Timex Men’s T5H591 Ironman Classic 30 Full-Size Black/Blue Resin Strap Watch

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Men’s Timex Ironman Watch

Timex Ironman Classic Collection

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Ironman Classic 100 -Men’s Timex Ironman Watch

The Timex Ironman Classic 100 features a large display and fast 5-button access to 100-lap stopwatch memory, customizable alarm and interval/countdown timers. Water-resistant to 100 meters with Timex Indiglo backlight.


Ironman Classic 50 -Men’s Timex Ironman Watch

The Men’s Timex Ironman Watch Classic 50 was built as a lightweight sports watch and is sealed for water-resistance. Features include a stopwatch with a 50-lap memory, customizable alarm, countdown timer and Indiglo back-light. Water-resistant up to 100 meters.


Ironman Classic 30

The Timex Ironman Classic 30 comes in a variety of fun colors and patterns with both full and mid-size case options. Features include a stopwatch with a 30-lap memory, customizable alarm, countdown timer and Indiglo back-light. Water-resistant up to 100 meters.


Classic 100


Classic 50


Classic 30


Our undisputed favorite in sport watches has a lightweight build and is sealed for water resistance. There is direct access to all timers, alarms and Indiglo back-light.


Ironman Classic 100 Ironman Classic 50 Ironman Classic 30 Time zones 2 2 2 Occasion reminders with 15 occasions – ✓ Lap memory recall 100 50 30 100-hour chronograph with 99-lap counter ✓ ✓ ✓ Recall of laps & total time (latest workout in chrono) ✓ ✓ ✓ Recall by date with summary of best lap and average lap (multiple workouts saved in chrono) ✓ ✓ – 24-hour countdown timer with ability to repeat up to 99 times ✓ ✓ ✓ Interval workout sessions 1 1 – Number of interval timers per session 9 2 – Customizable alarms with daily, weekday, weekend and weekly options with 5-minute back-up 5 3 3



10 reviews for Timex Men’s T5H591 Ironman Classic 30 Full-Size Black/Blue Resin Strap Watch

  1. Edwin Roberts

    I like that I can wear in the pool and my sweating when exercising doesn’t harm it. I also like that I can check the time in the middle of the night. This is the second version of this watch I have owned. The first one I owned for over 10 years and it was still working but I caught it on a railing when I was walking by and tore the wrist band. The wrist band on the new watch is the only difference and it is a little shorter (by one notch), but is still adequate.

  2. JD

    The watch sits comfortably on my wrist and the band is quite comfortable as well. It has all the functions I need.

  3. Allan T. Cordera

    I’ve been wearing a Timex Ironman Watch since the mid 80s due to my physical training. I use the stop watch with lap counter and also 6 alarms throughout the day and night. Real easy to shut off the alarm. Each watch last me about 10 plus years. I don’t need a fancy internet watch, I need a tool for my training and not a distraction.

  4. Jason Doan

    Really tough watch with just about everything you ever need. I like that it has 3 alarms on it. Easy to work and even if I am working on cars or doing construction it comes clean just washing under the faucet with soap and water.

  5. John051

    A good inexpensive watch to tell you the time and date that is easy to ready. Nice smaller size. Only had it a few weeks so don’t know how it will hold up but so far so good. Did I say that it does not cost a lot.

  6. Elias Lawrence

    This is my third watch! I love this watch. Best bang for your buck hands down. I work as a stone mason. So mortar and dirt are a daily battle. This watch goes through it all and I spray it off when I wash my hands. They are super tough I usually get about 14-16 months of constant wear before I break it. I have swam in the ocean and in lakes with this watch with no issues. Highly recommend. I will never buy another watch I plan to stock up ahead of time if they stop making them.

  7. Bryce

    I have been using the Timex Ironman watches for many years, and I love them. They are simple and easy to use, have great options for the stopwatch, timer, and alarms if needed. These watches look nice, hold up underwater and sweat, and are easy to read. The only negative thing I will say is that after a while (1-2 years+), the watch band can get a little weaker and pop out of place or eventually break.

  8. John F

    It’s a Timex. What else can I say? Perfect watch for just about any adventure.

  9. B&BB

    A friend of mine does concrete for a full time job, he wears the same watch. That’s why I purchased it, I work in a hospital and use the timer often for vitals when I don’t want to look at my watch – timer alarm goes off, I’m done counting. Has three alarms that are very easy to set/use. Also has a future date alarm for an anniversary or shift work reminder and the night light can be set to be turned on by any button and will remain in that setting for eight hours. Really just a watch though.

  10. Maria Paola Kordys

    cumple las expectativas, funciona perfecto para lo que lo necesitabamos. El reloj es estético y comodo.

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