EXTRA Classic Bubble Gum Sugar Free Chewing Gum, 15 Count (Pack of 10)

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About this item A Classic Bubble flavor that takes you back to childhood. Give Extra, get extra, because sometimes the little things last the longest. Sharing a piece of Extra gum helps you live life’s little moments. Sugar-free chewing gum that’s perfect to share with friends, family, or someone new. Package includes 10 individual packs.

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EXTRA Classic Bubble Gum is the world’s first & original flavor of bubble gum with a retro taste experience that you will remember. EXTRA Classic Bubble Gum is a fruity, tangy, citrus flavor that is as all-American as apple pie.

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Extra in Apple, Berry, Bubble Gum, Peppermint, Spearmint, Mint, Ice, Winterfresh, Watermelon


Extra: Classic Bubble – bubble gum flavored chewing gumClassic Bubble Flavor

The classic bubble gum flavor that takes you back to childhood. Twirl your imaginary ponytail and try not to get any gum in your braces. Give Extra, get extra.

Extra Sugar Free Gum

Give Extra, get extra. Extra knows that when you give a little more, you get more in return. That’s why there are more ways to share a moment in every pack of chewing gum. So give a piece to friends, family, or someone new. It may seem like something little, but sometimes the little things last the longest. Extra sugarfree chewing gum: celebrating life’s meaningful connections one piece at a time.

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Give EXTRA, get extra. Sharing special moments with others. Loving couple in snow.

Give EXTRA, get extra. Inside gum wrapper show drawing of 2 sharing Extra gum in class.

At work, busy or at play. Extra gum is great to share with coworkers, friends and loved ones

Give Extra, get extra

From first locking eyes across the room to holding hands at the matinee, our shared moments have a lifetime of impact. Funny how a simple stick of Extra gum can make them special.

Give something special to those who give the most

For the people who give the most in your life, be sure to give them a little something back: share a moment and a stick of Extra gum.

Give a little extra on the job

Busy day at the office? Take a moment or two to yourself with your favorite Extra chewing gum flavor. Your coworkers would probably love a piece too!

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Extra gum wrapper drawing of family sharing. Give EXTRA, get extra.

Extra gum wrapper drawing of family sharing. Give EXTRA, get extra.

Extra chewing gum, hard case packs. 35 sticks of gum.

Better together

Whether it’s a huge family get-together or Sunday night dinner, it’s the little moments you spend together that really make it special.

Be prepared with a pack of Extra

Heading outdoors? Pack a pack of Extra—or a few! Extra has lots of sweet flavors that you can enjoy no matter where your trail takes you.

More sticks. More moments

Extra Spearmint and Polar Ice flavors are also available in 35-stick, hard-case packs. With more sticks than two regular packs, there are now even more sweet moments to share.

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Try Extra in Apple, Berry, Bubble Gum, Peppermint, Spearmint, Mint, Ice, Winterfresh, Watermelon

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2.36 x 5.12 x 2.36 inches; 14.28 Ounces

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10 reviews for EXTRA Classic Bubble Gum Sugar Free Chewing Gum, 15 Count (Pack of 10)

  1. Early Cuyler

    Fresh, intact, good, good taste. Lasts a long time. Reasonable price.. Recommend

  2. Rebecca Krizan

    I like this gum it’s fresh, delivered right to the house, I chew this now instead of smoking.

  3. Backwater

    I order often since I quit tobacco and it is always fresh. It is easier to order $25 worth and nothing else. You will get it within 2 weeks and very fresh. I have not had any issues with gum that had been to hot and melted to foil yet. If you order only 4 they come in your mail. Will get them in a week. If nothing else is on same order with them.

  4. Anonymous

    I enjoy this flavor of gum. It is not too strong, but is sweet and flavorful. I keep coming back to buy more.

  5. L. Howard

    This is my favorite gum, and for some reason is now impossible to find in stores. Based on the star rating and “#1 best seller” rank here, it’s a lot of other people’s favorite too. Thank god Amazon carries it!!The flavor is perfect and long lasting, SO much better than Big Red, which I tried when I couldn’t find this and ended up throwing away. Yuck.I was a little nervous about getting so many packages, in regards to freshness and expiration date. I didn’t need to worry. This box is very fresh, with an expire date of December 2023. Order with confidence, and enjoy!

  6. Bobby J.

    Uh oh, gum is getting hard to find?! Well we found it here and it is great and we will keep buying it! Great deal on a gum that we can’t find locally!

  7. MaryRowland

    I have a monthly subscription to this delicious and mouth-watering gum. Extra watermelon is superior to all other gums for the following reasons… FLAVOR – it tastes fresh and satisfying LASTING – unlike the lame brands like Hubba Bubba and Trident, Extra flavors last!!! I need my gum to be fresh and this gum stays fresh for a long time FRESHNESS – you can tell if the gum is a bit stale and I have never gotten an order where it was (it only happens if I lose the pack in my backpack for months) All in all, I love this gum. I need to always be chewing something and this is the best thing to chew. Thank you Extra… thank you

  8. roberta coleman

    I have been chewing the watermelon Extra gum for years. It’s the best flavor! My 4 & 5 year old granddaughters love it too.

  9. blue

    The gum is very minty and sharp. It keeps my breath fresh.

  10. IrisMay

    This is a very tasty gum. I’ve tried other watermelon flavored gums, and this is the best.

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