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2000 Mules DVD by D’Souza Media New Version with Menu Selections and Subtitles is a new Quality Video release by D’Souza Media. This Video release features the following chapters: Introduction, This is Reality, D’Souza’s Perspective on the Current Conservative Movement in America, How The New Tea Party Radicalized Patience With Government Spending and Taxes, Obama: The End of White America? Race vs. Class: Does a Black or Hispanic CEO Make More Money?, Obama’s First Term and His Burden to Solve Racial Inequality
In 1607, King James I granted a charter to a company called the Company of Adventurers to North Virginia for the purpose of establishing settlements. The company sent out about 100 settlers, who were ill-prepared for the challenges they met in America. They tried to replicate life in England or Wales but instead found themselves surrounded by hostile Indians and all sorts of natural obstacles. These settlers needed supplies that they could not produce locally, so they had no choice but turn to trade with Native Americans in order to survive.

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10 reviews for 2000 Mules DVD by D’Souza Media New Version with Menu Selections and Subtitles – Deluxe Edition Movies & TV

  1. G Elizabeth

    Every American needs to watch this documentary, VERY well done! No matter what “side” you’re on, we as Americans need to make sure our elections are true & no fraud is allowed to happen.

  2. Timothy W. Bey

    The in depth, OPSEC surveillance of the left’s mules moving through the night while everyone went to bed thinking that the 2020 election was a done deal, draws to light the extent they would go to gain power. Unfortunately sad days are ahead for America.

  3. Polly Freund

    Great video! Explicitly confirms the theft of our 2020 election from President Donald Trump! There is no refuting this information.

  4. J. Thalken

    Dinesh D’Souza is ignored by Hollywood. They will never consider him or mention his name. But when you see one of his documentaries, You know who should be holding the Oscar. This Docu shows the evidence that enplanes how someone who could not fill a garden party area of 30 chairs, Beat out a man who filled amphitheaters that had 20,000 more left outside wishing to get in.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Dislike that we have a deep state and the corruption at the very top of our nation. This is led by the Democrat party that at one time I thought cared for our Constitution.

  6. earl alex poe

    The film is very detailed and explicided. D’Souza shows using today’s not surveillance: Cameras, Satellite, GPS, and local surveillance cameras at the drop offs, how there were over 13,000,000 more votes, than registered voters. The technology that today’s law enforcement uses to track down criminals. After watching the film you will see there is no doubt how the enemies of America (DNC, CCP, and Putin,) used an intentionally released virus on the world, to attack the U.S. in an attempt to destroy the U.S., to implement the NWO!

  7. C. Hastings

    Very well done. Geo-tracking is what took out Solemeini (sp) from halfway around the world in a drone strike. DOJ used it on the J6 prisoners. And TTV used it to track mules. There are some investigations taking place because of it tho MSM will never tell it. It doesn’t matter who you voted for-Americans have the right to a fair & secure election & 2020 was not. It makes NO sense that the lottery commission can tell you about winning tickets in minutes or the competition shows can tabulate votes during a commercial break but elections take days. It will take a while for the truth to come out but keep up with TTV. They’re working non stop.

  8. Beverly

    2000 Mules is one more step toward proving fraud by the Democrats in the 2020 election. Biden should never have become President. Donald Trump was the actual winner in that election!

  9. Trey

    Seriously watch this. Tell your friends and tell your family. Also I couldn’t watch this on my Xbox. I’ve never had this problem before. Seems sus.

  10. Amazon Customer

    A well done documentary. Easy to understand and full of well documented information about the election fraud.

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