Epic Life How to Build Collaborative Global Companies While Putting Your Loved Ones First Breen, Justin, Diamandis, Peter H: 9781544532561: : Books

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Epic Life How to Build Collaborative Global Companies

While Putting Your Loved Ones First Breen, Justin, Diamandis, Peter H: 9781544532561: : Books

Epic Life Justin Breen
Epic Life Justin Breen


Justin Breen considers himself a results guy; he’s great at making things happen, but not so great at generating awesome ideas. But that hasn’t stopped him from creating an epic business and life!

What Breen lacks in idea generation, he makes up for in his ability to recognize when an amazing idea is presented to him. The concepts that rule his life and success evolved from conversations with innovators.

Learn the 30 transformational ideas Breen has gathered from some of the world’s top business leaders. Each idea’s chapter concludes with simplified takeaways to help you think and take action to incorporate them into your own business and life.

The author of the international best-seller Epic Business is back with Epic Life. This sequel details how the ideas within led Breen to create and build two successful global companies—all while spending more time with his friends and family.


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Houndstooth Press (August 23, 2022)

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8 reviews for Epic Life How to Build Collaborative Global Companies While Putting Your Loved Ones First Breen, Justin, Diamandis, Peter H: 9781544532561: : Books

  1. Pablo A Gonzalez

    Justin’s advice has changed the course of my business before, and now he’s changing the course of my life. Highly recommend.

  2. Lauren

    Justin has written another great book. Lots of take aways for an entrepreneur, a parent or just about anyone looking to make their life a bit more “Epic”. Thanks for sharing your life experiences with us to learn from.

  3. Fredrick Douglas Bussey, Founder, IconStatus

    Justin Breen is one of the most outside the box thinkers I’ve ever met. To do what he’s done in business is more than incredible, more than inspirational, and now – more than ever – absolutely possible.New Reading this book will unlock infinite capabilities within you and inside your business. But more importantly, it will make all the things you’ve been conditioned to believe out how life HAS to be lived as completely obsolete. I can’t recommend this book more! You won’t be sorry!

  4. Daniel Poneman

    Justin is amazing. I was a fan of his, watching him build his businesses from not existing to globally successful in just a few years time, and I always wondered “how does this guy get so much done? How did he make this happen? Is he magic? What’s his secret?” And now with this book, he’s letting us into what goes on behind the curtain. Justin is an inspiration and shows us how we can do it too! Life changing

  5. Amazon Customer

    I have Justin’s first book, Epic Business, on my desk and review it frequently. This book is even more attention grabbing and I am not sure I can put it down. The dropping in of his Dad’s diary allows for a deeper co neutron to Justin.Exactly what you want as you navigate life, both sides of it.Thank you Justin for allowing us in and making us think more about just what the hell we are doing here

  6. Mike Malatesta

    I love reading Chapter names because they either get me excited to read or book – or they turn me off.Epic life passed my ‘chapter test’ with Flying Colors.With names like “The Perfection of Patterns” – “Are You an Alley Cat?” “Avoid Boring People…And Avoid Boring People” & “The Only Thing You Can Do Wrong is Do Nothing” it’s easy to want to keep turning the pages.I also like books that mention me (page 78 – yes, my ego can be stroked)!I give Justin a lot of credit to have written this – his 2nd – book about being an entrepreneur after only having been one for a short time. It might be easy to blow off some of his advice and beliefs as ‘too fresh’ or ‘not time tested enough’ based on his entrepreneurial tenure.But doing so would be a mistake in my view.It’s often the people who are newest to anything who bring the insight that those who’ve been doing it longer fail to see.Justin Breen and his Epic Life may not be for everyone – but it is surely for him. And that’s the point.Use the experience of reading this book to think about and design your own Epic Life – the one that feels right to you.After all, that’s the one you deserve, right? When is your cream going to rise to the top?

  7. Kate D.

    Honestly – Justin is masterful. I appreciated that this book was packed with tangible insights on how to build the business and life you want. We so often read business books that are fluff. This isn’t fluff. These are concepts that empower us to practically shift our mindsets, change our behaviors, and get after what matters most in our lives. I highly recommend this for leaders of all types.

  8. William B.

    Justin did an Epic job with this book, just like his first. It’s a must read for those who want to simply enjoy their lives!

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