Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus

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1080p HD security camera with motion-activated LED floodlights, 105dB security siren, Two-Way Talk, and customizable motion zones. Get motion-activated notifications on your phone, tablet or PC and check in at home anytime with Live View all in the Ring app. Customize motion zones in the Ring app to fine-tune which areas you want to focus on. Eliminate blindspots or dark areas with built-in Color Night Vision and two LED floodlights. Easily hardwire to the outside of your home and connect to wifi for around-the-clock power and peace of mind. With a Ring Protect Plan (subscription sold separately), record all your videos, review what you missed for up to 180 days, and share videos and photos. For added peace of mind, pair with Alexa to help you keep an eye on your home.

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Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus

Ring Floodlight Cam by Amazon | HD Security Camera with Built-in Floodlights, Two-Way Talk and Siren Alarm | With 30-day free trial of Ring Protect Plan
Ring Floodlight Cam by Amazon | HD Security Camera with Built-in Floodlights, Two-Way Talk, and Siren Alarm | With the 30-day free trial of Ring Protect Plan


  • Works with select Alexa devices to launch real-time video with your voice.
  • Lets you see, hear and speak to visitors from your phone, tablet and PC.
  • You’ll get a notification as soon as movement is detected.
  • Requires hardwired installation to mains electricity.
  • Monitors your home in 1080p HD video with infrared night vision and Live View, real-time video.
  • Includes built-in ultra-bright floodlights and a siren.
  • Includes Theft Protection: if your camera gets stolen, we will replace it for free.
  • Standard features such as instant notifications, live view and two-way talk are available out of the box and for free on all Ring devices. Add a Ring Protect Plan (subscription sold separately) to record, review and share the moment you missed (30-day free trial included in your purchase).

10 reviews for Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus

  1. John Thomas Smith

    According to the PDF that I downloaded, motion detection is designed to detect a PERSON sized object at up to 30 feetEven set to the MINIMUM sensitivity my Ring camera/floodlight was sending a notice to my Alexa Show every time a car drove by on the street in front of my houseThe solution is not well described in the PDFGo to the Ring app on your cellphoneTap the GEAR icon at the upper right of the picture of the camera you want to adjustSwipe UP and tap Motion SettingsTap to Edit Motion Zones (I only use the DEFAULT ZONE)You will see the entire area the camera sees, and the detection area highlighted in blueUse your fingertip to pull the DOTS on the edges of the detection area to change the shapeI pulled the top dots down so the detection zone did not include the streetProblem solved… no more notices when a car drives by my house

  2. VR

    The setup is very easy, it took us an hour to mounted the camera outside of the garage. The quality of the video is very good during the day and night because the night vision has the light.We had to get the wifi extender to get a better wifi reception because the signal was weak by the garage. It connected to my Ring account easily, I just needed to upgrade my Ring subscription plan to keep the recording on all devices.

  3. SuzyQuzy

    Relying on wifi is not what it’s cracked up to be. First of all, if I could go back I would not have started with Ring. It’s not worth the hassle of waiting 30 min to an hour for tech support when you’ve been on with them for days for the same issue! Over and over. They will warranty the item, but you have to pay for installation again! This camera does what it’s supposed to for the most part. I’ve had to reset all of them a few times which took a couple of hours. Update: I had to go out of town for two days and leave my dog behind at the house with a pet sitter coming in. I was able to watch him in between her visits. I could talk to her through the cameras while she was there. The cameras did their job. It was a much source of comfort for me. I have 2 cameras outside and two inside. One upstairs with the cats and one downstairs with the dog. One at the front of the house and one on the side. A chime notifies me of motion on outdoor cameras. I know when someone is coming down my driveway. The camera sees it and it rings the chime. The dogs have learned that when the chime goes off, someone is coming! It’s actually pretty cool. I just wish when there was a problem that it was easier to get a hold of customer support. It’s a major downside. I still haven’t had the new doorbell installed yet. It was only in for 3 months and it needed replacing. I have to pay another visit from the electrician which wasn’t in the budget! I still don’t know if I’d buy Ring again. I’d def look into other options first.

  4. Nikhil

    Bought this one to help at DIY home security with Ring security.This was super easy to install (used an extension accessory to install on wall which didnt have the existing base plate)Works perfectly with the Ring doorbell and gives a nice clean view of the entire street – day or night.We can setup motion zones so that any activity can have alarms.Perfect for our home. Looking forward to purchase other items with Ring to compete the home security system.

  5. Lynn Russell

    This needed to be installed for me. The light it replaced was solar and I wanted this hardwired. I am very happy with the results so far. The clarity of the images, both day and night, is excellent. The app on my phone is super easy to use, too. Also, it has the exact same controls as my two Ring doorbells (front door and back door), which I purchased at the same time. Having all the same controls is so much easier for me than trying to remember different directions for controlling each one. I already had two Ring doorbells, but they were older. When I got a newer one, I would move the older one to the back door. So I always had two different models up until now. I am really happy with the ease of use and the results I have now.

  6. Amazon Customer

    It was perfect. Installation was easy. Ground, black, white. Had a universal mounting system that looks like it would fit any old box. Never loses internet connection and it is about 2 rooms away from router in the family room.

  7. Liza Tsahiridis

    So I have to tell you I have bought this item more than once in fact quite a few times. For this particular I bought it for my daughter’s new house and I wanted to make sure that they were safe. I also got the ring for the front door and I’m telling you it is something that I favor A lot. If you’re looking for a good product for a pretty decent price that will do everything you need this is it and I love that they have it in white or black. I prefer to have it with the video and the lights and I prefer to have it put in through electrical but if you have to plug it in that can work also in one of these products. This is something I really love and I hope you love it too.

  8. Randall Ring

    RING Flood Cam Wire Plus reviewMy order arrived sooner than scheduled. The support from RING has been excellent and they answer the phone 24/7.I chose the wired unit for reliability and a white one because of our Phoenix Arizona hot sun.I installed it vertically on the outside wall of my garage, about 8 feet from the floor of the driveway, facing my 2-car driveway and street. I ran a 3-wire round power cord from an AC outlet in the ceiling of the garage – about 15 feet to the wall. Measuring the location of where the unit is to be mounted is VERY important. I carefully calculated where the hole would be drilled through the exterior wall and stucco to the inside of the garage wall. I bought a 12” x 3/8” concrete drill bit and plastic 4” round box.The hole through the wall had to be reamed out a little for the power cord to easily get through the hole, a 7/16” or ½” bit would have been better. After drilling the hole through about 13” of stucco and wood for the extension cord, I cut the plug off and poked it through to the outside. I mounted the 4” plastic round box with long screws, stripped the cord and 3 wires and wired it up per instructions.The next morning, I discovered one of two tabs broke off on the plastic 4” round box and the unit was hanging with only the wire and the bottom tab. DO NOT USE A PLASTIC 4” Round Box. I bought a metal 4” round box and rewired and remounted the unit onto the wall. Be sure to use proper screws for mounting the 4” Round Box to the wall or surface.The unit is very heavy and there are only 2 tabs on the round box to attached it to whatever surface its being mounted on. The metal 4” Round Box with ½” threaded outlets comes with the screw plugs for the holes that will not be used.The panhead screws that came in the unit for mounting the metal bracket to the round box were too high and did not allow the unit to seal completely with the foam rubber gasket against the 4” round box. I used two Truss-head screws. Again, the unit is heavy, so be very careful when handling and mounting it.I sealed the 4” round box to the stucco wall with liquid nail to prevent rain from getting into the power cord and into the back of the unit. I painted round box and touched up the stucco.Now the functions and performance… I’m disappointed in the resolution of the image when zoomed in to enlarge the image of a person. The camera apparently does not have lenses, so the depth of field is very small. The feature to physically select the motion detect area is nice. The app is a little confusing to use but after playing with it, it’s works fine. The on-off selectable motion alarm is interesting. It has a recorded female voice that says “Hi, you are currently being recorded” when the motion detect is triggered.Overall, this unit is well worth the price and the time to install it. It has provided a nice level of comfort for added outside home security and links with my RING doorbell. I will know more about its environmental quality after a couple summers and rainy seasons. I subscribed to the Plus option for $100/year with video recording of all devices at home. I get shared neighborhood alerts on security issues that RING products detect which is nice to know what is happening around our area.Customer Feedback to RING: I suggest you revise your installation video to state to only use a Metal 4” Round Box and replace the panhead screws with a flatter head screw. Also, the resolution with a zoomed in image is very important for visual identification. Please improve this in future revisions of this product. I would pay extra for improved resolution.

  9. Tara J Winter

    This is our first and only ring product and we are very happy with the purchase. Our driveway to our home is not easily visible, this camera and alert system has solved that issue! The camera system has excellent quality. The system was easy to install that replaced an outdoor light fixture.

  10. Janet Elder

    After three houses on our street were broken into, I decided to invest in a home security system and lighting around the perimeter of our house. I did a lot of research over a few days and read countless reviews in order to find the perfect options for my household. I was going to go back to ADT but they were booked up and couldn’t come around for a “quote” for three weeks, so I opted to try the Ring Floodlight with camera. Because we live on the end of the street next to the Bayou (maybe 25ft. from our house) that opens up into the lake, it is really dark and we are secluded from everyone and everything, which is perfect for criminals. At night, it’s pitch black outside and you can’t even see your hand In front of your face much less anything else. The Ring floodlight has eliminated the darkness. I’ve been using it for about a month now and my family loves it !! When it detects motion, it automatically turns the lights on at night on and starts recording. During the daytime, it just records so you don’t waste the light. I love that when I hear the unique chimes that I can check what’s going on at my house while I’m at work. We feel so much safer and I notice less traffic coming down our street since we’ve ordered them. I thought it would be a hassle to set up since I knew I’d be the one to do it but it was as easy as I was informed it would be. I am thrilled with this purchase and can’t wait to order more items from Ring to complete our home security safety!! By the way, a few nights ago I was coming in the house after getting off work and it instantly started recording since it sensed my presence. I looked around before getting out of my car and didn’t see a thing. Watching the video clip the next day at work, it showed a deer in the background. That’s how good the lighting, night vision is. I hope my review has helped you!

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