Casio Men’s MDV106-1AV 200M Duro Analog Watch, Black Casio:

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Casio Men analog watch

Casio Men’s MDV106-1AV 200M Duro Analog Watch, Black Casio:


200 M Water Resistance
Hands and hour markers with large fluorescent areas for easy reading
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  • 200 M Water Resistance
  • Hands and hour markers with large fluorescent areas for easy reading
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.

10 reviews for Casio Men’s MDV106-1AV 200M Duro Analog Watch, Black Casio:

  1. Sergio

    For 50 bucks, it might be the best deal on a diver’s watch you could ever find. Now, i’m a desk diver, admittedly, but this watch is the real deal. 200m water resistance means you could practice recreational scuba diving with it, not to mention withstand all the rain, hand wash, car wash, beach, pool swimming and water splashing you might find in your life. “Duro” is spanish for “hard” and “tough”, and this is a tough wristwatch, tough enough for daily use in an active lifestyle.On the other hand, lume is not good; lasts only for a few minutes in the dark, but hey! this is a 50 dollars watch. The silicone band could also better, and in fact I bought a couple of different color Barton Elite 22mm silicone bands to match shoes and belts.

  2. 円相

    After 15580 reviews 4.5 stars on Amazon, hundreds of internet reviews etc I really don’t think there’s anything new to say. But I will say it lived up to the hype, this thing, while not perfect (what is?) is a really well crafted piece of equipment at a price point many would pay a lot more for (including me).Notes:- it’s very well built, large and heavy yet still manages to feel natural and comfortable on 7″ wrist- Some people hate the strap, some love it. I’m more in the latter camp but the resin is a little stiff and I’m used to silicone from years of Timex Ironman use so I put this one – it’s not easy to to do but the flush fit looks and feels great: think I’m going to be enjoying using and looking at this for at least a decade (and only ~3 battery refreshes). If you’re on the fence just get one, I don’t think you’ll regret it.

  3. DanandWick

    Even though I own a multitude of watches that cost from $20 to $2,500, surprisingly this Casio has become one of my favorites. I bought it only out of curiosity — to see how good a $50 diver could be. For various reasons, I’ve returned other divers that were far more expensive. This one is a keeper.I’ll start with the negatives, because there are only three. The date window is small, the slop in the bezel movement is essentially a whole click, and the the bezel pip doesn’t line up precisely in the center of the 12 o’clock position. For my purposes, the awesome positive features more than make up for those.Awesome features include screw-down crown (which some reviewers obviously don’t understand), 120-click unidirectional bezel with solid feel, lume that easily lasts all night after 5 seconds of bright flashlight exposure, a luminous bezel pip that glows even brighter than the other lume, super accurate quartz movement hasn’t varied from setting in days, waterproof for my purposes (snorkeling depth only), 22mm lug width that works perfectly with all my NATO straps, lightweight and thin enough to wear easily all day (and all night), large uncluttered face with tasteful hands and indices that provide instantaneous readability, highly polished outlines on hands and indices that make lume necessary only in total darkness, classic diver looks, second hand hits the marks perfectly, bezel markings are exactly as readable and functional as they should be, despite the small size the date is actually readable in normal lighting conditions, the factory strap seems comfortable and durable (I prefer NATO straps though), and the case back is tastefully done.My normal rotation of watches has been significantly altered by this purchase. Haven’t taken this one off for days, and that is beyond unusual.If a deal-breaker flaw shows up, I will update this review.UPDATE: After rotating the bezel all the way around the dial a few times, the pip has settled into position where it lines up at the 12 o’clock mark, and the backplay is minimal. After two weeks of ownership, the watch has gained only two seconds compared to

  4. Russell Cardinal

    Can’t go wrong for the money. Bought this recently as a beater, for when I didn’t want to wear something more expensive, but might still need protection against water intrusion and an attractive appearance. Size is good for my 7.5″ wrist. Visibility is great. “Complaints” are minor, and price of product should be taken into account. Didn’t care for the band, so I replaced it with a different style I had on hand. Lume is not particularly strong. Bezel is stiff, and not knurled aggressively enough, especially considering the stiffness. I do use the bezel on my watches multiple times a week to time things. Maybe it’ll loosen up with more usage. Haven’t really tested the water resistance, let alone tested it to 200m. If you’re on the fence, just buy it. You’ll get your money’s worth.

  5. Parrish

    I read reviews before buying. The 1 and 2 star reviews of this product indicate a lack of knowledge of how a divers watch prevents water intrusion. There are 3 points of potential entry. The “winding stem”, the back casement cover and the mineral or sapphire crystal. The winding stem and knob are referred to as a screw down crown. To adjust the time or date unscrew the crown, make the adjustment and retighten. Lefty loosen and righty tighten. The back is sealed by a o-ring and when the battery is changed the o-ring needs to be lubricated and the back torqued. To ensure a water tight seal the watch will need to be pressure tested. Not all jewelers have the ability to test though watch repair facilities that do can be found online. Mineral glass chrystals are very scratch resistant and provide the strenght to resist deformation at the 200 meter water resistance rating. So for for less than $100.00 USD one gets a stainless steel case, a mineral glass chrystal and a screw down crown in an attractive design that keeps time as accurately as a 6000.00 to 15000.00 US dollar diving watch. Rejoice if you own one. You got a hell of deal.

  6. Russ Hummel

    Impressive! I dont buy expensive watches. I just dont see the need. As a lifelong fan of the brand that ‘keeps on tickin’, I’d never tried Casio. Im pretty sure Im a casio guy now! I like the fit and feel of this watch, nice and sturdy. it’s also a BIG watch, and looks good on my arm. set up was basically take it out of the box, peel off the protective plastic and strap it on. date was already set right, and the time was exactly one hour off, which just tells me whoever set it was in a different time zone. resetting the time was just as easy as you’d expect, and I like the screw in crown to keep things tight when I swim. for under 50 bucks? no brainer.

  7. Customer

    I’m a watch snob. I hate quartz. I prefer mechanical watches. Even so, I really like this watch and I wear it now as my daily driver. I’m quite surprised that I could learn to love a cheap $40 watch like this one.I have a collection of elegant mechanical wristwatches, that include everything from the basic stainless steel Swiss dive watch to more expensive French and German horological timepieces with power meters and moon phase complications (but no tourbillions). I bought this watch to replace my daily driver, which was a fully mechanical oyster day-date watch by a famous watch company. My previous daily driver had a band that kept failing due to a heavier than steel case and a band that allowed too much force to be transferred to the spring bars when I would bump the watch into something. As a result the band would bend the spring bars and detach from the oyster case whenever I bumped the case once too often and too hard. (I do this a lot, I’m very hard on watches and I end up eventually destroying every watch that I wear as a daily driver.) My last daily driver invariably ended up have a let-go by the strap while loading some gear, causing it to go bouncing to the ground. My nice day-date mechanical watch ended up taking regular beatings. I typically had to replace the spring bars once every month or two. The third time that I had to replace the crystal I decided that the body was so beaten that I wasn’t going to repair it any more. I needed a more durable cheap / disposable watch that I could afford to sacrifice to the rigors of daily activity. The Duro fit the bill.I had reservations about the Duro for several reasons, one being that it’s quartz, and I hate quartz watches. I got into mechanical watches because I don’t like dealing with the hassle of replacing quartz batteries. Another reservation is that no real dive watch can have a quartz battery, for obvious safety reasons. Another reservation is that I don’t particularly like leather or rubber/silicone bands, and prefer a heavy metal oyster-type bracelet. Perhaps the biggest reservation was the ridiculously large size of the Duro, which is so large that it’s comical — the lug-to-lug distance is 48mm and the case diameter is 44mm. With a 44mm case diameter the Duro definitely qualifies as a Bozo / Stallone / Schwarzenegger watch (think Panerai).Much to my surprise, the Duro “wears smaller” on the wrist than its 44/48mm measurements would predict. The lugs are arched downward toward the wrist instead of outwards, so that the band is more likely to wrap downward than to stick out sideways and elevate the watch on your wrist. The rubber strap is well-shaped, flexible and wears quite well. The result is that the watch wears comfortably and much smaller on my 7+ inch wrist than I would have expected. Being someone who believes that an optimal man’s watch size is in the range of 38-40mm, I never would have predicted that the 44mm Duro would wear so well. I had reservations about the Bozo size and I had been putting off purchasing it for years because of it. When my other watch finally suffered it’s coup de grace, I decided to order the Duro. Those reservations that I had turned out to be unfounded.I recommend this watch. It’s good looking, it seems pretty durable, it’s got quartz accuracy, the curved lugs don’t overhang the wrist, it wears well and the fit and finish are of surprisingly outstanding quality. The mineral crystal is adequately durable, and the one-direction rotating bezel has 30-second clicks. The lume is OK but doesn’t have great persistence. At this price point nothing more should be expected. All things considered, it’s hard to find a better dive-look watch with such good fit and finish. At this price point my plan is to sacrifice it as a daily beater, throw it away and replace it with another one when it comes time to change the battery. By that time I expect that I will have beaten it to death and I’ll need to replace it based on looks alone. When that time comes I’ll probably buy another Duro.Highly Recommended, much to my own surprise.

  8. Buddy

    To summarize: I’ve found this watch to be tough, functional & an unbelievably good value.Now, I’ve worn a watch 24/7/365 since I was in 3rd grade. If I can’t wear a watch to bed, in the shower & when I jump in the pool it’s not for me. While I have different watches for different needs (work, every day, dress, SCUBA diving) I have no need for a delicate, fragile watch. Also, doing HVAC, I work with my hands. Suffice it to say, I beat the everliving crap out of my work watches. I have been through dozens of work watches of various styles & brands through the years. By now Casio is pretty much the only brand I buy for work watches. In my experience, no other brand has even come close to the right balance of features, toughness, value & looks.I got this watch for a work watch. It has a clean, simple look, as most divers do, which makes it pretty easy to tell the time at a glance. It’s a tough, tough watch that takes a heck of a beating. That goes for the band as well. You could pair this watch with a better looking band but the silicone band that comes with it is made for comfort & longevity. Bands like this tend to last at least 2-3 years, even with the roughest of daily wear and they are extremely comfortable, especially after you break it in for a few weeks. The rotating bezel makes for a good, simple timer and the highly visible red second hand makes for simple timing for shorter periods. The low profile & smooth edges means it doesn’t get caught easily, even in tight areas.I’m going to give you some information but I want you to keep it in perspective. The dozens of work watches I’ve gone through before I started using Casios rarely made it even 6 months. I’m HARD on work watches. So my first one of these watches made it about 13 months before it developed a problem. It would loose time about once or twice a week. It would loose, maybe, 15 or 30 minutes suddenly and replacing the battery didn’t help. Now, for a work watch to last more than 12 months is very rare for me. Even the Casios that are still in working order after a year are so beat up I would replace them, always with a different watch that I thought had an interesting & useful set of features. But, for the first time, I replaced this watch with the same watch because I had liked it so much. My current one is 11 months old and still holding up quite well. Who knows, this may be my work watch for now on. This solid stainless steel case is practically bullet proof.That brings me to the negatives. That solid stainless steel case is relatively heavy. I have had heavier watches that beat up my hand & wrist. This one isn’t quite that heavy to me but if you’re used to Casios (which tend to be, overall, lighter than most watch brands) you may notice this watch is a little heavy. Having said that, it’s noticeable when you first put it on but I’ve gotten used to the weight very quickly & easily & it doesn’t bother me at all. Also, I would note the simplistic look. There are advantages & disadvantages to that extreme simplicity but it is perfectly inline with the style of a diver. I like the look of divers but it isn’t exactly the flashiest style for a dress watch. On the other hand, you could put a different band on it and enhance the stylishness quite a bit.So, this watch is, in my opinion, probably the best value I’ve seen. It’s a tough watch for a great price.***Update 12/16/18***I mentioned the simplistic look in my original review. Paired with the black silicone band that comes with the watch it is a bit of a utilitarian look. That’s fine for a work watch, quality silicone bands have a lot of advantages: they are very durable, very comfortable & very easy to keep clean day in & day out. On the other hand, I bought a few NATO/Zulu watch bands to swap around & use on a few of my watches for about $9-$13 each and what a difference!Almost all of my watches take a 22mm band (including this Casio diver) so I could swap them around & see what pairings I like the best. In addition, NATO/Zulu bands take about 5-10 seconds to swap out (without the use of tools once you have the old strap removed & spring bars in place).I added 2 pics to my review. One is my work watch (that I’ve been working in for about a year now) paired with a nylon band. By the way, it was actually my least favorite band which is why I put it on the work watch but it still looks really sharp! The other is my newest watch paired with a leather band (yep, I love this watch so much I got another one so I’ll have one I haven’t beat to death by working in it). It looks absolutely outstanding to the point it even makes a beautiful dress watch (albeit one that will take a heck of a beating!).Guys, I love watches. I already had an excellent dress watch. I have a Luminox blackout that I love. I have owned, literally, dozens of watches. This watch is the best value of any watch I have ever encountered and is one of my absolute favorites, ever. It’s an excellent work watch, an excellent dress watch and anything in between.

  9. Anthony

    I was looking for an indestructible watch to wear to or or out for pleasure. The Casio Duro is the right choice. It has 200m water resistance, rotating bezel, and easy to read dial. Very durable watch and and time is A+ accurate. I like the screw down crown feature as well. The overall look of the watch is amazing! It looks more expensive than it is. Great price too! I love wearing with the runner strap or with a nato. If your looking for a beater watch…this one is it. I have one of the ones with the black bezel and the black and blue bezel. They’re stunning! Of course I love these so much due to this price point, I bought another of both for my collection. Yup.

  10. dave

    I received this watch on 1-20-2018. I received my first Casio watch on Christmas morning somewhere around 1979. That watch, a simple, black plastic digital one, kept working for about 15 years, on the same battery. This wasn’t any great feat in my mind at the time. It was just all I really knew, except for the time when I got an Armitron calculator watch at some point. Not only did the Armitron not last, it also felt like it wouldn’t last. The buttons were flimsy, the edges rough, and it had an overall plasticky feel, even though it was gold. My old Casio shined by comparison. My dad got himself the same one as me that Christmas, except in stainless, and anytime it came up in later years, he’d laugh and say something like “David, I think I wore that watch for thirty years and I only replaced the battery once.” So that is what Casio is in my mind.One time at the office I said to a coworker that Casio was the best watch in the world. Of course he laughed and quickly pointed out that there are FAR better watches. And he was certainly correct, but not for the money.I’ve had a few other Casios in my life. A Forester model which was really cool because of the forest green color and the fact that it was a fishing watch. What “fishing watch” actually meant was that it would tell you the about the ocean tides. Living in New Mexico, this was totally useless, but I still liked the little fish that would appear when the tide was high or something. Another Casio I got was the one with the world time with the atomic clock sensor. This one was a little off. The light stopped working after a while and setting it was a pain. But it’s still ticking in my drawer right now after eight or so years and I still wear it here and there.But probably not anymore.This watch…this watch has me all smiles. I don’t really have words to say. I’m not necessarily a “watch guy” in that sense, but I have always had one on my left arm since the age of ten or so. And honestly if it wasn’t for Casio, I probably would have skipped wearing one mostly.Casio doesn’t always hit it out of the park. After all they live and breathe like the rest of us. Maybe that’s what makes this one such a beauty.I bought a very nice Bulova a couple years back for around $400. I like that watch. I get compliments on it and for good reason. It’s solid. It’s heavy. They paid very close attention to the design and the finish is beautiful. It feels like a $400 dollar watch or more. It is perfect for wearing to the office. Well, not really. Not since 1-20-2018.I don’t dive. I have never diven (?) OK I have never dived. But something about a watch that is designed to be SIX HUNDRED FEET UNDER WATER AND STILL WORK gets me interested. There are many watches that can do this and much more, but they are not this watch.If I was a Viking, this would be the watch I wore.So what can I say? Yes, the date is comically small. I need reading glasses for small print and still can’t read the date with them on. I guess most people who have not just come out of a coma should know the date. Touche, Casio.Oh and the Lumiglo or whatever is weak and nearly pointless, but at least it’s there. I do like to light it up with my phone flashlight and look at it in the closet, however.But if I tap the crystal with my fingernail you know, it feels like I am tapping bulletproof glass.The bezel has a great click and I actually find myself using it! I use it to time my commute, or to time how long the waiter takes to bring the food out after I order.This is the kind of watch that is not going to win you any likes or impress anyone, unless they are a very smart, unselfish engineer type. Maybe. With my Bulova, people have actually wanted to hold it, they have examined it closely and then complimented me on it, gave it back, and then looked at it on my arm as if they may mug me later. This one won’t really do that. You are the only one who will ever truly appreciate what this watch is. It’s a secret love affair. I like that about it.A few things that I will say that I haven’t read about it in those other reviews. The band for one thing. It’s pretty good. It looks all plasticky and horrible in the pictures, I thought anyway. But in fact it is pliable, if not supple, and rather well proportioned, if not svelte. The clasp is also sort of excellent. It’s not cheap. It’s like they actually realized that the clasp is just as important as the other parts. It’s like some executive with Casio said “The clasp is the most important part of any watch. It’s what keeps it on. Make it beefy.” Yep. That’s exactly what happened. It is well made, with a soft, rounded finish, and it makes a nice clink sound when you are putting it on.There’s really nothing more to say.Except when I look at this watch to see what time it is, I know the time within .003 seconds of my eyes seeing the face. It’s just so clear. And functional. And simple. I never really thought about that with any other watch, and I love it.So I’ll stop now, but expect an update when this watch becomes less of what it is now, or in the year 2040, whichever comes first.***UPDATE*** April 27, 2021The watch has become slightly less of what it was then, but not really. Let me explain. This thing has lived on my arm most days since I bought it. That’s about 1,200 days. Before you ask, I do not take the watch into water. No showering with it, no swimming with it. I don’t sleep with it, but I do remodel homes here and there and other sweaty messy things too and it gets dirty sometimes.Anyways, my first tiny little bummer happened last June, though it was so tiny I did not do an update. The bummer was that the battery died. Bummer. So I took the watch in to some random fancy jewelry store I found on Google maps, and they replaced the battery. I waited five days for the job to be completed and it cost twenty bucks. I got the watch back and all was well. Then about four months later it died again. This time slightly more furious, I went to a little jewelry store I happened to be driving past and this guy took it apart, checked the battery, which he said was perfect, cleaned it really well and said it was probably just dirty inside. I suspected shoddy workmanship and/or a lack of attention to detail on behalf of the fancy place. So I was on my way with a clean, healthy watch. The guy didn’t charge a dime and did this on the spot and it took five minutes. He was a pro.The watch actually seems to keep even more perfect time since that happened. Seriously.And then the other day the band broke while putting it on. (See pictures)I just ordered a genuine replacement band from Casio, and I noticed in the pictures that the replacement says Casio JAPAN on it, while my original one says CHINA. (See pictures) So I have high hopes for the new one.Other than these two things, the watch has been stellar.

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