COMFEE’ Washing Machine 2.0 Cu.ft LED Portable Washing Machine and Dryer Washer Lavadora Portátil Compact Laundry, 6 Models, Energy Saving, Child Lock for RV, Dorm, Apartment Magnetic Gray Everything Else

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【FULL-AUTOMATIC & EASY TO USE】 – This Full-Automatic Portable Washing Machine has 6 models most commonly used programs including Normal, Quick, Heavy, Bulky, Delicate, and Spin Only. The washer also has 3 water temperatures models, meet your different laundry needs. And it comes with a clear lid that allows you to look over the status of clothing at any time. 【DOE CERTIFICATE & 87.5% EXTREMELY ENERGY SAVING】 – This washing machine has DOE (Department of Energy) certificate that clearly shows how much energy would be consumed on national average conditions equips with high quality and durable motor, providing stable power. Saving as much as 84% energy consumption comparing to similar models, our washing machine is able to save money for your household. 【POWERFUL PERFORMANCE】- The Portable Washing Machine features a 780RPM powerful motor, rotary controls for wash timer and a water efficient design. Washer: 15 lbs. 【SPACE/TIME SAVING】 – With 21.63 inch in width, 22.25 inch in length, and 37 inch in height, this compact washer is able to be stored easily. Fits in your room/RV/dormitory nicely. 【DELAY START & RELOADING FEATURE】 – “Delay Start” function could save a big hassle for you. Simply throw your laundry in, and set a time when you want it to start, avoiding the headache of having to wash them all over again because of the smell. No need to power off and restart the machine if anything lost behind. Long press “Start/Pause” button for 3 seconds, you can have your laundry added before the main washing cycle finishes.
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COMFEE’ Washing Machine 2.0 Cu.ft LED Portable Washing Machine and Dryer Washer Lavadora Portátil Compact Laundry, 6 Models, Energy Saving, Child Lock for RV, Dorm, Apartment Magnetic Gray Everything Else



Washing Machines Mini Automatic Washing Machine,Portable Camping Washing Machine,360°blue Light Antibacterial,High Temperature Cooking And Washing,8 Washing Programs,3.0 Kg Laundry,300W,For Dormit

Additional information

Brand Name


Model Info


Item Weight

‎79.4 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎21.63 x 22.25 x 37 inches

Item model number



‎Energy Efficiency


‎2 Cubic Feet

Annual Energy Consumption

‎70 Kilowatt Hours

Max Spin Speed

‎780 RPM


‎62 dB

Installation Type

‎Free Standing

Part Number

‎Magnetic Gray


‎Magnetic Gray

Standard Cycles


Access Location

‎Top Load


‎120 Volts

Material Type

‎Stainless Steel, Plastic

Included Components

‎Water inlet hose, Converter

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4.4 out of 5 stars

2,958 ratings
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4.4 out of 5 stars

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#17 in Appliances (See Top 100 in Appliances) #1 in Portable Clothes Washing Machines #1 in Clothes Washing Machines

Date First Available

April 11, 2022

10 reviews for COMFEE’ Washing Machine 2.0 Cu.ft LED Portable Washing Machine and Dryer Washer Lavadora Portátil Compact Laundry, 6 Models, Energy Saving, Child Lock for RV, Dorm, Apartment Magnetic Gray Everything Else

  1. Tracy

    My old large capacity washer had been on its last leg for years and finally broke to the point it was no longer worth repairing. New washers are so expensive and I’ve been looking at spin dryers for a while for my tie dye business so I was already somewhat familiar with them in concept.I bought this machine more as an interim washer until I could buy a new “regular” washer. But let me tell you, this not so little machine cleans my clothes better than my old washer! I have a young child and we live on a farm so we’re pretty rough on clothes. Stains are a part of life, but not so much anymore! I’m truly amazed at the power of this machine. It’s crazy quiet. The buzzer is the loudest part of the machine. The machine is so quiet that when the buzzer goes off it can be a bit of a startle.I thought having had a large capacity washer for so long it would be hard to “downsize” but this is a large capacity in its own right. It’s very deep and since it cleans by friction it doesn’t have a central agitator and can handle a full size blanket or light queen size throw with no problems.I haven’t been able to remove my old washer, I just hooked this up to the kitchen sink and the quick connect makes it super easy. Just turn on the faucet, hook the drain hose over the lip of the sink and you’re ready to go. But you can easily install it to existing hook ups.I really am surprised at how well this cleans. Don’t stuff it full. Just loosely set your clothes in so it has the space to do its job. Even though you will have to do more loads than you would with a large capacity, it uses way less detergent, less water, less energy, cleans better, and spins the clothes nearly dry. Dryer time is cut in half and even line drying, my clothes are soft and fresh and dry quickly. I’m amazed. I love this machine and hope it lasts a while!

  2. Alan

    That’s what I call it bt, my Ninja Beast. I love it!! I was very skeptical buying a compact mini washer like this. I spent months in searching, reading reviews and specs. I didn’t know anyone who had one like this. My neighbor has one that has the dual tub and I didn’t understand the concept of those and felt as if those were more work in the long run. I needed a washer, I was tired of having to go to the laundry mats with the virus. I was tired of tip toeing around my other neighbors laundry room late at night (she said I was always welcome to use, not a problem, but I didn’t want to inconvenience the other neighbors in case they weren’t keen on the idea, a respect thing). But it would eat my quarters and late at night just felt uncomfortable at times, not to mention sleepy. So I eventually gave in to the idea and after months of my research, even months of sitting on this exact model, I caved.Delivery was on time and prompt. The delivery guys had to bring it up stairs, I felt bad, but I also knew that this wasn’t too heavy, roughly 50lbs, 2 men, they got this. They even offered to bring it through my door for me but my balcony was the perfect place for it to be to unbox unwrap and dispose of it all right away. I struggled at first with the maneuverability, but I got a hang of it and although it still isn’t that easy to move, it is easy enough (about to buy a portable washer dolly with legs, problem easily solved). The exterior of the machine was a surprise to me. I didn’t expect it to be so sleek and sexy like lol. Good job Comfee on the colors and design of the exterior.Next up was the installation and im not joking here when I say a 2 year old could install it (Although, their strength isn’t up to par with making sure those hoses are secured tight lol). I was so gidee to use this that I didn’t even hesitate. Read the manual ✔ ran rapid load to clean out and check to see if it works ✔now for the real test, my fiances work clothes. So this is where some will have a problem. The tub is small, yes. But that is to be expected with a mini compact anything, right? I have played around with the combination of his work clothes. He’s 6’2 and does sheet rock for a living so you can imagine he’s not a tiny guy and his clothes aren’t so clean at the end of the day. While I find myself having to do less amount of his clothes, including work pants, I don’t mind because I am in the comfort of my own home and right now I have time. So I have found that doing his jeans and socks are a better combination vs mixing all if it because of the balance. Which is another amazing thumbs up to Comfee. If it goes crazy, and which it will if you do not load properly and not over load it, it shuts right off and beeps to warn you “hey, I need adjusting over here”. Just adjust and press start. However, and this is why it’s crucial to load correct capacity and properly because it starts over at the rinse cycle (which living in california is considered wasteful). But I pay attention, and if I hear it start to go off center during the restabilizing process (spin slowly, speed up, slow down, spin faster longer, speed up, slow down. It does this a few times to help stabilize the load in the tub on its own) I will simply press pause and adjust the clothes and press start and I do not have to worry about the water wasting. I have been able to clean queen sized bedding. A quilt, fitted sheets, top sheet and 4 pillow cases without issues. I just would recommend letting the water fill a bit first before putting the blanket in as it will help to bring the bulk of the quilt down, which helped me to not have to stabilize again. I can’t wash the bigger fluffier blankets and items but that’s okay. It cleans everything just fine and does it quietly. Sometimes I have to check to see if its spinning that’s how quiet it is. I can hear my ac unit, which is outside obviously, more from the furthest room in the house vs the washer. Clothes come out pretty dry, damp of course, but not sloppy damp or soaked still. I hang dry, always have, as it preserves the fabrics as well conserves energy. I know, im a total Californian. All in all I love it!!!This washer is definitely energy efficient. I wanted to see a few bills first before I determined that it was or wasn’t energy efficient for me and my living quarters etc etc. I consider myself a decent energy conserver as I was brought up to be mindful of my use as a child as well as, Hey California! So I don’t do laundry during peak hours, especially during summer. I use cold water, and I try to pay attention to the weather report and outside temp. If it’s going to be a 100 or higher that means my ac is getting full priority that day and is not a laundry day. Honestly, this machine has hardly affected my bill. So keep in mind that being energy efficient doesn’t mean you don’t have to be mindful of all the other things that use power. It means that with the proper knowledge and steps, it can, will, and is energy efficient.Would I recommend??? Absolutely!!! 100 times over I’d recommend. It’s a ninja, and a beast in one™️. It’s Comfee

  3. freeradical

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     I’ve been using this for about 5 months now and it works great. Just connect it up to a sink faucet. I bought a $10 wheeled stand at Home Depot so that I can easily store it away. It’s a bit confusing at first how to customize the cycles but the way I do it is:1. Plug in2. Load laundry and add detergent on top and close the lid3. Press the power button4. Press Program to go to Gentle mode5. Press load size depending on how much I put in: 1 is the smallest load and three is the largest load. It loops around so keep pressing until you get the number you want.6. Press the Wash button to pick how many minutes each wash will take. This loops around too. I usually pick 8 minutes.7. Press the Rinse button to pick how many rinses to do. This loops around too. I usually just pick 1.8. Then I press the play button to start. With the above settings, the whole wash takes about 24 minutes. If I forgot to put something in while it’s going, I press the play button to pause it, open the lid, add the items, close the lid, and click play to continue.I bought a matching electrical dryer: YOLENY Electric Portable Compact Laundry Dryer 1.6 cu.ft, 9 lbs Load Stainless Steel Portable Dryer, 4 Drying Mode, Cold Air Care, for Apartments, White

  4. srstev

    Currently in a training program that can be 6-7 days a week, 10-14 hours each day. Not a lot of time, not a lot of money. Was hesitant to purchase considering the price, but after realizing how many packs of underwear and socks I’ve bought last minute because I didn’t have time to go to the laundromat, I think this will be cheaper in the long run.I can fit 2 pairs of scrubs and 2 sweatshirts in one load comfortably. I wouldn’t recommend using this for heavily soiled things or bulky things like comforters, quilts, winter coats and such. I will probably continue to use the laundromat for my towels, blankets, and cleaning rags because I like to wash them really hot. But I’m sure I could get a couple sheets in there or a bath towel in a pinch.Claims to be really cheap- only costing $3 per year in energy if you do 6 loads a week and your water is heated by an electric water heater. I can’t comment on that as my utilities are included in my rent, but if I get an angry call from my landlord I’ll update this, haha!TL;DR Not a replacement for a proper washing machine, but, if you have the cash up front, it’s perfect for students or anyone who works long, weird hours and has no money for a laundry service.

  5. Reviewer

    I’m extremely pleased with this washer. While the load sizes are small, it’s very efficient, easy to use, and was simple enough to set up. I didn’t need to purchase any additional hardware to connect it to my kitchen sink, and appreciated the ‘quick release’ attachment in particular, which makes it easy to hook and unhook the washer when not in use. Definitely recommend and can’t wait to use this washer on the regular!

  6. Hayley Miller

    I have been looking at small washers for 6 months since moving to an apartment with no in-unit washer/dryer. I finally pulled the trigger because my dirty laundry became a was mountainous pile; I was too unmotivated to hand wash my clothes and too equally unmotivated to make sure I had 12 quarters just so I could lug my dirty laundry down the hall to use the community washer (which always had unidentified remnants and other people’s hair resting at the bottom) and the community dryer (that doesn’t actually dry anything).After meticulously reading washer reviews for 6 months, of all the many options, I chose this one. It is perfect for me. Works great, not too loud, and super easy to use. The spinning is so fast that my clothes are already almost dry for hang-drying. I followed another comment’s suggestion and placed the machine on top of a couple of pieces of the shipping foam blocks, which helped a lot with any noise/vibrations. It was easy for me to set up and fits right onto my bathroom sink. I immediately did three loads the moment I received it. I wish I bought it 6 months ago!

  7. Jim

    My initial impression is it’s about the size of a normal size stove almost height wise and size wise.. it can wash about 3 days worth of clothes in a load no issues.If you are contemplating consider a year of laundry mat use could have bought a washer and apt size dryer.The washer isn’t quiet in my opinion if it’s connected to your sink and near living room.. but it’s also not any louder than say your window ac.. mainly spin cycle it’s loud..You could skip a dryer and air dry your clothes as they do come out pretty dry.. but I got both a dryer and washer and have no regrets as they have worked great washing drying 3-5 times a week so far for 30 days. If your considering it just buy it you won’t regret it.

  8. 21+CMB+21

    I needed a washing machine for my tiny apartment. I used a Costco one, with two buckets, during the pandemic. It broke down. Then I saw a lot of people using the black and decker one, so I bought it. See my other reviews to read more on that. It was a fail.Then I read reviews on the Comfee machine and bought it. It works perfectly!!! Plenty of room for washing 2 sets of nursing scrubs including the jackets (size large). Easy set up, very well packed and delivered without damage. It sits in my small bathroom. I’m impressed by it’s spinning ability, and by how well it rinses my clothes. It washes just as long as a traditional washing machine, and double rinses everything. I hate going to laundromat, you never know what kind of residue is left in machines everyone uses. I love this affordable option for small apartments!!!!

  9. Tommy Reed

    I live in an apartment with coin operated laundry and the washers do a terrible job. They do not remove stains and the machines themselves are probably 20 years old. Enter this portable washer. It does a way better job than the landlord specials in the basement. It does not hold a lot of clothes in one load but it’s fine. I can wash towels, bath mats and most of my clothes without any issues. I couldn’t connect it to my sink because I live in a very old building but I was able to buy a shower splitter, 3/4 GHT to 1/2 NPT adapter and a garden hose quick detachment connector and I was able to hook this machine directly into my shower without any issues. I am really happy with this purchase and plan to keep this machine until it breaks. It does have a cheap construction but hey it was $200 with a prime deal I can’t complain too much.

  10. Happy DIYer

    Unfortunately, I can’t write about the performance of this washer. This is a digital display, compact, fully automatic washer. When I received it, it looked very nice, well built and had a good amount of weight to it…. Plus, it is cute as heck! It has a stainless steel spinner and it is perfect for small spaces and would do about half a normal sized load of laundry.Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to use it. My intention was to use it in the bathroom, but I had no way to adapt it to the faucet in my bathroom, or in my kitchen. Something to keep in mind if you’re going to use it in your bathroom, or kitchen: Make sure you have a way to adapt the hose to a faucet or washer hookup. It also needs to be filled through the water inlet (a shower head or bucket can’t be used) and the water pressure has to be at a certain rate or it will not sense that there’s water in it and it won’t agitate. Because of that and poor water pressure in my bathroom, it wasn’t going to work for me. I returned it and purchased something that works.

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