Quest Nutrition Tortilla Style Protein Chips, Chili Lime, Baked, 1.1 Oz, 12 Count Grocery & Gourmet Food

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About this item ENJOY MORE. CARB LESS: The Quest Chili Lime Tortilla Style Protein Chips provide all the crunch and satisfying taste of a regular tortilla chip. Only ours have 20g of protein and 3g net carbs per bag CRUNCH INTO COMPLETE PROTEINS: The Quest Chili LimeTortilla Style Protein Chips are made with complete, dairy-based proteins to provide your body with 9 essential amino acids SALTY, SAVORY, CRUNCHY: Quest Chili Lime Tortilla Style Protein Chips are seasoned to perfection and contain no added soy ingredients BAKED, NEVER FRIED: Quest Chili Lime Tortilla Style Protein Chips are baked to provide you with the satisfying crunch you crave without adding oils to your chips CHIPS THAT TRAVEL WITH YOU: Take Quest Chili Lime Tortilla Style Protein Chips with you in your backpack, purse, car console, gym bag or wherever your adventures take you

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Quest Nutrition Tortilla is made from all-natural ingredients that are GMO-free, sweetened with monk fruit and stevia, and wheat flour free. Additionally, it’s high in fiber and has a low glycemic index so you won’t get the nasty late-night stomachache after eating this tortilla.

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Why Quest?

Quest Tortilla Style Protein Chips are crunchy, savory snacks that provide your body with the ingredients it needs to get through your daily salty cravings.

Quality of Ingredients

Every Quest product is rich in complete, dairy-based proteins to provide your body with the 9 amino acids it needs.

Crunchy Cravings

Available in four satisfyingly savory flavors, Nacho Cheese, Ranch, Chili Lime and Loaded Taco.

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Keto Friendly

Quest Protein Cookies and Quest Thin Crust Pizzas are delicious additions you can enjoy while maintaining a keto lifestyle.


Fan Favorite

Find out which products and flavors are the most celebrated by die-hard Quest fans.


Shakes & Sips

Quest Protein Powders let you shake, bake and make your favorite protein creations.


Savory Cravings

Sometimes sweet doesn’t cut it. Thankfully we have Quest Protein Chips, Tortilla Style Protein Chips and Thin Crust Pizzas to feed your savory cravings.


Keto Friendly


Fan Favorite


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Savory Cravings

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15.25 x 7.5 x 6.5 inches; 13.2 Ounces

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October 1, 2019

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10 reviews for Quest Nutrition Tortilla Style Protein Chips, Chili Lime, Baked, 1.1 Oz, 12 Count Grocery & Gourmet Food

  1. Deena S.

    I really like these! I get the crunch without all the carbs. Great flavors and no aftertaste. My fave is the chili lime. The Hilo chips have more of a tortilla chip texture, but less flavor.

  2. Bre Thompson

    First, I just wanna say this is my second time ordering these chips (taco flavor). I love them! If you are trying to find a healthier alternative to regular unhealthy chips – then this is it! And it’s as good as it’s gonna get, chip-wise!Pros:1. Easy to grab for a small snack! Im not a big eater. I have to force myself to eat SOMETHING throughout the day, for sake of calorie maintenance & reaching certain macros per day. That being said, I want to focus of “Low carb – High protein” with some healthy fats! Kinda like “Clean Keto” but I focus more on protein than I do fats. Cuz I want my body to consume its own fat it has stored already! These chips are perfect. Quick & easy!2. If you hate pork rinds, and miss being able to eat nachos… this is your new best friend for low carb nachos with protein! Guilt-Free nachos, yummy!3. My husband who normally HATES all my “healthy stuff,” – and is very VERY picky – actually likes these chips! I was turned off by the price of these, and was gonna resort to only getting them maybe once a month, as a treat… But I had to order them twice this month cuz he wants me to share! LOL! That speaks volumes to me!4. So far these are the best chip alternative I have found. Cuz they are, well, chips LOL! Just made in a way to make them healthier. Are the the EXACT same as the original unhealthy chips we are normally used to? No! There is a slight difference, that’s difficult to explain… When you bite/chew them, you can tell it’s a healthier chip. You can feel that they are made in a different manner, via ingredients & being baked… Versus other “bad” chips that are high in carbs & fried… HOWEVER! once you shrug off that tiny difference and make peace with the fact that this is as good as it’s gonna get & does a good job at being “Close Enough”… This is not about you stuffing your face, it’s about being healthier & doing better… Then all is fine! They are good! Again, the best I have found so far. I wanted to cry, I was so happy to have found CHIPS that were finally okay for me to eat, and actually tasted good!Cons:1. You do not get very many in a single bag! It will take two of these bags, for example, to make a little bowl of nachos for dinner. And by dinner, I mean, I go ahead and say “This is my meal, not just a snack, since I had to use two bags to make this!”2. The price is way too high! I could understand them being SLIGHTLY more than regular unhealthy chips, price-wise… But only by a LITTLE BIT! When you break down the price, per bag – and take into account how many chips are in each bag – you are paying double if not almost triple the amount of money for these chips, compared to the unhealthier versions! Taking advantage of people who wanna make better eating habits/choices, is not cool! This is why so many are afraid they cant afford to buy healthier food options. Please do better & lower the price some! Times are tough, money is tight, but people still gotta eat! And we should have to go broke for the sake of trying to eat right/better!That’s it! Not many cons. Just that you dont get much in each bag, making the price of these chips stupidly high! But I still like them! They are good!

  3. Vapechic

    I started a keto diet 3 months ago and was getting bored of the dried cheese chips. Well these fit the bill. I do not eat them every day but I do eat them when I want something “bad”. They have not kicked me out of ketosis as I always check when I try something new to see what keeps me in ketosis and what does not. Well, these chips do and I love them. So far I have tried 3 flavors and the nacho is my favorite.

  4. Customer

    Tasty little low carb chips!!! Keto-friendly and does not leave a bad taste in your mouth or kick you out of ketosis.

  5. Heather1061

    No, they are not the same texture. But they are good!!! I mean you are not eating Doritos for a reason!!!! and you will have to compromise but these taste good! They hold up to salsa and are really tasty by themselves. Your breath will be horrid ( same as Doritos!). I would 200% try these. Tons of protein and easy way to “dirty keto”. Biy them if you like chips and tired of being fat

  6. Just A Guy

    I am a crunch lover. One of the hardest things on Keto was getting off chips of all sorts. These help me satisfy that crunch need. This is my favorite flavor. It’s getting pricey now though.

  7. Kimberly O Cartano

    The perfect portion snack to help me on my weight loss journey. Packed with protein and flavor it has been a game changer when I want a crunchy treat, but do not want all the fat in normal chips. LOVE THESE!

  8. Ndr

    We are transitioning to low carb to lose weight and ordered these and other low carb snacks from Amazon.These are amazingly good- Salty (yeah) and tasty . We served them to company last week and no one knew the difference.

  9. carol notine

    These are not economical but I keep buying them because since I don’t eat meat I’m always looking for a protein source that doesn’t have a zillion calories.I think if you have children they will happily eat these as well.Generally I find QUEST products to be worth the price and something that I enjoy eating.Definitely recommend these!!

  10. kj

    I bought these with very low expectations as most low carb chips are nasty. I was pleasantly surprised as these taste great and give me the crunch I crave. Yay!!!

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