Master Lock Compact Door Stopper Folding Security Bar, Adjustable for Hinged and Sliding Doors, 270EC Everything Else

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Heavy duty, dual-function door security bar prevents forced entry on hinged, patio and sliding doors; Door stopper security bar is intended for indoor use Door security bar features innovative folding design for compact storage and portability Adjusts up to 43-1/2 in. (1.1 m) for hinged doors, and extends up to 39 in. (1 m.) for sliding doors; Flexible handle strap adjusts for secure and convenient storage Made with heavy duty 20-gauge steel for strength and security; Pivoting rubber grips ensure strong hold without scratching or damaging doors and floors No tools are required for installation, simply follow three steps for use on both hinged and sliding doors
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This is Master Lock’s new Compact Door Stopper. It’s a portable door stopper that can be used on hinged or sliding doors. This door stopper is adjustable and is supplied with two rods – one for hinged doors and another for sliding doors. The rod size can be changed to meet the needs of your door type, allowing you to enjoy all the features this product has to offer.

In this post I’ll describe the features offered by this compact door stopper, as well as its possible drawbacks, before providing a verdict at the end. It’s not easy to protect your home from burglars. Whether you live in a high-crime area or simply have an unwavering sense of paranoia that someone’s going to try and break into your house, you should make sure that your front door is as secure as possible.

From the manufacturer

Master Lock Compact Door Stopper Folding Security Bar

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Door Stopper Installation for Hinged Doors

door stoppers, door stopper, sliding door security bar, door security, door security bar, 270D

door stoppers, door stopper, sliding door security bar, door security, door security bar, 270D

door stoppers, door stopper, sliding door security bar, door security, door security bar, 270D

Step 1

Measure distance from center of doorknob to floor to identify knob height. Unfold door bar and position yoke under doorknob with “Master” logo facing outward.

Step 2

Remove pins to adjust length of door bar. For optimum security, adjust top and bottom sections evenly. Re-insert pins to secure. Position padded foot distanced from door based on knob height:

27-31 in. Knob Height; 8-9 in. Foot Distance from Door

31-35 in. Knob Height; 9-10 in. Foot Distance from Door

35-39 in. Knob Height; 11-12 in. Foot Distance from Door

39-43 in. Knob Height; 13-14 in. Foot Distance from Door

Step 3

With rubber pad flat on floor, lightly tap the front of the foot to tension the door bar. With the door unlocked, pull to ensure the door bar is securely in place.

Do not place on loose rugs or floor mats.

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Door Stopper Installation for Sliding Doors

door stoppers, door stopper, sliding door security bar, door security, door security bar, 270D

door stoppers, door stopper, sliding door security bar, door security, door security bar, 270D

door stoppers, door stopper, sliding door security bar, door security, door security bar, 270D

Step 1

Remove yoke and foot by releasing pins from top and bottom of door bar. Unfold door bar and place in center of door track.

Step 2

Remove pins to adjust length of door security bar. For optimum security, adjust top and bottom sections evenly. Re-insert pins to secure.

Step 3

With the door unlocked, pull to ensure the door bar is securely in place.

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door stoppers, door stopper, sliding door security bar, door security, door security bar, 270D

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‎Master Lock

Part Number


Item Weight

‎2 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎5 x 2 x 16 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number



‎Adjusts up to 43-1/2 in. (1.1 m) for hinged doors




‎Folding Security Bar


‎Alloy Steel

Item Package Quantity


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Mounting Type

‎Door Mount

Included Components

‎Compact Door Security Bar

Batteries Required?


Warranty Description

‎Limited Lifetime Warranty



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4.6 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank

#88 in Tools & Home Improvement (See Top 100 in Tools & Home Improvement) #1 in Screen Door Hardware #1 in Door Stops

Date First Available

April 16, 2022

10 reviews for Master Lock Compact Door Stopper Folding Security Bar, Adjustable for Hinged and Sliding Doors, 270EC Everything Else

  1. Kylie

    I loved this product. Perfect for someone who’s living alone looking for more security. Very easy to use and move up and down to fit any door!!

  2. Josh G.

    So I purchased this product a few months ago after moving into my first apartment with my girlfriend for extra protection. I was a bit hesitant at first after reading some reviews on similar products but that all changed once I made the purchase! Once I recieved the product, I decided to test it out to see if it can actually do what it’s made for. And it did! I tried pushing the door in with the bar on it and it was very strong. I could not get in. I was very impressed with how sturdy it was. And it’s very easy to adjust depending on how tall you need it to be. Although, you made need some thumb strength to push the button adjust in. But overall it’s a wonderful little product that I will be having for a long time. Hopefully It doesn’t actually get used but better safe than sorry!

  3. Shopper

    This product is so easy to use & it really stays in place when someone tries to force the door open. I feel much more secure in my apartment with this in place.

  4. Steve

    One of the many reviews show the pin will fall out if hit too hard from someone pushing back and forth.To solve this, I simply drilled a small hole and added a cotter pin (50 cents) at Home Depot I used a 3/16 pin and drilled the hole. I took about 45 seconds to add.With this pin, it added a lot more security to the product.Now no matter how hard you push the pin stays in.Overall great product, but it needs the flaw fixed. I liked the product, so I just spent an extra buck or two to fix the flaw.

  5. Mk

    I I think it’s a great product for a early person over 50 or a disabled person. Or just someone to live alone. Or just for safety measure.

  6. Tanya

    I have a sliding glass door that would easily come off the tracks. I put this in the back door and it holds the door shut tightly so it doesn’t budge even with a lot of force. My window would have to be broken to get in. I feel much safer at our house now.

  7. WayneChicago

    I bought one, and then I liked it so much, I bought five more. No kidding! I sometimes used a chair under the door handle, but it was an annoyance to stand up at the kitchen table and lean down and eat cereal and bloobs. I’d spill milk all over myself even when I used the giant wooden spoon from my kitchen “pots and pans” drum kit. I wanted something I could prop under the door so that I could have my chair back next to my cereal bowl, where it belongs. So, I bought this.It sticks right under the door knob. I set it at a fairly steep angle…I tested it with the Missus, and if the angle is too obtuse, it just slides out of the way along the floor and the perpetrator comes in and grabs you and throws you around the room like a rag doll. That’s what my wife did to me, anyhow. She always takes things too far. We were just testing the door bar; it was completely unnecessary to act like a criminal and beat me to a pulp in my own mud room.Anyhow, back to the door bar. If you put it at a steep angle, it sort of jabs into the floor, if you get my drift, and unless she kicks the door handle clean off, she’s not getting in. I did that during our second test and my wife couldn’t get in that time even when she hauled back and charged the door like a Brahma bull. I wouldn’t let her in this time; I figured she deserved to stand out in the rain for a bit and cool off. Eventually, she hollered enough that the neighbors turned on their porch light to see who was screaming; she has this blood-curdling scream like a person that just got their hand crushed in a car door. She ought to be in horror movies, I tell you. So, I reluctantly took the bar off before the neighbors called the cops, and I ran into the bathroom and locked myself in. I heard her lumber into the house and complain under her breath out in the kitchen while drinking milk straight from the carton like I had asked her nicely not to a gazillion times. I just sat still on the commode holding a toilet brush in case she busted the bathroom door down. I think the only reason she didn’t bust it down is that she’s the only one in our house that’s handy with a hammer, and she knew that she’d have to don the denim overalls and put a new door on. I honestly couldn’t care less if there’s a door on our guest bathroom. It’s all her friends from her monthly book & wine club that use this throne anyhow; I take my dookies exclusively on the basement hod.You’ll be pleased to know, she calmed down when she got a phone call from an old flame, and I snuck out and jumped in my Ford and drove to a motel for the night. I wish I had this door bar because I heard a lot of creepy people outside my room in the parking lot kicking beer bottles around and yelling at one another. It was a sketchy place, and I knew it was low class when I couldn’t even find a Bible in the nightstand. But, for thirty nine clams a night, it beats the back seat of my Ford. Man, I wish I had a door bar, though. You know how it is, you just lay there pretending you’re asleep but your ears are all perked up to any little noise; you try to make out what they’re saying outside to see if they’re talking about you or your room number.My mind was turning over like an old Subaru, and I imagined the group of hoods thinking I was someone else–one of those mistaken identity deals–and they’d bash the door in and then whip me with my own leather belt while I’m fetal on the bed. They’d keep on asking, “Okay, where is he? Where’s Joe Thumbs?!” and I’d keep hollering, “I have no idea what the hell you’re talking about”, and they’d just whip me harder and harder each time I said it. Then I’d hear the only woman in the group say to the guy whipping me, “Buckle. Use the buckle.”Since I left my door bars at home, I just covered my head with the blanket and acted like a frightened six-year-old. I might have slept for a half hour, if that, and even then it was only because I took three consecutive shots of NyQuil that someone left behind in my motel room medicine cabinet.Okay, let’s get off my primal fears and back to this little Hercules bar. I also have a slider door, but mine has the track on the outside; if I used a bar on my track, the thief would just take it off the track outside, if you get my drift, and come in and beat me silly with my own door jam bar. But, being the cunning fox that I am, I put this on the inside, slanted, with one end under the handle, and the other against the inner opposite sash. It’s hard to envision, but let’s just say Mr. Burglar can see this through the glass, but cannot take it off. He knows that if he tries to come in, this bar is on MY side of the glass, and I might just pop out, grab it, and throttle him around the head and neck with it. No self respecting cat burglar wants that to happen.This is one of those devices that you have to be home to use. It works from the inside. If someone tries to come in suddenly, this will stop the door on their face. They’ll likely get a broken nose from running into the door. I’ll hear their wailing, and have time to grab a weapon–a clothes iron, a guitar, something!–and quietly sneak up inside the door and bonk them if they try again to come through.I learned also–from an old episode of Starsky and Hutch, if you really must know–to turn off the inside lights . If you forget that, then the guy sees your sock shadows under the door and will just shoot you through the door. He’ll be so angry with that bloody broken nose from slamming into your door that didn’t open like he thought it would, you definitely don’t want him to see your socks! If you do leave the light on by mistake and realize it when you’re already standing inside the door, don’t have a cow; just quickly slide your socks out and widen your legs like you’re doing the splits so your feet are near the door jams. He might not see your socks that way, and if he already did, you’re a goner anyhow.So, ya. Buy one of these for each of your doorknobs. Stick them under there. Your friends will think that you’re a paranoid schizophrenic, but at least you’re a safe paranoid schizophrenic, tell them. And when you want to go to the grocery store or to the magazine stand around the corner, make sure each door has one of these jammed up under the knob, then just get on your belly and slither out one of those rectangular basement windows. No one, I mean no one, is getting into your house while you’re gone (unless they slither in through the unlocked basement window, but most thieves are too chubby and too dumb to think of it. Unless they see you going out that way–then you’re toast).

  8. Brian

    We tested it out and my family we love it we love how we feel safe and that no one can break in

  9. Tina

    I saw the video of one of the reviewers that showed it was easily knocked down. I was a little worried but decided to give it a try. It is wonderful. I think it is all about how you install it. If you don’t stick it the right way, then yes, it could be knocked off. But if you do, it will do its job.

  10. southenduser

    I purchased this on a whim after seeing it on sale. It stands about 3ft tall and is pretty obvious on how it can be used. I have been using it on my front door at night before I go to bed for some safety and peace of mind. I will probably buy one more for a garage door that faces the road. I do wish there was a way for me to use this on *all* the doors but then I would never be able to get back in the house. It felt a bit more expensive than I would have liked but the materials are strong and solid.

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