Women’s Longline Sports Bra Wirefree Padded Medium Support Yoga Bras Gym Running Workout Tank Tops (Black, X-Small) at Amazon Women’s Clothing store

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Women’s longline sports bra wire free padded medium support yoga bras are a secure and comfortable option for your workout needs. They are made from highly durable cotton and spandex, making them perfect for people who want to stay active. Get your own today at a discounted price.

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Designed to provide premium and comfortable fitness clothing.

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10 reviews for Women’s Longline Sports Bra Wirefree Padded Medium Support Yoga Bras Gym Running Workout Tank Tops (Black, X-Small) at Amazon Women’s Clothing store

  1. Paeton

    I love these tank tops. I have owned this for well over a month now and my only complaint is the pads folding over when washing (which happens to all of my built-ins and is easy to fix) so I’m not complaining. The quality has held up well, no piling, and very thick fabric. I’m 5’5, 125lbs, and an A cup- so if you need support for working out then I’m unsure. However for all of my small-chested girls I can say it is very flattering and I will be buying this in multiple colors.

  2. Rhonda Fischer

    When I purchased the Women’s Longline Sports Bra, I had no expectation this would be of such good quality. I ordered an XL, 36 DDD, 5’9” and 145 pounds. I did not want a sports bra that was too tight after having had both shoulders repaired in the past. It fit well, a bit loose around the waist. This bra provides good coverage with no bulges on the sides or back; a smooth fit. It comes down to just above my belly button. The straps do not dig in with no pressure on the straps. It has a shelf bra and removable pads. This is comfortable enough to wear while lounging. I would buy a size smaller if I wanted to wear this for running or more strenuous exercise to provide more support. This is the best sports bra I have found in a long time and I highly recommend you consider purchasing it as well.

  3. Snk08

    I ordered a medium the length and fit is perfect. The bottom of the top is about 2” from the naval on me. I read some other reviews about the bottom rolling up. I’ve washed and worn the top about 4 times now and have not had any issues with that. I do have a smaller chest so the padded inserts are fine for me. If I could change anything about it though I would change the built in bra to be a little tighter. With that being said I really feel that I could have bought a small and it would have fit my chest better/been more flattering but then the rest would have been uncomfortably tight. Overall happy with the medium it’s tight enough that it’s not hanging off me but lose enough to not look too small. I wear these in the humid SC summer heat and they have been wonderful.

  4. Brenda

    Fit better than expected, and very comfortable when wearing it. Its very flattering even if I’m a not a thin, I’m built thick. The front is low cut so if your bigger chested, this will show off some good amount of skin. Also the length sits right above your belly button, so if you wear high wasted jeans or yoga pants its the perfect length otherwise expect to show off your midriff as well.

  5. Caitlyn

    Okay full disclosure I did not buy this for working out. I work from home and want something that will provide me cover and support without an underwire digging into my ribs. This does exactly that (I’m wearing it right now). I’ve had it for a few weeks and already ran it through the washing machine with 0 issues. This is probably my new favorite bra, and I’m considering ordering another one. For context, I am 5’6 and 120 lbs, and I ordered a medium.

  6. Leidy Garcia

    I’ve been looking for the perfect sports bra that I can wear everyday. It doesn’t curl like others. It has a beautiful fit and a lot of support. Honestly I am very happy with this purchase and I am here to get another one ?

  7. Brianna W.

    This brand is luxurious! This is my go-to top for working or working-out from home. The built-in bra is perfect- it does not dig and the pads are a nice quality & size. The cut is super flattering and the flattened stitching makes this top extra comfortable. I can not stand athletic wear that has high-pile stitching!I bought this top in this beautiful blue color as well as black. I also ordered the black camo bike shorts and they’re super nice as well. I’m so glad to have discovered such a great brand at a great price. I will definitely be ordering more and keeping an eye out for releases of any new apparel.

  8. Alexis Eken

    I am never one to write reviews on something, but I couldn’t resist with this top. I was looking for a top that would work well for hiking, and this top did not disappoint! I loved it so much, I had to order two more colors the next day! It is so comfy and the built-in bra holds the girls in well! I would be lying if I said the bra isn’t what sold me on buying this top. It is a crop top so just beware if that isn’t your thing and it is a tighter fit, but not too tight as there is some stretch to it. I would recommend this top to anyone. It even works well for going out! I now want one of each color! For reference, I am 5’7”, around 200lb, wear a size L/XL in shirts, my bra size is 38D, and I ordered this top in a XL. That is what size the chart told me to go with and it fits perfect! Hope this helps! 🙂

  9. Sarah

    This is a workout top and serves its purpose well! I work at a resale shop and have to dress cute. Because I sweat a lot in a fast paced environment, I decided to try this. I have paired the white workout top with a couple of cute skirts! I get so many compliments! This would be perfect for a job like a wedding photographer. It’s athletic material but you can definitely blend the top into a super cute but functional look!

  10. MalGreg

    I bought it in 5 different colors so it’s safe to say – I’m obsessed with it. Size reference: 5’5 145 lb 34DD and I purchased a Large. Probably could do a medium as well but I don’t actually work out so I prefer comfort over constriction & didn’t want it to be too “booby” or too short. I own the LL align tank as well in size 12 and the fit and look is almost identical (LL slightly shorter) just buy it you will not regret it!

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