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Bring flexibility, convenience, and peace of mind to your home with Chime Pro, a three-in-one solution that includes a wifi extender for your Ring cameras and doorbells, a nightlight, and a chime box to hear notifications for your Ring cameras and doorbells. Extend your wifi signal up to 2000 sq. ft to boost the network for all your Ring doorbells and cameras. Hear real-time notifications when your connected cameras and doorbells detect motion, or when someone rings your doorbell. Easily set up by plugging into a standard outlet and connecting via wifi. Includes a built-in nightlight that automatically turns on for added peace of mind. Choose from a variety of chime tones, adjust the volume to your ideal setting, and temporarily snooze alerts all from the Ring app. Connectivity: 802.11 b/g/n wifi connection 2.4 or 5.0 GHz.

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Ring Chime Pro is a simple, but confusing tool that will help you create beautiful songs and melodies. The interface takes a little while to understand, but once you figure it out, the app is easy to navigate. Ring Chime Pro is a complex tool that will help you create beautiful songs and melodies. The interface takes some time and effort to understand, but once you do, the app is very easy to navigate.

Ease of Use:
Ring Chime Pro is easy to use if you have experience with music. The app gives you a blank canvas and 5 different instruments. You can choose from guitar, piano, saxophone, drums, or flute. It displays the notes being played when you click on the instrument and allows you to play multiple instruments at once. The sound quality of the instruments option is good, though it can get a little choppy with multiple sounds playing in unison. Another downfall is that this app doesn’t give you very many instruments to choose from, which makes composing music more difficult.

User Interface:
Ring Chime Pro has a simple, but confusing interface. When you start the app, it displays a blank white screen with purple text saying “Filtered noise”, and a purple button labeled “Seed”. It took me a few minutes to understand what this meant, but eventually I realized that the white screen was just for show. My music is created by clicking the purple button “Seed”, which will give you a sample of noise. You can then either click “Go crazy!” and add instruments to the seed or you can choose from one of their many pre-made songs and melodies that they have already seeded with music.

Cool Features:
The app is very versatile. It allows you to add as many instruments as you want, and it even allows you to have different instruments at different octaves. The sound quality of the instruments is also pretty good. My favorite feature of the app is the “Composition Mode”. It allows you to add as many instruments as you want and creates melodies or even entire songs.

10 reviews for Ring Chime Pro

  1. Hagfan

    So far doing what I need it to do. I needed a boost for a camera that is furthest from router.

  2. Rahel

    This did not disappoint. It works completely fine and the setup wasn’t too difficult. The chime and the doorbell do not play audio at the same time which pesters me a bit but it’s amazing.

  3. F. Mix

    Chime Pro is easy to setup and gives me an old fashioned door bell ring for my non-tech pet sitter. The night light is a neat bonus. A bit pricey but the ease of use and quality makes the cost okay

  4. Lakshya

    My doorbell 4 is further away from the router so this Chime works as a great wifi extender. I connect my Chime Pro to my Wifi and then connect my doorbell 4 to my Chime Pro. I turn the volume on my doorbell 4 chime all the way down and my chime pro chime all the way up. That way when someone rings my doorbell 4, I hear the ring from my chime pro. I don’t like the default doorbell 4 chime so the chime pro offers a lot of different chime options.The only thing I don’t like is that reconnecting doorbell 4 to chime pro can be finicky at times when I’m replacing the battery on the doorbell 4.

  5. Alan Andersen

    I first bought a Ring doorbell cam 4 and hard wire installed it. RSSI signal strength was around -65 which was ok but not good. Because RSSI is a negative number, the lower number the better. For example, the best RSSI is -59 to -1. I then bought the Ring Chime Pro and installed it in a wall outlet between the router and the doorbell. The app said, no good, find a different location. I tried three more locations, including a wall outlet inside the house located only about 8 feet from the outside doorbell. Signal strength still not good. Finally, I used an extension cord and located the Ring Chime pro on top of a dresser that is literally one foot from the doorbell, with only the house’s outer wall between the doorbell cam and the Ring Chime Pro. At first, still no good! I felt defeated. But wait, there is more! I checked on it a couple of hours later and all of a sudden, the RSSI was great, it was -44.My conclusion is that do not be thrown off by an initial bad reading. Apparently it takes awhile either to establish the good connection and/or the Ring cam device only updates the signal strength report every so often. So now I conclude that it is possible that some of the other locations I tried may also work. To adequately test each location, I believe you need to install it and let it sit there for awhile. In the Ring app, go to the Ring doorbell cam settings, click on “Device Health” to see the current RSSI value, but also scroll down and to see the date and time of the last “Device Health Check.” If that time is a couple of hours ago, do something to the doorbell cam to trigger it, like ring the doorbell, and then check device health again. I did this and the RSSI value changed for the better.It has now been over a week, and I am consistently getting an RSSI from the router to the Ring Chime Pro, and from the Ring Chime Pro to the Ring cam, of about RSSI-45, which is great.Other things: As other reviewers have noted, you truly can easily turn off the nightlight, the chime alerts, and even the little blue status light. In other words, you can easily make the Ring Chime Pro a completely dark and silent device whose only purpose is the signal strength boost. This is all I wanted because my doorbell cam is hard wired to my mechanical doorbell chimes and I don’t need any part of it except the signal boost.Thus I give five starts to the Ring Chime Pro. I have not yet reviewed the Ring doorbell cam itself, but my comment on that is that if you have a brick house, like mine, and your doorbell is in a corner far away from your router, you will probably need to also pay $49 for the Ring Chime Pro, unless you already have a system of mesh wifi boosters.Also, the Ring Chime Pro is super easy to install. Assuming you have already installed the Ring app on your phone, you just plug the Ring Chime Pro into a wall outlet. Then you do have to wait a few minutes while the app sends a firmware update to the device. After that, the app will start giving you prompts that the location is no good. But if you feel the location is pretty good, I would wait, as described above, and see if the signal strength improves over time.

  6. Jayne Souza

    Bought RING , thought a great product thinking it would be easy to install. Wrong! It was a real trial to get it up. Had to install a new electrical outlet. Mounting not too difficult. Programming, a real lesson in frustration and aggravation. Had to order a Chime Pro for connection to Wi-Fi issues. You’ll need at least two (2) people to set it up. It was a real pain in the…. Great coverage and good view. Would I order this again…probably look for something simpler. It was very expense overall.

  7. TC

    I have been using ring products for a few years now. Essentially 6 indoor cams and a ring elite door bell. All the cameras monitor the interior of my home only and are on a 5G network. I found that only my doorbell had an issue connecting to my router which was kind of site. Sure I can get an ultra strong WiFi signal down at my mailbox, but ring secretly has their hands on my doorbell and won’t let it connect without dropping out. But most will say it’s the concrete wall it’s attached too. I say wrong as I tested a WiFi cam mounted next to it and it worked perfect. So yeah, something stinks there. I believe, and I have said it before, the WiFi transmitter/receivers in some ring devices are horrible, and that’s all I’ll say about that.I had the old chime pro, yep it had its issues after awhile and that’s why I bought this one. Not only did this one jump on the network without an issue, it’s so much better than the old one. Now, I’m sure it was made on a Wednesday, since I have heard some peeps have issues with them, but the signal strength is way better than it’s predecessor. I’ll bet there is different processors in them as I’m sure parts change without telling us, then we do firmware updates and tons of peeps chime pros fail while others work perfect. Again, outdated gear can’t handle some updates and fail. I guess I’m fortunate that the one I got works great. Trust me, a power outage has caused some ring cameras to stop working for weeks, then they just start up again. Thankfully I rely on my NVR and POE cams for everything else. I just don’t trust WiFi cams without a super strong mesh network and radios that will bounce a signal with zero failure. Ring isn’t at that level and maybe someday they will be, but for now, it’s an easy fix.

  8. Grams

    My ring doorbell kept going out because of my crappy internet provider. I read that this might help. I set it up myself with little effort following directions and the ring doorbell has worked fine since even though apps on the tv were out the doorbell still worked. I installed it in the hall close to the door

  9. Stephen W.

    Got the Ring doorbell. Realized that it’s useful, but really needs the chime, so you know immediately when someone’s there. Chime setup was easy and works fine.

  10. cmhteach

    The Chime Pro was the perfect addition to the Ring doorbell I gifted my elderly mother. I placed the Chime Pro centrally in her home so she can hear it from bedrooms to den/TV area. I love that we can have a simple sound when motion is detected on the porch (i.e. mailman), then a louder, multiple-tone ring when the doorbell is activated. This was a perfect combination for her convenience and safety!

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