Desitin Maximum Strength Baby Diaper Rash Cream with 40% Zinc Oxide for Treatment, Relief & Prevention, Hypoallergenic, Phthalate- & Paraben-Free Paste, 4 oz Everything Else

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About this item 4-ounce tube of Desitin Maximum Strength Diaper Rash Paste with 40% zinc oxide works on contact to treat and prevent diaper rash discomfort Rich, thick diaper rash cream is formulated with 40% maximum-level zinc oxide and is clinically shown to protect baby’s skin for up to 12 hours The #1 choice of Pediatricians and parents, it provides effective diaper rash relief by immediately forming a protective barrier on baby’s skin to seal out wetness and soothe chafed skin Its hypoallergenic formula is paraben-, phthalate-, dye- and soap-free. It is also Dermatologist- and Pediatrician-tested and is gentle enough for daily use. Maximum strength diaper rash paste provides 5-in-1 action to treat, heal, protect, soothe and prevent diaper rash, for healing you can see and relief your baby can feel

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Desitin Maximum Strength Baby Diaper Rash Cream is the best product to use for preventing, treating and healing unsightly rashes and diaper irritations in your baby’s delicate skin. This is largely because it has a soothing formula that does not contain alcohol. You can also use this product on toddlers, babies and adults who have sensitive skin or are prone to breakouts such as pimples, eczema, acne or dermatitis.

A rash on your baby’s bottom can be very upsetting and create a lot of stress. According to the Mayo Clinic website, diaper rashes are one of the most common problems among infants in America.

From the manufacturer

Desitin Maximum Strength Diaper Rash Paste<img alt=”Desitin Maximum Strength Diaper Rash Paste” src=”,0,1464,600_PT0_SX1464__.jpg”/>


Treat diaper rash with Desitin Maximum Strength Original Paste<img alt=”Treat diaper rash with Desitin Maximum Strength Original Paste” src=”,0,1464,600_PT0_SX1464__.jpg”/>

Active Ingredient: Zinc Oxide (40%) Inactive Ingredients: Petrolatum, cod liver oil, lanolin, talc, glycerin, sorbitan sesquioleate, beeswax, tocopheryl acetate, fragrance (*Formula Declaration Report FML1747294A)

*Clinically Proven: Efficacy 12hr Study of Barrier Properties (CO-1404 1409 3231-SBCT)

What causes diaper rash?

Primarily, prolonged and increased exposure to wetness against the skin. Other factors: the closed environment created by the diaper, chafing from friction/rubbing against diapers or skin folds, and skin’s prolonged contact with urine and/or feces.

What are the signs and symptoms of diaper rash?

Some or all of the following: pinkness/ redness wherever the diaper touches, dry or fluid-filled raised bumps, flaking, dryness or peeling/scaling of the skin, raised areas (or swelling), and chafing. Affected areas may be warm to the touch.

How can I treat diaper rash?

Keep the area clean and dry. Once you have finished cleaning your baby’s bottom, pat it dry (no rubbing), and try applying a thick layer of Desitin Maximum Strength. Just 1 application provides long-lasting overnight protection.

How does Zinc Oxide treat diaper rash?

Zinc Oxide forms a protective barrier between the skin and the diaper to reduce friction, block wetness from the skin, protect against the enzymes found in feces, and soothe irritated skin, allowing it to heal naturally.

How can I prevent diaper rash?

Keep baby’s skin clean and dry, let diaper area dry before reapplying diaper, and protect baby’s skin with a diaper rash treatment. Try Desitin Rapid Relief: It protects against diaper rash from the first use and works at the first hint of rash.

Which Desitin Diaper Rash Treatment Do I Need?

Desitin Maximum Strength JarMaximum Strength – Jar

Desitin Maximum Strength TubeMaximum Strength – Tube

Desitin Rapid Relief JarRapid Relief – Jar

Desitin Rapid Relief TubeRapid Relief – Tube

Ideal For


Treatment Prevention Prevention Treats

Severe or stubborn diaper rash

Severe or stubborn diaper rash Mild to moderate diaper rash Mild to moderate diaper rash Active Ingredient

40% Zinc Oxide

40% Zinc Oxide 13% Zinc Oxide 13% Zinc Oxiide Paraben-free

✔ ✔ ✔ Phthalate-free

✔ ✔ ✔ Dye-free

✔ ✔ ✔ Fragrance-free

✘ ✔ ✔ Sizes


2oz, 4oz, 4.8oz 16oz 2oz, 4oz, 4.8oz

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March 10, 2009

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10 reviews for Desitin Maximum Strength Baby Diaper Rash Cream with 40% Zinc Oxide for Treatment, Relief & Prevention, Hypoallergenic, Phthalate- & Paraben-Free Paste, 4 oz Everything Else

  1. Anonymous

    Excellent at controlling rash, results can be seen within 24hrs. We only use it occasionally, but whenever needed it’s been great. It’s something you want to keep around at all times.

  2. Amazon customer

    How not to like Desitin? My baby’s cheeks are perfect thanks to this product. I use this one at night and when going out for extra protection. And I use the daily one on blue container for daytime when at home. I love both.

  3. saba

    the best diaper rash cream

  4. Nonna Murphy

    My grandson has very sensitive skin and this product is very soothing. So I always use this product every time I change his diaper. My daughter says it stays on his clothes. So what. You wash his clothes and it comes out, I tell her. He doesn’t cry any more when his diaper is changed. So until he is potty train, I’ll continue to use this product. I use this on my own children when they were babies. I highly recommend this product.

  5. Savanna K.

    Very expensive.. but it’s brand name. I would suggest going with target or Kroger/Walmart brand diaper rash cream. We prefer the ointment anyways! But this is very good for some bad diaper rashes. (:

  6. Siany Delina

    Es una crema excelente con buen olor y da protección

  7. NOLAwhodat

    I’m a mom x4 and swear by this cream! This cream is the best because it contains the highest amount of zinc oxide of all creams on the market. This ingredient is what clears up diaper rashes. I have tried many, many different creams before this and have not looked back after trying this one. Generously apply to the affected area and the rash should clear up after a few applications, depending on the severity of the rash. I highly recommend Desitin maximum strength!!! In fact, it’s one of my go to baby shower gifts for new moms!

  8. Jen

    I am in shock.. i was using triple paste on my face because i have a heat rash/ malassezia/ and regular acne.. whatever it is.. it has not been healing at all… the triple paste helped a bit.. but destin knocked it out the park!! On my first night i noticed just an over all noticeable difference.. more than i feel like i saw with triple paste after 5 days.Im so excited to keep using destin i really think that i found the real deal here.. the pimples are just getting smaller and smaller.. and everythings smoothing out.. im so thankful for this product?? It works!! And fastttt.

  9. Second time purchaser

    I’m not a big fan of Desitin for one reason…it’s almost impossible to wash off your hands after applying BUT that’s the purpose of the product; to be a moisture barrier so one just uses it only when necessary & probably should use vinyl gloves.

  10. Abdul Wahid Forozan

    Its working

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