare product purchases where it turned out even better than I imagined them to be, highly recommended.

  8. KC

    I love these binoculars. I bought them as a gift for my daughter and she used them almost every night. She recorded lots of UFO’s with them. The batteries last a really long time. The only frustrating thing are the instructions are lacking. A person really just has to figure it out on their own. Still haven’t figured out how to set the date and time. But it doesn’t matter anymore. I’m pretty sure my daughter hocked them. They are gone now. I’m so sad because they were so much fun. Eventually I’ll buy another pair for myself and not let her use them.

  9. Chip Mowack

    I really didn’t know what to expect. Much to my complete surprise, I can see really far in complete darkness. When I say really far, I’m talking about 100 yards or more. This is with the IR illumination on #3. It goes up to #5 when connected to a USB battery source in addition to the batteries installed. I used it the other evening to see an Owl in the tree in my back yard. When the Owl was not looking in my direction I could easily see its dark outline. When it looked in my direction its eyes lit up.The zoom is only a magnification of a smaller area of the middle of the view. It is more grainy and not a true zoom. It would be way more expensive if zoom was more pixilated.For the price and the ability to take videos and stills, I am very impressed and happy with this purchase. I did take a video and still of the Owl to show my wife and it looked just like the actual live view.There is a little learning curve to figure out how to take a video/still. It would be nice if the buttons on the top could have more touch/feel identifying raised figures. A simple one, two, three and four solid nubs would be easy to feel while holding the binoculars so you don’t have to look at the button locations on top to see where to press. You can’t really rub your fingers over the buttons and identify them without looking.

  10. S. Hill

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     I have been in state-level law enforcement for over thirteen years, including several with a full-time tactical unit. Standard issue green NVG’s such as the PVS-14 are commonplace, and their shortcomings are a regular nuisance and subsequent talking point among my coworkers. While this particular unit might not be ready just yet for tactical work, it’s an absolute home run for civilian consumers. It has a myriad of strengths that should not be overlooked in any way, and it literally costs SEVERAL THOUSANDS DOLLARS less than the stuff that has soldiers and SWAT cops stepping into potholes on a nightly basis.Pros:First off, the package aspect of the GlassOwl is phenomenal. As mentioned in the description, it comes with a quality case and several thoughtful accessories. Mine came with a very worthwhile referral bonus, which several people immediately took advantage of after seeing my unit.Second, the sturdiness and design lend to great dexterity. I’m not going to throw mine against a brick wall or hold it under water anytime soon, but it really does feel like I could without dire consequences. The access panel to the memory card and accessory hookups is fitted in such a way that it seals so as to prevent moisture and debris from getting into sensitive areas. The unit is hefty, and looks and feels like a much more expensive piece of equipment than what it is. Each button is placed under a thick rubber housing that give a clear response under firm touch, but without an unnecessary audible click or tone.Third, the IR illuminator is superior to a $500 name-brand vampire light I have mounted on a weapon. In the video of this review, the vehicle displayed is about 250 yards away in pitch black conditions on a starless night. Which brings me to…Fourth, the image quality and ease of focus. One of the shortcomings of traditional night vision is an absolute reliance on seeing things that are either very close, or very far away. This routinely leads to walking into stuff or stumbling on uneven footing when focused far away, or missing something important when focused close in. The GlassOwl does have a focus feature that will clean the image up, but even when set at the nearest or farthest setting the sacrifice to the opposite isn’t nearly as extreme as with older green NVG’s.If I have a constructive criticism, it’s that the display is pretty bright and cannot be dimmed down, and the design doesn’t really lend itself to any sort of head mount. I have heard from Creative XP’s fantastic customer service team that they have solutions to both of these in the works.In summary, it’s a fantastic item worth twice what it costs – and offered by a company you will love doing business with. Buy it!

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