Holikme Twin Door Draft Stopper Weather Stripping Window Breeze Blocker Adjustable Door Sweeps 34inch ,Black Home & Kitchen

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?Easy to install: 34 “adjustable size for most homes. Please measure the size of the door and then carefully purchase it and keep the door clean. ? Large-size sponge: not ordinary slender sponge, which will not move easily with the opening of the door.DO NOT open and close the doors within 24 hours after installed. ?Hook-and-loop fixation: Hook-and-loop fixation is used on the door to prevent the double protection from moving with the opening of the door ?Block light and windshield: can block the cold/hot wind/smoke outside, making the indoor more comfortable ? Can be recycled without damaging the door: detachable bag, can be repeatedly washed and used, can be machine washed. Please keep low temperature when drying

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The Holikme Twin Door Draft Stopper Weather Stripping Window Breeze Blocker Adjustable Door Sweeps 34inch are a top product for this purpose and come highly recommended in many cases. A draft stopper is a great way to stop that annoying draft from coming in under or around the door, and can be a real money saver. When it comes to finding the right door draft stopper for your home, there are many factors you need to take into account.

Product Description

Twin Door Draft Stopper

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1Holikme is committed to household products, Holikme products focus on quality, practicality.

The biggest hope of Holikme is to bring convenience and comfort to people’s life, and the biggest wish is to improve people’s happiness.

Have you met this kind of problems?

*1. air condition can’t keep your room cold or warm

*2. Always have dust on your surface.

*3.Your floor usually gets soaked after winding and raining

This is the reason we need these under door seals .

With this door seal, you can say goodbye to these situations. After installing on the door, it is very tight to keep warm and cold air out of the room, block out the smell, block out the light,to create a comfortable environment.

  • Packing list:
  • Quantity: 1 pack
  • Size: 1.6” W x 34” L
  • Suitable Door Gap: 0 to 1.5″
  • Tips:We are kindly suggested you to measure the door gap before buying. Since it may cause difficulty to push the door due to the inapporiate door gap. 0 to 1.5″ would be recommended.

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door draft stopper

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Installation steps:





1.Cut sponges,match the length of door

2.Put sponges into the cover

3.Close the cover by the HOOK&LOOP

4.Insert it in the bottom of the door seal

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1 123 black cloth 244 wide door draft stopper w s 1 Twin Door Draft Stopper Twin Door Draft Stopper Weighted Door Draft Stopper Replacement Cloth Cover Huge Gap Door Draft Stopper 66ft Weather Stripping Door Seal Color White Black Black Grey White Black Pack 2 Pack 2 Pack 1 Pack 1 Pack 1 Pack 1 Pack Size 1.9″ W X 32″ L 1.9″ W X 32″ L 4.5″ W X 36″ L ✓ 3-1/5″ W x 44″ L 1/2in W x 66Ft L

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13.46 x 6.81 x 5 inches

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8.1 ounces





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4.2 out of 5 stars

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10 reviews for Holikme Twin Door Draft Stopper Weather Stripping Window Breeze Blocker Adjustable Door Sweeps 34inch ,Black Home & Kitchen

  1. Monique Green

    My main goal was to keep out the critters from crawling underneath and to block out any visibility of movement. It does not cancel noise at all. I can hear shuffling, folks upstairs, etc. I didn’t know it was being advertised as a noise reducer, but good luck and keep searching if that is your goal. Installs easy, washable and it does keep them from crawling from underneath if the fit is right. When I wash it, zero critters and dust. It is washed on the monthly basis, but if you have tons of animals or where shoes in the house, then bi-weekly is suggested.

  2. María M. Vera

    Protege la entrada de agua por debajo de la puerta cuando llueve y tambien de sabandijas (insecto)

  3. Kelsey Thompson

    The most amazing invention ever! It stayed so hot in my house and window units going 24/7 because I have such an old house! Not anymore with this door draft stopper!! It’s 100% worth the money and more!

  4. Nobody

    I like this product, it’s not perfect but it doesn’t have to be, to me as long as it keeps the heat or cold from coming in through the bottom of the door then I’m happy!The fabric seems to shrink a little but the foam inserts are broken up into two per side making it easier to adjust.

  5. It’s yourboy Lajoie

    This cancels out the noise better than I thought. This is great and is prefect for draft, noise and prevents the door from slamming.

  6. Tara Vardaro

    These worked great… exactly as expected…you can even trim them easily

  7. James

    I had some remodeling done, including changing from carpeting to hardwood flooring, and the contractors put in a new door in my bedroom but failed to account for the change in flooring which resulted in a huge gap of around 3-inches under my door. This was extremely problematic because along with dust and dog fur, noise from the rest of the house was seeping in through this gap. It was also resulting in air from my AC and air purifier to escape the room. I tried a number of products to remedy this, including another draft door stopper that was a similar design but a different company but it was made of very cheap materials and made a whooshing sound every time I opened the door. I also tried thick weather stripping tape under the door, but again it made an annoying noise, and finally I had the contractor come back and address it and he installed a draft door stopper that was bolted to the door, but that rubbed up against the floor the floor at various points throughout the opening/closing of the door as even hard most hardwood floors, as surprising as this might not sound, are not 100% flat on the ground, making it bother difficult to shut the door and creating a noise that was getting to be intolerably annoying.With all of these attempts to fix the problem having failed miserably, as a last ditch effort, I read the great reviews for this draft door stopper and decided to give it a chance. Having already tried a draft door stopper of this general type, I was not overly-optimistic, but when it arrived I immediately noticed how thick and heavy it was and saw that it was made of quality materials (the polar opposite from the last stopper of this type that I had ordered and immediately sent back.. It has worked perfectly and has taken care of the problem on all fronts. It stays attached to the door, doesn’t make any noise when the door is opened and closed, looks great, is is easy to clean, it fills the entire gap and also blocks out noise from the rest of the house with its thick, almost bean-bag type filling. If I ever have this problem again, I’ll know what to buy, and will probably order a few more just for the peace of mind. You have just enough Velcro (and then some) to attach it to then bottom of your door and use the pin the side on the door to keep the Velcro in place so that it stays in place when you remove the stopper to clean it. Occasionally, the tape might come looses, but it easily goes right back on the door without losing any adhesive.I highly-recommend this product, and this is a 100% honest review, the company didn’t ask me to write this review, provide me with any gifts, financial or otherwise nothing lie that. This is my honest review, as all all of my reviews. About half of my reviews are negative. I mean 1-2 star thrashings where I don’t hold anything back. So, I have high standards. If a products matches or exceeds expectations, I’ll sing it’s praises, but if it fails to live up to what it promises, I’ll hold nothing back.

  8. Sindy Eldridge

    This is a cheap and easy way to boost the efficiency of your air conditioning, assuming you have both an air supply vent(cold/hot air comes out) and an air return vent(where air is pulled up through the filters that get replaced every 3months or so) in the same room.If you have a return vent outside your room, this is a bad idea and I recommend avoiding this product if you feel your room struggles to hit your desired temperature with your AC. If you care about maintaining ideal temps for your room, but want this for reducing noise, light or pests(and do not have a return vent in your room), I recommend you install an air passthrough vent in your wall or door if possible.Explanation for those who are interested:Conditioned air enters your room through a vent, and in order to maintain its highest efficiency and efficacy in cooling or heating that room, it has to continuously pass from the supply, through the room, back into the return vent to get reconditioned, passed out through the supply vent and continue that cycle until your reach your desired temp.For rooms that have a supply and return vent in their room, this product significantly boosts your AC’s efficiency by blocking the draft under your door. High efficiency means better, faster results in achieving and maintaining your desired temperature. It also saves you unnecessary energy costs, wear and tear on your AC’s compressor, need for maintenance and, most importantly, miserable nights spent being too cold or too hot.This is also a great addition for rooms with window AC’s! Its exactly the situation i’m referencing: Top vent blows out cold air, bottom vent with filter returns the air to be reconditioned.Anyways, this product is great. Cut it as close as you can to the true width of the door(maybe even 2mm wider), so as to completely seal the draft under the door. And try to seal any other drafts if possible! And obviously keep your filters clean. That all boosts your AC’s ability to give you your desired results.Have a good one.

  9. Cynthia Leary

    It keeps the draft out.

  10. Sarah Knorr

    Easy to install, depending on door size, there can be extra fabric that we had to rig to prevent it getting caught on door frame/threshold.

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