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TWICE released their single “One More Time” on the 19th of April, so let’s take a closer look at the song and see what it is about. The song has two parts to it, which are called “1 2”. It starts out as a laid back R&B song that gradually becomes darker and more intense. The lyrics for this part includes words about how someone can’t get over their ex-boyfriend or girlfriend.

This is followed by the more intense part, which has a darker sound and contains elements of Dubstep. This part was written by JQ and describes the sadness that remains once someone leaves your life.

About the song, JQ said: “I have spent an entire year working on this song and I think my hard work really shows in both the song’s musicality and lyrics. I think this song is going to be a really good song to listen to when you are at your most sad and down. I hope the listeners will feel the emotions of the song.”

At the beginning of February, an anonymous netizen uploaded a very short clip from the music video of “1 2” onto an online community forum, and even though it was only about one second long, netizens were still able to hear part of the intro and chorus for “1 2”.

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July 26, 2022

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10 reviews for TWICE – BETWEEN 1&2[Cryptography ver.] – Music

  1. Ash

    it came right on time and was packaged nicely. nothing was damaged. it came with 5 photocards, the photo book, a folded poster, and the pre order photocard set. everything was there. i didnt pull dahyun but i love them all so it doesnt matter. STREAM BETWEEN 1&2

  2. Lou

    My twice journey began with feel special, I was blown away with the music video and started watching every thing I missed music wise at that point. Then I watched them on Korean variety shows like running man and instintly fell in love with them. They are low key comedians also humble queens that love what they do but love thier fans even more. I could write a book on why I love twice ,whether it’s thier personalitys, charisma,music or the sheer talent they posses. This album is 10 out of 10, yes I am a fan but I wouldn’t be buying thier albums if the music wasn’t any good. The title track is really good and queen of hearts is a stand out among the b side tracks. It reminds me of one of thier older tracks called ponytail,which was rock infused. The albums are beautifully put together and a bargain considering what you get. I’m a fan of physical media and I hope it’s not something we lose in the future. Music sounds so much better on disc form. As for the title track “talk that talk” music video,it was fun to watch and you can tell the girls had fun filming it. I hope any once reading this is voteing for them in their stage performances. I know it’s difficult to navigate some of the apps because most of them have a learning curve. Twitter,Instagram,discord all have twice fan sites that can help you with that. If you’re a fan of kpop or any one for that matter,have a nice day.

  3. Zoey W

    PERFECTTT! my only complaint is that it was shipped in a mailer with no protection at all, luckily only the sleeve was slightly damaged. also came with pobs even tho i didn’t preorder 🙂

  4. Jullie

    BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT RN! I have never bought an album before but i saw the concept of twices album and i had to get it and i was not disappointed at all! I pulled my biases Jeongyeon and chaeyoung. i pulled chaeyoung so much i nearly cried. i got a duplicate of hers but it not a problem i can easily trade or sell it. i also pulled tzuyu and momo. I didn’t even know i was going to get the preorder benefits I got two mina polaroids, A mina and chaeyoung message thingy, a jeongyeon and mina crossword, a nayeon and jihyo mini poster and two big posters and the cds! One thing about twice they will feed us. I stan both Bts and twice and never bought and album of theirs but like now after this… you will be seeing me again amazon ?. Stan twice best gg.

  5. Kobei

    Everything included and Pre order photocards and poster. The Heart Glass is one heck of a design and puzzle to figure out, but has for the crosswords I Google the answer TT

  6. Shaliesha

    So you know when you get an album off of amazon and its destroyed, didn’t happen with my album. It came in perfect condition and everything was included. I got a poster, mini poster, a bunch of photocards, and the photo book ofc. The concepts were amazing, everything was official and everything WAS SO CUTE!!! Also it came within the same day of me ordering so I def recommend ordering. I couldn’t recommend buying from here more!!! <333

  7. nezar elmadni


  8. T2T

    Lets talk about how great this album is:* Only 7 songs, but not a bad song in sight* Most of the songs are more fast paced or edgier than your usual Twice songs* Dahyun wrote lyrics for 2 of the best songs* Lots of photocards and bonus stuff(see pic)* 3 different concept versions for every taste, with the 4th(“complete”) version having a small mix of all 3.Overall, another great comback from Twice with a catchy/fun title track, visually impressive music video, handful of excellent b-sides, tons of album extras, and Tzuyu lying on a couch. (OT)9 out of 10 stars. Buy it.

  9. Agustín Rodríguez




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