What Hunts Inside the Shadows (Of Flesh & Bone Series) Woods, Harper L., Forrest, Adelaide 9798846864153: : Books

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What Hunts Inside the Shadows (Of Flesh & Bone Series)

Woods, Harper L., Forrest, Adelaide 9798846864153: : Books


What Hunts Inside the Shadows
What Hunts Inside the Shadows
What Hunts Inside the Shadows
What Hunts Inside the Shadows


Once, I fell in love with a man who deceived me.

For weeks, he stood by my side, twisting his words into pretty half-truths. He enraptured me with his smooth temptation, leaving no corner of my being untouched. He consumed my mind and my body, then finally claimed my heart for himself. But Caelum’s true identity is terrifying enough to bring me to my knees.

Then, I discovered the truth of who he is.

Caldris is whispered in the Nothrek wind. The legend we only speak of with hushed words, in shuttered rooms, for fear of drawing his wrath once again. His intentions are a mystery, his desires impure, and he seeks to shackle me to his side for all eternity. With the Wild Hunt as our guard, he points us back to where it all began: the village of Mistfell and the boundary where the Veil once shimmered in the wind.

Now, another secret crouches, poised to change everything.

The Mist Guard have been sworn to keep us from crossing into Alfheimr, and from treading Faerie soil, even if innocents must pay with their lives. They have orders to resurrect Mistfell’s shimmering barrier, but, once again, there’s a greater cost than what has been revealed. Once, the people of Northrek blamed me when the Veil fell.

Soon, they’ll want me to pay the price the magic requires.

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10 reviews for What Hunts Inside the Shadows (Of Flesh & Bone Series) Woods, Harper L., Forrest, Adelaide 9798846864153: : Books

  1. Diamond

    I have been absolutely obsessed with this story since I started book 1, and book 2 was no disappointment! The story continues right where we left off on book 1 and takes us on the wild journey you would expect from these characters.The story manages to feel familiar with its characters whilefeeling new at the same time while we and Estrella get to know Caelum again as Caldris. Estrella continues to struggle with the idea of Caldris being other, while learning some critical and new things about herself along the way.This story continues to keep you thinking over right and wrong, good guys and bad guys in a way I can never resist. Do we stay true to our life’s teachings or step outside our past to learn something new about people we’ve not known before.I continue to be enraptured by these characters and cannot wait to jump back into this story! The obsession continues!

  2. Katie

    4.5 stars, 4 spice (check your trigger warnings)YES YES YES!!Thank you so much for the e-arc, you have finally dug me out of my reading slump!!’I love you, Estrella. In this life or the afterlife, my star. I will always wait for you.’Harper L. Woods’ does an amazing job in this book, expanding the world. We start to learn so much about the magic, then beings, and the realms. She follows traditional Fae lore much more than many of the other popular fae series. There is so much action in this book, and the characters keep growing and evolving.There is also tons of SMUT – thank you very much. Definitely more than book one, and I love how possessive and intense it can be.I don’t want to pull too many parallels because this world and the plot is so unique but this book did give me some feels like A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire (which is my fav FBAA book)- it had the angst and banter, traveling, seeing the world, meeting new groups of people/beings. And Harper L. Woods actually uses language properly. I feel totally immersed in her world without any crazy intense medieval language and she doesn’t try to add modern lingo in. For example I love how she says her mother is in a ‘wheeled chair’. We know what she is talking about but it feels more proper for the book than ‘wheelchair’.I LOVE daddy Caelum. He has different parts he plays, and he is such a big scary guy but his softness is really what won me over. He has so many sweet and tender moments, much softer than most of the big bad leads in other series.I don’t want to say too much about Estrella because it could get spoilery, but her changes and development were great. I just wish she had gotten over Caelum’s lie from the last book a bit sooner, but I understand why she didn’t.The pacing of this book is quick for the most part, it never felt dull. I literally could not put it down.How can I wait all the way until march for book 3?!?!oh! and she included the trigger & content warnings, a glossary of terms and a heirarchy of Gods/Fae at the beginning of the book! HARPER L. WOODS you are amazing.

  3. mwiegert09

    This was soo good! What a great follow up to Estrella’s story. It continues where Book 1 ended. Estrella is dealing with the after math of what she discovered.The character development was fantastic. I loved how we learned more about Caelum and loved the new cast of side characters, which brought depth to the plot.Estrella’s growth in this story was so great to see. Plus I enjoyed the progression of her relationship with Caelum. It tested their trust and love for each other and the new knowledge that they find out I’m still processing everything. The ending had me reeling!! Highly recommend reading this series!

  4. Anna Gemma

    What Hunts Inside the Shadows by Harper L Woods, Adelaide Forrest
(Of Flesh & Bone #2)⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5????/ 5SYNOPSIS:The Wild Hunt waits for none…not even the secrets waiting at the gates of Alfheimr.Estrella’s story continues.QUOTE:”Thats my star,” Caldris said with a chuckle “Never pretend to be something you’re not. Never dull how bright you burn so that others may feel comfortable in your presence.”MY THOUGHTS:I am so lucky and beyond thrilled that I was able to read the early read through! Thank you to the amazing author for giving me this chance!The first book I devoured in one day, and almost passed out when I realized I will have to wait months for the next book (It was soo good).But lets go back to this masterpiece. The plot, the romance, the buildup, the heartbreak and the spice were all top notch. Estrella and Caelum are one of my favorite couples. Every time he calls her “my star” my hear beats a little faster. The beautiful things that he said to Estrella in this book just melted my heart. In this book we get a lot of world building, more information about the gods and the world of the fae as well as we are following Estrella on re-discovering who she is in these new circumstances and knowing some of the secrets. It is slow and painful (girl just forgive him already), but it was necessary. Once she accepted that, the build up, tension, pain and hurt were all worth it.Warning the book ends with a cliffhanger and even though I knew it was coming (author’s warning) it was still a stab to the heart. The next book cannot come soon enough!

  5. Sadie Young

    Enemies to lovers, one horse trope, banter, smut, literal perfection!

  6. MrsCieluch

    This book is an emotional roller coaster from beginning to end. The laughs, the tears…this book brought them all.Estrella and Caelum’s bond is the end goal for any relationship. A love to stand the test of time. “I am going to love you until the stars disappear from the night sky and the sun ceases to shine.” Ah, yes please!Estrella and Fallon’s sisterly bond forged in lives that neither really remember but can feel on a deeper level. I can’t wait to see where this relationship goes.What is the story with Imelda and Holt?!? There seems to be so much more there. Imelda seems to have lived many lives and remembers the Fae that were stuck on the other side for 400 years. Does she have a past with Holt? More questions!!Finding out who is Mab’s daughter only adds more questions for the next book to reveal. The cliffhanger at the end just makes me want to read the next book even more.Bring on the Chaos!!

  7. Jenna

    ✨???? ℝ?????✨? ???? ????? ?????? ??? ??????? by @harperlwoodsauthor??????? ?????? 5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️????? ?????We pick up where we left off in the first book What Lies Beyond The Veil…with Caelum dropping the biggest bombshell ever! As things progress Estrella is dealing with the ??????? Caelum has kept and also trying to figure out who the man she thought she loved truly is…Caelum is patient with Estrella and their bond only grows the more that she realizes how much time he has spent waiting for her ..✨ ?????✨Estrellas whole world is turned upside down and she realizes that what she’s been told growing up has been a complete lie. She rises above those challenges and I loved how strong that made her.Estrella learns more about her past and begins to question who she really is as they move forward to Alfheimr. Caelum has spent his life waiting for Estrella and he’s determined to show her that they were made for each other. Time is not on their side however and they have a long list of enemies just waiting inside the ???????…The world building and plot were woven perfectly into this story. We get answers to questions from book one and also Caelums POV from when the veil fell which I loved. I cannot recommend this series enough! If you are looking for a Fantasy Romance with lots of unraveled secrets and a fae magical world then this series is for you!“??? ??? ??? ???? ?? ? ???..? ?? ??? ??? ???? ???????? ???.”?????? ??????????? ?????????????? ???????????? ??? ?? ???? ?????? ?. ????? ??? ????????? ?? ???? ???? ??? ?? ???????? ??? ?? ?????? ??????!

  8. Hailey Sandin

    I can’t give any kind of synopsis of this book without major spoilers for the first book. Just know, I was already completely obsessed with What Lies Beyond the Veil, but I’m absolutely feral over What Hunts Inside the Shadows. As a lover of fantasy romance, this book is absolute perfection across the board. The female main character is strong, opinionated, and fights for what she believes, even if it sometimes makes her actions a bit morally grey. Estrella is the perfect heroine and she takes no shit from anyone. I love that in this second book we get to see some of Caelum’s POV in addition to Estrella’s. I don’t know why, but having that extra bit of insight into the love interest’s mind just levels up a story for me. The tropes in What Hunts Inside the Shadows are immaculate: enemies to lovers, one horse, touch her and I’ll kill you, fated mates, age gap, guy falls first, and of course, the god tier trope, I-dont-want-to-exist-in-this-world-without-you. I’m WEAK from how perfectly executed these were. Not to mention there is the perfect amount of spice; this book was sexy as hell and yet it did not over shadow the plot. I don’t know how Harper (Adelaide) did it, but she is an absolute GENUIS.

  9. Intel Chicky Reads Romance (Kara Merideth)

    Story: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Trope: fantasy, enemies to lovers, fated matesAngst: ???Smexy: ????This series has me on the edge of my seat! What Hunts Inside the Shadows is book 2 of the Of Flesh and Bone series by Harper L. Woods. It is not a standalone, must be read in series order, and ends on a cliffhanger. It is told in first person, from dual perspective. What Hunts Inside the Shadow picks up exactly where we left off in What Lies Beyond the Veil when Estrella finds out the implications of her love for Caelum.I’m absolutely loving all these books, but the cliffhangers are killing me, lol. Super well written, there are tons of mysteries to unfold as well as a few false trails and little breadcrumbs to let you think you know where the story is going. The world building has been fantastic. No info dumps, just everything laid out organically and sown into the story as it goes along. Completely in love with both our hero and heroine ❤️. Never really had a hero like this before. Ruthless, but complete jelly roll for his love. His obsessive, compulsive, possessive nature is completely overwhelming, lol. Estrella really came into her own in this story and it was truly wonderful to see. The chemistry between them is just ???. All I can say is, I really hope we don’t have to wait until March for that final installment, lol ?

  10. Steph W

    What Hunts Inside the Shadows is book #2 in the Of Flesh & Bone series, by Harper L. Woods.This book picks up right where the cliff left us in book 1, What Lies Beyond the Veil. There was so much more story building to be had here, and I was hooked from the first page. We see some significant growth with Estrella as she is coming into her own. And Caelum, Caelum, Caelum…just wow. His love and devotion to his Estrella is second to none.”I will fight this war with you until the day I die.””You are my mate. I will always protect you, min asteren. No matter what the cost.”The story moves at a perfect pace, and we get quite a bit more steam and spice in this book. There are also some interesting side characters with their own stories and questions waiting to be revealed. We do end on another cliff, and I can’t wait to see what comes next in the third installment, What Lurks Between the Fates.

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