Ritche Genuine 18mm Black Leather Watch Bands Top Grain Classic Vintage Quick Release Leather Watch Strap |

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Ritche Genuine 18mm Black Leather Watch Bands Top Grain Classic Vintage Quick Release Leather Watch Strap | Genuine 18mm Black Leather Watch Bands Top Grain Classic Vintage Quick Release Leather Watch Strap |

Black Leather Watch Bands

Ritche Premium watch band classic


  1. In 2015, Victor and Sabrina invested their meager life savings and launched their dream vision of the Ritche watch bands. Their goal was to allow versatility to watches that were already owned by customers. As a new start-up company, their resources were limited, but they want to provide the best watch bands available on the market. Marching into its 7 years, persists in its nitpicking about the quality of every watch band it produces.
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10 reviews for Ritche Genuine 18mm Black Leather Watch Bands Top Grain Classic Vintage Quick Release Leather Watch Strap |

  1. Ron

    I had one of these watch bands for about 2 years. It finally broke when I took a very hard fall, which I doubt any other watch band could’ve survived either. It broke where the band connects to the watch. The tiny pin couldn’t handle the force between a tile floor and 400 lbs of humans. I had enough confidence in this watch band though that I replaced the broken one with another just like it for my Galaxy 2. No apprehension and no regrets at all getting another.

  2. Ima Hier

    Easiest band installation I’ve experienced. Well made, too.

  3. Andrew K.

    Watch band arrived in a sealed “zip-lock, resealable” type of bag with each band in a separate compartment. Bands appeared to be well crafted. The quick release mechanism made it extremely easy to install the new bands on the watch without damaging either the watch or the new bands. There have been no issues with the mechanism like a failure or an abrasion against the skin. Glad to see someone figured out a system to replace bands so easily! Can’t provide any truthful rating on the durability at this time since I’ve only had the band for about 2 weeks (wearing watch daily) but it appears that the leather is of good quality and should last for several years under normal usage. Will definitely repurchase from this manufacture for future bands

  4. Ilene

    Super easy to put on and is great quality. Was better than a brand name strap I bought and better quality also!

  5. J. C. Maedl

    This is a great band. The leather and buckles are high quality. I was able to break in the band to a wearable stiffness with less than 10 minutes of rolling back and forth. The installation is a total breeze, the spring pins are embedded in the strap and have a tiny lever, so all you have to do is hold it over, put the band in place and let go. Literally 1 second. No more springs shooting out or fumbling with tiny screwdrivers or tools that don’t work. I used this on my Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 41 mm and it is a solid replacement for the OEM band.

  6. Tori

    This is a very durable watch band for my Samsung Galaxy Active 2 watch. The 21mm fits the watch perfectly. There are hardly and scuffs or dirt on the black leather or the orange stitching of my band. This definitely holds up better than the black band that came stock with the watch itself.I have had the band in pools, rivers, and other water with no damage and the leather dries well. The watch band has not stretched out much if any and still fits my wrist comfortably.I would buy this brand again!

  7. Amazon Customer

    Got tired of the standard resin bands on my Casio W-201 crumbling to pieces and being unmendable to any reliable degree, so decided to try a third party band of a more durable material. I received this leather band today and it seems fine. It’s not poor quality and it’s not a luxury band either. It functions as a replacement that isn’t uncomfortable or fragile, and that’s all I need it to do. The 18mm size fits into the Casio W-201 with no problems, and comes with quick release springbars so installation is quick and easy with no extra tools needed. The leather is stiff but I imagine it will become softer as I break it in over time like with most other leather products. We’ll see how it holds up for $20, with the low price I wouldn’t be too shocked if I notice frayed or loosening threads later, but at least I can try to mend it myself in that case. My only concern is if the quick release mechanism in the springbars ever malfunctions, I’ll have an interesting time getting them out of the band and replaced. But for now, the band serves its purpose.

  8. S. Anderson

    The hardest part was getting the old watchband off. The easiest part was putting this on. I’ve been wearing it for 6 months or more now and it has held up very well. I would buy it again for sure.

  9. Scott L

    While the original band that came with my Venus 2s was almost too short to even fasten, this band gives just enough extra length to fasten without being too tight. I’m still only using the last hole in the band, but it’s extremely comfortable for all day use. I only gave 4 stars for durability since it seems fairly well made, but it’s too early to say how it will hold up.

  10. Hessam Noori

    It makes my old watch looking brand new. Installation is super easy because of the handle behind it. So you do not need any tool for its installation. the only problem is, it is very tight in first days but it becomes better after a while.

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