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Help students quickly find where to sit or stand 4″ 26 pieces per pack 8 colors Can be removed easily without causing damage Uses the hook side of hook and loop technology to provide a secure hold to carpet Use again and again

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Teacher Created Resources Spot On Carpet Markers Alphabet is a very cool project that makes learning the alphabet super easy and convenient. The A-Z Carpet Markers Alphabet is a series of letters in it’s lowercase/upper case form that have been created as an alphabet. The carpet markers each come in the shape of either a letter or a word corresponding to the letter. This project is designed to be used on any type of flooring and have universal appeal. For example, on carpets where children don’t take their shoes off, the shapes are raised and can double as toys when not being used by students trying to learn their ABCs.

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  3. Everything from Teacher Created Resources is created by teachers for teachers and parents. For over 40 years, we have been a trusted name in educational publishing, producing high quality supplemental materials for all areas of the curriculum. We also help teachers create stimulating learning environments by producing colorful classroom decor. Many of our products easily crossover from the school environment to meet the needs of parents at home.
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‎Teacher Created Resources

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March 27, 2019

10 reviews for Teacher Created Resources Spot On Carpet Markers Alphabet – 4″ (TCR77004) : Office Products

  1. TheMarindy

    I teach a social emotional learning class in a k-6 school, and these were a great addition to my classroom. The kids love reading the phrases before they choose where to sit.

  2. Carrie Ellen Jones

    I have used these to outline a seating area in my first grade classroom. We use this area a LOT and four weeks into the school year, it is staying put! I had concerns about where I needed to cut and line up edges. (Unless you do a diagonal cut, you will end up with some overlap). So far that has not been a concern at all. The product is staying where I put it, despite heavy traffic. Best of all, it’s not looking dirty – even though it gets walked on all day long. Duct tape ruins carpet so I was using painters tape in the past, but that had to be replaced every few weeks because it got trashed. I’m so glad I found this product!

  3. Kindle Customer

    Perfect for new teachers and creating a positive classroom environment

  4. Robert Beck

    So cute! Can’t wait for my class to see them!

  5. JAT

    The stars held tight to floor for over 6 months and were easy to move to another location and continued to hold through rest of school year. Loved the shape and colors! Great price and fast shipping!!

  6. Judy Baugher

    This roll of Velcro is amazing. I love that it’s reusable. We use them in our childrens church area as boundaries for the games and relays we do!

  7. kennedys

    I love these carpet spots. Great positive affirmations for the students! An easy way to remind them of their importance beyond standards!

  8. Shelly Dunsmoor

    Great for use in the classroom marking spots.

  9. Emma

    I LOVE these. The positive sayings, the neutral colors, it’s perfect for my classroom! I do wish there were different package options, I bought 3 packs, there are only 12 in each. I use them all over my classroom during the pandemic, they are markers for student desks and markers for their line inside the classroom (their use it doubled to group my students in their intervention groups). I highly recommend these to anyone that is adamant on a theme like me!

  10. Shelly Dunsmoor

    So great for marking spots in the classroom!

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