Amazon Official Site Fire HD 8 Tablet, 8” Display, 2020 release

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8″ HD display, 2X the storage (32 or 64 GB of internal storage and up to 1 TB with microSD card) + 2 GB RAM. 10th generation (2020 release). All-day battery life – Up to 12 hours of reading, browsing the web, watching videos, and listening to music. Now with USB-C for easier charging. Fully charges in under 5 hours (with included cable + adapter). 30% faster thanks to the new 2.0 GHz quad-core processor. Enjoy your favorite apps like Netflix, Facebook, Hulu, Instagram, TikTok, and more through Amazon’s Appstore (Google Play not supported). Stay on track – Check email, make video calls, update shopping lists, and set reminders. Use your favorite apps like Zoom, Outlook, and OneNote. Hands-free with Alexa, including on/off toggle.
2 MP front and rear-facing cameras with 720p HD video recording. Dual-band, enhanced wifi. Show more

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The new Amazon Official Site Fire HD 8 Tablet is the perfect tablet for work, play, and everything in between. With a powerful 1.5 GHz quad-core processor and up to 10 hours of battery life, the Fire HD 8 Tablet is designed for more than just reading books and watching TV. The Fire HD 8 tablet comes packed with 16GB of storage, which means more room for productivity tools and offline music, movies, TV shows, eBooks, audiobooks, and games that you love.

– Designed for demanding work and play
– 32GB of internal storage, expandable up to 8GB with a microSD card (sold separately)
– 12.9″ 1080p Full HD display
– Dual microphones for hands-free listening
– Stereo speakers for high-quality sound
– Dolby Audio Premium for immersive sound
– Alexa hands-free, voice control, and entertainment
– Quick Settings to control your favorite settings with a quick glance
– 1.5 GHz quad-core processor for fast performance
– Up to 10 hours of battery life for all-day fun

10 reviews for Amazon Official Site Fire HD 8 Tablet, 8” Display, 2020 release

  1. Retro Rex

    The screen quality is fantastic in terms of both image sharpness and responsiveness to input. The battery life is respectably long even during performance of energy-intensive tasks. The camera takes both high-quality photographs and videos. The look and feel of the device are also classy and sleek.When you first begin using the tablet, it will require the installation of a new OS and at least 20 updates, but the updates can be installed in the background. To get the most out of your tablet, you’ll also want to enable installation of third-party apps so you can install the Google Play Store on the device (you can Google the procedure for this) and acquire the Google Apps you use on your Android device (the Amazon Appstore is very limited). Following this, you will have a versatile tablet that doubles up as an Android device and Kindle reader.The only thing about this tablet that bothers me slightly is Autocorrect, as it does not work very well and offers the suggestions that are sometimes downright ridiculous. Still it is not enough to detract all that much from the overall experience.In sum, this is a fantastic tablet that I am proud to welcome into my electronic family. It is beautiful to handle and to behold. It offers a wide range of versatility once you open it up to the Google Play Store. It is also just fun to use in general for a wide range of applications. I highly recommend it.

  2. Larry B

    This is my go-to book-reading device but I play a few games on it as well. Sometimes use it to peruse the interweb to answer questions my kids ask. Love the way it tracks my whole Kindle library from previous devices and I can still pick up a book where I left off on my Phone if the kindle isn’t near by. The Kindle app has improved over the years and I enjoy the fact that book series are now collected and ordered by number in the series. You can now tell if you are reading book 3 in the series before book 1! I have learned from prior Kindles to not get a folding case. That just doubles the weight and only provides minimal additional protection to the already durable Kindle. The only drawback I had was that it becomes difficult (for my 70-year-old hands) to hold the kindle for hours while reading. The solution was to put one of those pop-up phone holders on the back of the device. I would have accepted the Kindle with slightly wider body if there were sculpted ridges to help hold the device in one hand.

  3. Michael

    I bought this to replace an older one for a light and portable platform for book reading and to play games on. The old one still functions great after five years, but I felt an upgrade was in order, so opted for one the same size. I decided not to go with the bigger model simply because I already had something in that size in the form of my iPad, and going with a bigger one would defeat my reason for going smaller and lighter. So far I’ve been extremely happy with it. While it’s no speed demon, I didn’t buy it for that, so I’m very happy with its performance. The big key I see in being happy with this is using it for what it’s intended for and not as an iPad type replacement. If you’re looking for a speedy platform that can handle all sorts of video play, then this is not for you. If you want something that will handle book reading, watching Prime videos on, or just playing some games, then you will not go wrong with this. The price is hard to beat for what you’re getting. I’m very happy with both my tablets!!

  4. zombot

    …don’t get one if you already own an iPad! Let me explain.Everything I can do on a Kindle Fire, I can do on my iPad better. Reading, streaming, e-mails, social media, games… literally everything. The OS on the Fire tablet is clunky in comparison. Even the virtual keyboard doesn’t work as well for me.Oh, and with the Alexa enabled on the Fire, when I use it in the same room as an Echo (which is everywhere in my house), they don’t work together very well. I’ll say “Alexa, display the weather on my Kindle Fire,” my Echo briefly lights up, makes a low beep, and says nothing. The weather doesn’t display on my Fire.Right now my Fire tablet is mounted as a display for showing me the time and weather, and I rarely pick it up anymore. It’s essentially an Echo Show now. Maybe if I were going somewhere and was afraid my iPad would get stolen or damaged, I’d take it with me. But I have a Kindle Paperwhite too, and I’d rather have that stolen or damaged than my Fire.If you’ve never had an iPad and you want a solid tablet device, by all means save money and get a Fire tablet. But my iPads (I’ve had 3 so far) have totally spoiled me! I now read from my Kindle library on my iPad’s Kindle app. It’s much easier to use than reading on the Fire. The Fire’s user interface is slow & clumsy. There’s a reason the Kindle tablets are priced much lower than an iPad’s. My sling bag feels much lighter without both my iPad and Fire since I started leaving my Fire at home every day.Sorry, Amazon! Quality over quantity every time.

  5. Great Maw-Maw

    I am 83 & a Voracious Reader … I have been my whole life … I HAVE to read every day … sometimes more than one book … My daughter had been trying to convince me for years to get a Kindle because of my love of Reading … But I always thought I would just hate it because not the same as real books (Love the Smell, the way they feel, look – everything about them – & always will) … my son found a deal on a small one a few years ago & got it for me … I reluctantly started using it & my daughter told me ways to get Books for Free &/or really good deals on books from my favorite authors or genres (BookBub & EarlyBird I think – she tracks them for me – otherwise I would wind up getting every deal that popped up) … I filled it up in no time & it just recently died on me … My daughter assured me ALL my books were not lost (she tried explaining about them being in clouds but I don’t do computers) … She helped me pick out a replacement Kindle Fire & suggested I get one with more storage because I already own hundreds of books … I liked this one – plus it came in a pretty color … When I received it my daughter easily walked me through “restoring” ALL of my Books & things that I had before on my old tablet onto my New tablet … Once this was done I was pleased with how much faster I could download new books & with how much more storage I still have available (I had to delete books off my old one if I wanted a new one) … She showed me how I can turn it long ways (like a wide-screen tv) & helped me adjust my font & brightness – so now Reading is even more enjoyable than ever … I also got the 3 year accident protection (just in case – I am 83 after all) …I Highly recommend this Kindle Fire to everyone … including stubborn old timers like me … If you don’t have someone to help you set it up (like my daughter) – that’s OK too because Amazon has Wonderful Customer Service & they will be happy to help you set it up at no extra charge (they can even take control of your screen to help fix things – But Only if You give them permission – they have helped me several times this way) … So if your not sure about these things – But Love to read as much as I do … I say “For the Love of Reading Take the Chance” … I think you’ll find yourself as pleasantly surprised as I have been (I can take a whole book series with me in one hand … WooHoo!) …PS … I still read physical books too … Never Too Many Books! … Just Not Enough Time! …

  6. exterkate518

    This device isn’t too bad for that price. The screen looks nice, battery life is OK as well. The thing for me that is odd is that when I first bought this about a month ago, I was able to use the Amazon shopping app just fine. I did a system update about a week ago and now the app is no longer supported. Kind of weird in my opinion. It’s an Amazon device but doesn’t support the Amazon shopping app…..hmm. OK. I can still access the Amazon store through the web browser, but it was just convenient to use the app though. Other than that, a pretty good device for what I paid for it.(Edit)-Checked for any new updates and today about 11 or 12 updates popped up. I was able to manually install each of them. Amazon shopping app now working fine. Changing rating to 5 stars. Good device for what I paid for it.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Right up front I want to address the negative reviews that tarnish this product because, as usual, people buy this at a very budget price and expect an iPad or Samsung Tablet. It is NOT an iPad or Samsung, it is an Amazon content delivery device. It is inexpensive because Amazon provides the content and they want you to have a cheap way to enjoy it. It is an E Reader, Music Player, Video Player not a full fledged Android Tablet. Like most Amazon devices it has ads on the lock screen. Any other ads are the fault of the apps. It can be massaged to load apps from Google Play but it wasn’t designed for that and results will vary. Expecting this to perform like an iPad or Samsung is wishful thinking of the highest degree. If you can’t afford an iPad, don’t blame this unit. Don’t buy it to do anything but read, listen and watch. I’ve worn out several of the Fire units over the years and I loved them. They are electronic devices and as such are likely to fail at some point. It’s reality. I own 2 iPads as well as This Kindle, an old fire (USB port finally died) and a Kindle Paperwhite. They all serve a purpose. I read constantly and sometimes the Paperwhite is right, Sometimes the Fire is right. The iPads are PC replacements for me and do everything I need to run a small business and record music. I don’t expect any of the Kindles to be iPads. Warranty is commensurate with value. 90 days is enough to verify operation. After 90 days you’re just unlucky or you dropped the unit so many times it gave up. iPads have a 1 year warranty and you pay for it. My last iPad cost me over $500. I expect a lot more from it than I do a Kindle. I apologize for ranting but it sucks that good products suffer because of bad expectations. A Kindle Fire is a great device for what it was intended to do. I don’t really like backlit screens for reading, but sometimes they’re desirable. I can watch Movies, Listen to Audiobooks, Listen to music, Stream content and read books and magazines. All on one device that has a screen I don’t have to squint at to enjoy. All for a very reasonable price. I had some A-hole grab my fire and run while I was getting a drink refill and it wasn’t a nightmare… like if he had run off with my iPad. Buy this for what it is, don’t complain about what it isn’t.

  8. Bookd

    I have the fire in a few sizes and I love them all. I have one to watch youtube, prime, and netflix in my room at night as I don’t have a tv, and another that I use for reading, email, podcasts, ect. I love physical books but it’s so much easier to have this in my bag to read on my lunch break, downtime at work, etc. I can also check my email, shop, and listen to podcasts. For me, it’s a steal for the price as I cannot spend hundreds of dollars on a certain brand of tablet. The 7 and 8 inch are great for on the go and the 10 works as my at home bedroom tv.

  9. Jamie Bishop

    About the only thing I don’t care for is the battery life. It could definitely use some improvement as far as actual usage time. Other than that I really like everything else about this. I bought it mainly to use as a tablet and other than the fact that the apps are limited in the Amazon app store, I have no real complaints. This is a very good tablet and I have owned a few. The display is crystal clear and very responsive. It could use another speaker as well. The cameras work very well as does everything else on it and I 100% would recommend this to anyone. The price cannot be beaten nor can the quality.

  10. Dave L

    I’m giving 5 stars mainly for the price and what I needed it for witch is movie’s and games. The 64 gigs of space is perfect for what I need. The screen has good colors and decent resolution for movie’s and games. The cpu is just fast enough for games compared to my S20 Ultra. The battery so far seems to last a long time though I have not timed it I haven’t ran out of power yet before charging it. I did install the Google Play store for more of a variety of apps. You need to go on the web for instructions on how to install the Google Play store. It’s not hard to do. Just follow the instructions and install the apk files in the correct order and it will work fine. Believe me it’s a must have. When you first power on the tablet wait for a few and let it boot up completely before you attempt any input. Once the boot up process is complete have fun. For the price you can’t beat it compared to other low priced tablets. Just try it. You can always send it back if your not happy.

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